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(contemporary music)
- Raven TV.
Hey guys, what's up?
It's Raven and as you can probably tell by the title
this is going to be my hygiene routine.
This video is in partnership with Vagisil Sensitive Scents
and I just wanted to share with you guys
all of my favorite products that I keep in my shower
and everything that I use to feel nice and fresh and clean.
So all these products that' I'm about to show you guys
are basically things that I have discovered
through trial and error, finding out what works for me.
I do have sensitive skin
and we all have sensitive skin down there in our lady parts.
I also have acne-prone skin, not only on my face
but on my body as well.
So this is just what works for me
and I wanted to share it with you guys
'cause I know this can be really hard to master,
for girls especially.
So, jumping right into the products, into my routine,
the first step of my routine is of course to take a shower
and clean myself.
So how do I clean myself in the shower?
Well I use a combination of a few different products.
The first product that I wanted to share with you guys
is this Vagisil Sensitive Scents Daily Intimate Wash.
This is what I use to clean my intimate area,
if ya know what I mean, my no-no square,
my lady bits, my vagina.
Obviously, you wanna be very careful
with the types of soaps and washes that you use down there
in that area because it is such a sensitive area.
That's why I use this
because it is specially made for that area.
As the name suggests, it is for sensitive skin.
But the cool thing about this one
is that it is formulated for women
who don't wanna have to skip out on the fragrance
or that fresh scent.
It says right here on the front of the bottle
that it is a skin-friendly scent, no dyes, no parabens,
no MIT preservatives, it's hypoallergenic and pH balanced
and it has vitamin E in it and it is dermatologist tested
and gynecologist tested.
So this is going to give you all-day freshness,
it's going to give you a fresh scent.
This one is in the scent White Jasmine,
which smells so good you guys.
It smells very fresh and clean.
It smells kinda floral and feminine
but it's not too strong of a scent.
It just smells fresh,
that's the best way that I can describe this.
So that is why I like this wash,
not only because it is for sensitive skin
and it is safe to use down there, dermatologist tested,
gynecologist tested, but I get the best of both worlds
because it does allow me to have
a little bit of a fragrance and a fresh scent
that is going to leave me fresh all day.
So the Vagisil Sensitive Scents is for my vaginal area
but then for the rest of my body
I use a combination of a couple of products.
So I'm really big into exfoliating.
I think exfoliating is a major key,
major part of my shower routine.
The first product that I use is actually
this Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash
Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub.
And this is a face wash.
It's meant to be, you know, an acne face wash
but I use it on my chest, my shoulders, and my back.
I have acne-prone skin.
I have gotten my acne under control
since I've taken Accutane but that doesn't mean
that I don't have acne-prone skin anymore
and I just want to be safe rather than sorry.
Plus, exfoliating is good for your skin regardless
because it gets all the dead skin off.
So I use this because
not only is it going to prevent breakouts
and get rid of any breakouts that I do have
but it's also going to exfoliate
because it does have little granules in it
that's gonna get rid of all of that dry skin
and it's gonna make my skin
nice and glowy and fresh and clean, like I said.
So I use the Neutragena face wash on my chest
and my shoulders and then basically
for the entire rest of my body
I still like to exfoliate so I use this product.
I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce this brand name.
I think it's Purlisse,
and this is their Coconut Oil and Coffee Sugar Body Scrub.
So basically this is a coffee sugar scrub
and it says on the back of here
that coffee reinvigorates and awakens skin.
I'm not sure how good the benefits of coffee
really work on my skin
but I like it because it's just a grainy texture
that is kind of an organic, natural texture
that can exfoliate my skin.
Coffee, sugar, those types of things
it's just kind of like a nice natural granule
that can exfoliate your skin.
So this has coffee and sugar cane in it.
It also has coconut oil which of course
is going to soften and moisturize your skin.
So I use this product literally from like here down.
I use it everywhere except for my sensitive area of course,
I don't need to exfoliate all up in there.
But I do exfoliate my bikini line,
I exfoliate my arms, my elbows, my knees,
I exfoliate under my arms.
I especially exfoliate anywhere
where I'm going to waxing or shaving
because that prevents ingrown hairs.
It also helps lighten up any darkness.
It also helps to just make your skin more glowy and healthy
like I said, get all that dry skin off.
So I exfoliate pretty much everywhere else on my body
with this product.
And I make sure to really take some time
to really rub it in in circular motions
and then of course you rinse off all of the grainy texture
but this does leave behind a nice moisturizing layer
of coconut oil because the coconut oil
doesn't necessarily wash off with water.
So it sticks to your skin
even after you get out of the shower.
So you will be moisturized even after you dry off
which is a major key.
Now I do tend to go kinda crazy with my shower routine.
I like to feel really, really fresh and clean
when I get out of the shower.
So sometimes even after I go in with this wash
and this exfoliating wash and the Vagisil wash,
sometimes I still go in
with just like a very simple body wash
that kinda suds up and just wash off
my whole entire body again,
just because I like to be that clean.
So that covers cleaning and cleansing
and also exfoliating
but now let's talk about hair removal.
So, more recently I've been staying away from shaving
because shaving just causes so many issues.
It causes more ingrown hairs.
It causes it to grow back really prickly and stubbly.
It grows back really fast.
It irritates my skin.
Shaving is really just not cool.
So I've been staying away from shaving
and I've been using alternative methods.
First, let's talk about the less scary option
which is Nair.
I have to tell you guys that the spray-on Nair,
which is what this is.
This is called the Nair Spray Away Nourish with Argon Oil,
this is a major key.
Forget the days
of when you used to use the cream lotion Nair
and you used to have to put it on with your hands
and it was just such a mess and just
(negative hum)
No, spray-on Nair, this is a major key.
If you're gonna use Nair you should really just use this one
because literally it's so easy, it's so mess-free.
You just spray it on.
It comes out in like a nice steady stream.
You spray it on wherever you want.
If you want to remove all the hair off of your arms
it's easy to just spray it on.
If you wanna remove all the hair off your legs,
you spray on and it just creates like a white kind of foam
that sticks to your skin.
You leave it on for a few minutes
and you get in the shower and you rinse it off
and it's that easy.
It removes the hair,
it lasts a little bit longer than shaving,
it's completely pain free
and I haven't had any issues with this irritating my skin
because I think of the argon oil
and whatever other little extra vitamins
that they put in here.
It doesn't seem to be as harsh on the skin
as like the traditional lotion Nair.
Most of the time I really don't care
about the hair that grows on my arms
but if I'm feeling like it
I will sometimes remove the hair on my arms like I said
by spraying this on and then just rinsing it off
and of course I use this on my legs as well.
The best way is to leave it on for a few minutes,
get in the shower, and get a wash cloth
and wipe it and kind of like wipe the hair off of your skin.
So that's for arms and legs.
As for the underarms and the bikini area,
which are the more tricky areas,
I really don't feel like Nair
or anything really works the best in those areas.
So waxing it is.
Now I personally haven't started going to a waxing
like professional waxing place yet.
I'm thinking about starting to add that
to my monthly routine
just because I feel like it might be
just a little bit easier to get it professionally done.
But at the same time, sometimes you just wanna go ahead
and get it done yourself at home
and sometimes people are not comfortable
with going to another place to get like a bikini wax
or a Brazilian wax or anything like that.
So, this is for you.
This is the Nair At Home Waxing Kit.
This is actual liquid wax
that you heat up in the microwave
and this is the Nair Body Waxing Strips.
These ones are for face and body.
So these waxing strips actually come
in two different sizes in here.
I've actually already used up the other larger size,
but this is the smaller size that comes in here.
This is the one that's basically meant
to use on your face.
You can use it on your upper lip, on you eyebrows,
whatever, I do not wax my face.
My skin is too sensitive for that so I don't use these.
But there's a slightly bigger size that's about this big
that you can use on your underarms or your bikini line.
It comes with a bunch of strips in here
and each one is actually two
because you peel it apart and you get wax on both sides.
Don't need to heat it up.
You don't even need to rub it between your hands.
It says on the box that you don't need to warm
or rub between your hands but you just peel it apart,
it gives you a sticky wax, you place it on your skin,
you rip it off.
I'm sure you guys have all seen how wax strips work.
This is actual liquid wax.
It comes in this little plastic container.
It just looks like this.
It's rock hard when you've have it cooled off, obviously.
You put it in your microwave for a few minutes,
it heats up, it melts up, they give you instructions
on how to heat it up and everything
and make sure it's not too hot.
But it'll turn into a very thick, waxy substance.
They give you little Popsicle sticks.
They also give you a post-waxing wipe
but this is hard wax.
So you don't need to use any strips with it.
The wax itself will harden
and you just rip off the wax itself.
So you would take some of this, dip it in,
apply it to the area.
Of course, follow the instructions
about going with the hair not against the hair
and all that stuff.
Apply it on, it hardens, you grab the wax itself
and you rip it off.
Again, I'm sure you guys have all seen
how waxing is done.
This is just an at-home kit so you can do it yourself.
And yes, I have used this multiple times.
I have waxed my underarms with this
and I have also waxed my own bikini line with this.
Does it hurt?
Of course it hurts.
It's going to hurt when you go to a professional as well.
I mean, especially if you're not used to it.
It's not going to be enjoyable but the results are worth it.
So if you're somebody who doesn't like to go to a place
to get it done, you can consider using something like this.
As for the waxing strips, I feel that they just don't work
quite as well as the actual liquid wax.
They work and I have used,
obviously I used up all of the bigger waxing strips.
I've used them under my arms and on my bikini line as well
and they definitely work.
I haven't had any issues with them.
The only thing is I feel like
it leaves behind more stray hairs whereas with this one
you're gonna be ripping everything out, definitely.
It's easier to use
because they're just literally stick it on there,
rip it off, you're done but I would say
that this one works just a little bit better
but you're gonna have to devote more time
to this whole entire process.
And again, when it comes to this stuff
you just wanna make sure
that you read the instructions very carefully
and make sure that you're following everything safely
'cause you don't wanna burn yourself or hurt yourself
any more than you have to.
After waxing they give you these little post-waxing wipes.
This is just to calm your skin
and get any excess wax off.
So definitely use the wipes that they give you.
But I also like to go in with 100% aloe vera gel.
This is just to calm your skin.
You can use this for a lot of reasons.
You can use it for sun burns, for razor burns,
for all type of stuff but I also like to use it after waxing
just to calm the skin, help with any bumps or redness
and anything like that.
So I apply this on any area that I wax.
And the main thing that I like to moisturize my skin with
is coconut oil.
I just feel it works the best for me.
I like the texture of it,
I like the look that it gives my skin,
and it really just moisturizes my skin really, really well.
So, as I said before,
my body exfoliant already has coconut oil in it
and it definitely leaves some behind on your skin,
which is good but you know,
we gotta go in and add a little bit extra.
So I recently bought this off of Amazon.
This is fractionated coconut oil
which basically just means that it's liquid coconut oil.
A lot of times if you just buy 100% pure coconut oil
it's going to come in a jar
and it's going to be kind of a solid texture
and you have to dig in there and warm it up with your hands
to be able to apply it onto your skin.
But this is fractionated so it's liquid.
It came with a little pump
so you just pump it out real easy, apply it.
I just find it so much easier,
especially 'cause I have long nails.
I don't like digging into jars of stuff.
So I just like to apply coconut oil
all over my entire body,
pretty much from the neck down.
I just make sure that I moisturize,
make sure that I'm nice and glowy and shiny.
Especially in the summertime,
you definitely wanna load up on some sort of body oil.
Coconut oil for me tends to absorb into my skin really well
and it definitely leaves it moisturized
but if I'm going somewhere and I'm gonna be showing my legs
or something like that and I want to look extra shiny
I feel that coconut oil doesn't,
like the shine doesn't necessarily last
because it absorbs in.
So if I wanna add extra shine
I go in with good old fashioned Johnson's Baby Oil
just because this has more of a shin to it.
So I'll apply like an extra layer of this
on top of my legs just to give that like glowy look.
And one last thing I wanted to mention
as part of my hygiene routine
is the Vagisil Sensitive Scents Daily Intimate Wipes.
So we talked about the wash,
which I definitely use every day
to keep my area fresh and clean,
but sometimes you need to be fresh and clean on the go,
especially when you're on your period.
At least for me, I definitely wanna make sure
that I'm staying fresh when I'm on my period.
I mean everyday, but especially on my period
I really like to use some sort of wipe
and I would rather use one that is specially formulated
for my vaginal area and that's gonna leave me
with a fresh scent like I said.
This is a skin-friendly scent.
The White Jasmine is the same scent as the wash
so it's going to continue that freshness
all throughout the day if you need to touch up
or clean anything up or just kinda refreshen yourself
on the go, you can definitely keep these in your bag,
keep 'em in your locker,
keep 'em wherever you need to keep them.
I also keep some just next to my toilet at home.
So definitely recommend using the wipes as well
to freshen up throughout the day.
So you guys, that is pretty much my entire shower routine,
feminine personal hygiene routine
and all of the products that I mostly use.
Thanks again to Vagisil Sensitive Scents
for partnering with me on this video.
Definitely check out these products
if you guys haven't already.
Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it.
Subscribe if you haven't already,
and I will see you guys in my next one, bye.
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MY SHOWER ROUTINE (Feminine Hygiene + Hair Removal)

181 Folder Collection
young published on August 25, 2019
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