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Merry Christmas.
And come back soon.
Hey boss.
You know the Christmas baking contest.
You're always talking about.
Ah ha.
The royal family of Belgravia
invites you to compete
in our Christmas baking competition.
Can you believe it ?
It's the nut cracker.
Christmas is a magical time of you.
I just wish I had someone to spend it with.
Christmas wishes have been known to come true.
I Am so sorry.
No problem.
Who are you ?
Oh Lady Margaret Delacorte Duchess and Montanaro.
Stacy denoble.
I think we were destined to run into each other.
I'm supposed to marry Prince Edward on New Year's Day,
But I hate being in the spotlight.
I want to get to know what it's like to be a normal girl.
I want to switch places with the yours.
Switch places.
I become you.
You become me.
Get out
It will only be for two days.
No one would even notice.
Stacy de novo.
How's it hanging?
How's it hanging ?
amazed.marches is it ?
I suppose its time
If you to say something.
Oh, here you are ?
Here, I am.
I'm determined to spend as much time together as we can over the next few days.
Breakfast is ready.
You never burn anything.
I guess I'm a bit nervous
with the
big contest coming up.
Here we go.
Oh, are you alright ?
Keep a close eye on the Duchess.
She seems some....
Uh terribly sorry
That wasn't very dignified.
It's alright.
Quite liked it actually.
Christmas should be about love.
I've never seen you so sentimental.
Maybe you don't know me that well.
I didn't think things would get so complicated.
So what do we do?
I don't know if I can keep this up.
Everything. Okay?
I'm great.
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THE PRINCESS SWITCH Official Trailer International (2018) Vanessa Hudgens, Christmas Movie HD

144 Folder Collection
meryem published on August 25, 2019
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