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What can I get for you today, sir?
I'd love to get an iced Americano.
Sure, what size would you like?
Venti, please.
Today I'll show you how to order a coffee at Starbucks in English.
There are several steps, but it's pretty simple.
You may notice that there are some boxes on the cup.
This is exactly how the barista makes your coffee.
I'll go through these boxes with you one by one.
Let's get started.
The temperature
You can order a hot coffee or an iced coffee.
If you don't want ice.
You can say “No ice”.
If you want less ice, you can say “easy on ice” or “light ice”.
The size
Normally, there are three sizes: tall, grande and venti.
Tall is 12 oz, grande is 16 oz and venti is 20 oz.
Tall is actually the smallest one.
Grande is the Italian for large.
Venti is the Italian for 20.
Sometimes, they have “short” size which is only for hot drinks.
Decaf stands for decaffeinated that is no caffeine.
Just ask for decaf if you don't want any caffeine.
Otherwise, you don't have to say anything about this.
The barista will give you the regular one.
Here a “shot” means a shot of espresso, the strong black coffee.
Each type of coffee has its default number of shots of espresso.
If you're a coffee expert, you can ask for the exact number of shots, or just ask for
an extra shot.
“Can I get an extra shot, please?”
Syrup is the type of sweet liquid you get for your coffee.
There are different kinds of syrups such as vanilla, hazelnut and caramel.
There are different kinds of milk.
full fat (or whole milk) semi-skimmed (or half fat)
skinny (or skimmed) non-fat milk
soy milk
Here you can make extra requests, like asking for no foam, extra foam or no whipped cream.
Here's the flavor of your drink.
Caramel Macchiato
Flat white
Now we've got all the things we need to order a cup of coffee.
Let's try some conversations.
Hey, what can I get you?
Can I get a tall skinny latte, please?
Is that to have here or to go?
To go, please.
That'll be $3.60.
Here you go.
Here's your latte.
Have a nice day.
Thanks, you too.
Hi, what would you like?
I'd like an iced mocha to have here, please.
Sure, what size would you like?
Grande, please.
Can I get an extra shot?
OK, that'll be $4.
Can I pay by card?
Yeah sure.
Here's your grande iced mocha.
Have a nice day.
Thanks very much.
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Ordering Coffee at Starbucks in English

434 Folder Collection
ayane published on August 21, 2019
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