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  • Do your shoes smell like something died in them?

  • We've put together 10 tricks to make your shoes smell fresher than a warm summer's day.

  • We've broken this down into three categories of stink.

  • Low stink.

  • Medium stink.

  • And holy hell, that stink is a crime against humanity!

  • Let's start with "Low Stink."

  • For light odors, there's a few things you can do.

  • First method, take a woman's stocking and clip it down to size.

  • Now open it up and fill it with some scented kitty litter.

  • Once the stocking is loaded, cram it into the shoe and let it sit overnight.

  • The litter should absorb any wetness and lingering odors.

  • Next, you can try the tea bag method.

  • Grab some tea and remove the bags from packaging.

  • Now load your shoe up with about five bags.

  • Again, let it sit overnight, and your shoes will be smelling like tea, Earl Grey, hot.

  • No kitty litter or tea?

  • Maybe you have some fragrant wood chips out by your grill.

  • Grab a bag of those wood chips.

  • I used hickory, and load up a clean sock with them until it's full.

  • Stuff the shoe with the sock, and try your best to close off the top.

  • Again, let this sit over night.

  • And you'll be smelling like a lumberjack all day long.

  • All right, let's move into "Medium Stink."

  • For those smells that just need a little bit more attention.

  • Grab some baby powder and sprinkle it on the inside of the shoes, and shake it around to even it all out.

  • Now cram them directly into a Ziploc bag.

  • This might be tough if you have big feet.

  • We found that size 12 is about the max.

  • Okay now, put them in the freezer for about 12 to 24 hours.

  • The extreme cold can help kill off odor-causing bacteria while the baby powder will absorb moisture.

  • If you have a lemon or orange lying around, they can be used to get rid of some pretty gnarly smells.

  • Just slice the fruit and cut off a few slices of the peel.

  • Place them directly into the shoe, and let the citrus oils do their thing overnight.

  • This is a great cover-up fix that'll make you smell like you ran through a lemon orchard.

  • Now if you have shoes that you can't wash, and the odor is getting pretty bad, fill a container with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

  • And soak it all up with some cotton balls.

  • Now carefully pack the shoe with the soaked cotton and cover as much surface area as you can.

  • As usual, let this sit overnight.

  • And then remove the cotton balls in the morning.

  • It might smell like you drank a bottle of vodka, but at least the odor is gone.

  • All right, now let's move on to "Holy hell, that stink is a crime against humanity!"

  • For odors that should be considered a biohazard.

  • Place your shoes into a pillowcase and tie it down tight, so they can't move around.

  • Put your bag of shoes into the washer and also throw in some towels for some support.

  • Run a cycle on hot and then do the same in the dryer.

  • When you're done you should have some fresh smelling sneakers.

  • Extreme smells call for extreme measures.

  • Fill a bucket up with water, leaving some room at the top.

  • Now go and raid grandma's medicine cabinet and get some denture sanitizer.

  • Unwrap the tablets until you have a nice big pile on hand.

  • Submerge your shoes into the bucket and toss the tablets in.

  • Let the tablets dissolve and fizz while they kill bacteria and the odor in your shoes.

  • After about 10 minutes, remove them and let them dry on a towel.

  • After a couple hours, you should have the mintiest shoes around.

  • Now let's talk preventive care.

  • Clean your feet!

  • If the problem keeps persisting, you might be forgetting to soap up your feet in the shower.

  • This is key and many people forget this simple thing.

  • Awesome!

  • Change your socks daily or perhaps go see a podiatrist.

  • Now what if absolutely none of these things are working for you?

  • Well, this isn't a tip as much as it is a suggestion.

  • Go buy new shoes!

  • Technically, this is a way to get rid of stinkiness and start fresh.

  • Sometimes old shoes just need to go.

  • Well, I hope you found these tips useful.

  • Feel free to tell us about your own methods in the comments.

  • We'll see you next time.

Do your shoes smell like something died in them?

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10 Ways to Stop Shoe Odor!

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