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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is quotes 212. And today we have another one by
Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi. And let's take a look at the quote here. " Non-violence is
the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the
mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of
man. " All right. We have a few big words here. So let's just cover this to
make sure everybody can understand. Non-violence is the greatest force. Force
means strength at the disposal all at the disposal of means available to use.
This is available. This is one of the options that man could choose or could
use. To use. Mighty of course means very powerful. So non-violence is the greatest
force at the disposal of mankind.. Mankind meaning all men in general. It is mightier,
Mighty, it means very powerful or more powerful or stronger mightier than
the mightiest. Then the strongest weapon of destruction devised. Devised of course
means to invent a method of doing something or you know. They, they invented
bombs of course. By the ingenuity of man. Ingenuity here meaning the ability to
solve a problem. All right. Great. Let's continue here. The quote by Gandhi
helps to show us one of the best ways to stand up to injustice and evil. This must
be used with a firm resistance in one's will and determination. So that's where
the strength comes from in this . Even though, you don't become violent. Your
will is very, very strong and you stand up to the evil. So you may take a lot of
abuse and this case maybe all three actually did. One's will and determination but
in a non-violent way.When this is done right. It expresses evil and injustice. When
this or it not expresses , it exposes evil and injustice for the world to see. Evil.
does not like light to be shine upon it. Because then everybody can see it.
Everybody can recognize it and it helps to defang evil. So then evil you know,
can't get away with as much as they thought they could get away with before.
Well. Let's continue. It seems as though Gandhi took these ideas from Jesus. Of
passive resistance. So not fighting you know, not actually getting an army
together and fighting against it. In all these cases, if an army was taken upon. It
probably would have failed. I mean. So it seems as though Gandhi took these ideas of
passive resistance having the deepest and most effective and longest lasting
results. Yes. So he took it from Jesus. Martin Luther King later followed the
same path of resistance as Gandhi and Jesus. Sadly or unfortunately all three
perished. All three died. Or all three might have been killed or assassinated
as well. Or sacrifice themselves maybe a, they knew well I think all three of
them kind of knew it was coming or the possibility was very strong of it coming.
But each one showed the world a path to a goal that had deeper results and their
names and deeds their deeds their acts live on to inspire others for the future.
So again, if any one of them tried to get like a real army together and you know
more violence.. And I think remember I uncovered another quote by Gandhi what
" An eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind . Well you can look that
one up, I did probably about four or five other quotes on Gandhi. So if you like
this one you can go back and check those as well. Anyway I hope you got it. I hope hope
it's clear I hope it was food for thought. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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Tutor Nick P Quotes (212) Gandhi = Non-Violence is the Greatest Force at the Disposal ...

48 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 19, 2019
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