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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is verb phrase 154. The verb phrase today is to pine
away. Okay. Let's look at the note here. If someone pines away, he or she falls into
a period of serious melancholy. You know, melancholy is great sadness or
depression due to longing for. You know, they desire very much. They're longing
for or grief ... grief you know, also feeling sad of for like especially a loss or a
death over someone. Basically, it means someone feels extremely unhappy because
he or she could not be with someone they have romantic feelings for or at least
had romantic feelings for. All right. It can be ... it it can be to the extent that one
stops eating or you know, having enjoyable times in their life or
enjoyable experiences and could lead to death. So it has that feeling that you're
kind of neglecting your health. You're so down or you're so depressed or you're so
you know, in such a state of melancholy that you're kind of you're kind of
ignoring your normal things that you should take care of your health and your
health may get worse. So it does kind of have that feeling. That's why they say pine
away. Pine away almost a little bit you know, if it goes far enough it's almost a
little bit like wasting away. Okay. Let's continue here. All right. Let's look at we
got three examples here. According to one Greek mythology story, Echo pined away
for Narcissus due to the rejection of her love. Yeah. If you're curious about
that I did do a word origins awhile back you know how we got the word echo
actually comes from this mythology story and a narcissist of course comes from
Narcissus. So both of them I've done the same in the same video because it's
really a couple of different mythology stories that I connected. But in this
mythology story she did literally waste away. She was so sad
and he'd caused her to die and and then her ghost kind of becomes the echo but
anyway that's it's it's an interesting one if you never heard that story. Number
two you have to stop pining away for your loss you must be strong and carry
on. This one sounds a little bit like a death but it could be also maybe you
lost someone you love. So it could be that. Or number three here. You broke
up six months ago. You cannot just continue to sit here and pine away in
depression. You need to move on with your life. Well this is probably just a
breakup, but maybe somebody who's having difficulty getting closure or moving on
and they are just depressed all the time. and you know maybe a friend of their sees
that it could be really affecting their health at some point. Okay. Anyway this is
what we mean might find a way. I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. Thank you for your
time. Bye-bye
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English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (154) Pine Away

12 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 19, 2019
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