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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origins three. The word origins today is
a narcissist and echo. Both of these words actually derive from or come from
Greek mythology and the reason we're covering them together is because the
stories are actually interconnected. Okay. So let's take a look at the note here.
The word and name "Echo' comes from a mythology story. Echo was a nymph. Okay.
Now if you've ever read mythology, sometimes you hear about nymphs. A nymph
in Greek and Roman mythology was a female spirit who lived among nature,
especially in forests, mountains or rivers. And of course mountains is very
important here. because in a modern day when we hear echoes most of the time
it's in high mountains. Okay. Let's continue. Echo was an nymph who was given
an assignment by Zeus. All right. So again if you know Greek mythology, Zeus was the
god of the gods. He was the number one god. To talk to Hera. Hera is his wife
also a goddess and keep her busy while he went off to fool around with other
women. Yeah. It's kind of funny. if you ever read Greek mythology, you find out
that the gods act just like humans. That they have just as bad qualities as
humans. And, and Zeus was really bad. He just liked to fool around with with all
kinds of women, especially human women. He would often appear to them and you know,
try to seduce them. So let's continue. When the goddess, Hera figured this out,
she put a curse on Echo and Echo was only able to repeat what others said. So
again this goes perfectly with the idea of echo . Like if we're in a mountain
today, and we scream out some words like 'Hello, hello , hello, we keep hearing the repeat. So this
is the idea of echo. It comes directly from this Greek mythology story. All right. Let's
continue. Echo fell in love with Nar, Narcissus. Okay which of course this is
where we derive a narcissist today the name the person
who loves themselves very much or narcissism. So Echo fell in love with
narcissus who was supposed to be irresistibly handsome. All the women, as
soon as they seen him, they all like fell in love with him. She tried to get him to
say ' I love you. " So she could say it back to him because remember she can only
repeat what others said. Unfortunately narcissus
fell in love with himself. She pined away for him until there was nothing left, but
her voice Remember if we say to pine away it's like to have a great wanting
or longing or desire so I guess you know she just died of depression that she, she
couldn't get to have narcissus. Okay so now you know where ' echo' comes from very
clearly. Let's continue with narcissus here. So now narcissisus could not
understand why so many women doted over him. You know gave him so much attention
and when they seen him. They always like oh they had all these expressions on
their face and he thought a lot of them were just kind of silly. Okay. Until one
day, he noticed his own reflection in the water and it was love at first sight. He
loved himself so much that he could not leave the pond. So that that's how he
could see himself he could only see himself in the water and he didn't want
to leave his own reflection so he just stayed at the pond and continued to look
at himself because he fell in love with himself. He eventually died and as the
story goes a beautiful flower appeared where he died. So this is directly where
we get the word you know narcissism and narcissists , it comes directly from this
Greek mythology character. There's also a flower that is named after narcissus, his
actual Greek name too. So anyway these are the origins this is where we get the
words both narcissist and echo from. Okay anyway, I hope it was clear. I hope it was
informative , and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Word Origins (3) Narcissist and Echo - Greek Mythology

21 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 19, 2019
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