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I would love to buy property in New York but it seems like I don't know how
that's gonna happen. It's gonna take a like Moses parting the sea or something.
What I really want to do is just have a lot of savings.
My name is Jessica Brodkin, I'm 37 years old, I live in Brooklyn New York and I make $108,000 a year.
I was recruited by the CIA as a senior at MIT. Which is
actually from the plot of the recruit. I can't talk about what I did there but um
I didn't kill anybody so (laugh).
When I was 26 years old I had
debilitating migraines and I was on medical leave from work. I ended up
passing out at a friend's house from a migraine and I woke up and he was waving
his hands over me and I felt better. And I'm like "what are you doing?' and he's
like "I'm doing Reiki.' So, that's how I got into it.
My food is around $800 a month. My phone is $110. My therapist is $700 a
month, which I have a hard time paying, mentally. But I need to do it.
I should. I don't. I forgot about it. Thanks reminding me. We need to get renter's insurance.
My dog's name is Julius. He is a black lab-mix and he is a
giant pile of love. I'm gonna see him right by the "curb your dog sign." That's
pretty my dog is almost 12 he wasn't able to really walk so I got him CBD oil
plus he takes tumeric plus he takes green-lipped mussels and all sorts of
other supplements plus he takes pepcid ac so his vitamins are for sure more
than my environments but I got to keep this guy alive and walking
I currently see 12 clients a week now I used to see 16 which I couldn't really
it was very difficult for me if I see too many clients for my energy or for
for myself then I I really have to take a lot of time off to recuperate how are
you feeling since I'm sorry sugar and you've got soaked crystals the clients
are really diverse I think it's getting more and more mainstream and so it's
becoming a little bit less weird for people it's not just like hippy dippy
like drum circle people my savings goals are a little sloppy there like Oh
money's left over boom stop eating out boom stop buying things
I don't need I have the we have protocol and conversation with myself all the
time it means don't eat out we have food at
home I used to have savings for retirement and I don't anymore which is
embarrassing but sure I'm working on building them back up I think I have
about 10,000 in credit card debt and I'm gonna pay it off by the end of the year
most of my career card debt is from when I quit the CIA and I hadn't fully
started my business so it was like really just like survival credit card
debt when I was not making a lot of money all my friends were online dating
weirdest swiping the left and right that's what they're doing imma I am also
online dating I'm on LinkedIn because I want to do to the job
my current online course is called empowered empaths it's for people who
are really sensitive and who feel in people's energy and don't know how to
manage it the speaking engagements are about wellness and health and meditation
I often feel like I have this creative current running through me almost like a
fire running through me and I have to get things out I have been married and
divorced twice my first marriage was like super short and I was like 23 years
old so it had no impact really on my life because we were married for 15
minutes I feel like a like I was a celebrity or something but the second
one did impact me financially I took on financially way more than I should have
that was like a lesson I had to learn I guess I think I'll get married again but
I'm not really like I want to get married you know I'm not like I'm not
feeling for it I spend a lot of time working on my financial mindset I set
like very specific goals I want to make this much amount of money in this amount
of time and then I write down all of my negative beliefs about money and myself
and I challenge those beliefs I also do like rituals around the soiling burn a
bunch of things that helps myself sort of be in the moment I do a forgiveness
list so I forgive my financial mistakes which I have plenty of and I think
everyone dies I also take inspired action so I like ask the universe what's
my next step in my business and I will take action on that goal
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Living On $108K A Year In NYC Millennial Money

173 Folder Collection
up1217home published on August 17, 2019
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