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Welcome to the Ac News!
Let's see the trailer of Crazy, Stupid, Love
today's news is coming up.
Steve Carell is Cal, a man in his 40's
with a seemingly perfect life, a good job, a nice house and a nice family.
But when his wife tells him cheated on him and she wants a divorce,
his perfect world falls apart.
The meeting with the handsome Jacob,
played by Ryan Gosling will open the door to new horizons.
The film will be released in theatres August 19.
Bradley Cooper could be the next Raven.
It seems that the actor is in talks with the production company Relativity Media
to play the role that once belonged to Brandon Lee in the famous movie from 1995.
The film will be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo,
the director of 28 Weeks Later.
It's all for today,
see you soon with AC news!
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Crazy, Stupid, Love - Trailer

57 Folder Collection
Chuewen Wu published on August 16, 2019
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