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Let's now talk about because we know that you work out
Right if you follow her Facebook this girl just told me that she works out five times a week
Which is oh my God. Do you what like what time do you do it?
How do you do it like like how do you keep it consistent?
It's... I've been working out for hmm..
eight years
I've always liked did sports when I was little yeah
so it's pretty normal for me and I usually do it on in the morning or
At noon and it just not just work out. I do boxing and wave surf is what I do lately
So you'll do something active every day to train yourself. Yeah, basically
Not just work out cause work out can be boring sometimes yeah, ya know looking at a treadmill
Yeah, that's why they have TVs on treadmills now because they know you get bored
And that's really the worst way to work out to be honest okay, so that's the work out side
But you're very active so are you a good dancer as well? I mean do you dance? Do you salsa? Do you Merengue?
I used to like tap dance and.. Tap dance? Really?
Can you still do it? A little but I'm not that I haven't danced in a while
So I wouldn't call myself a good dancer
When you were little when you learned this? Oh yeah like I'm like Eleven twelve
Oh my gosh your parents put you into tap dancing class Yeah, yeah, They did. I really like tap dancing
So when La La Land came up yeah. Yeah, I really like it. Please don't say those three words
We have like a La La Land enthusiast here who may be less into like La La Land soundtrack non-stop.
That's our Producer Yvonne by the way
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773 Folder Collection
張兆毅 published on August 15, 2019
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