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Oh, that one looks like a bear.
Guy with a mustache, herd of antelope, Rorschach test, done.
Can we go?
Oh, will you relax for a day?
No, okay, you know what?
I'm just, not gonna let you bring me down. I'm gonna take a nap.
[Narrator] Look at him.
Poor guy, doesn't know how to relax without feeling all guilty, as he should, 'cause any time spent doing nothing, being unproductive is time wasted, right?
This is Tom.
He works hard and has the results to prove it.
And like Tom, a lot of us have got it in our heads that the most fulfilled people are the ones who work the hardest.
It's almost like productivity has become a status symbol.
Actually, some of us just like working hard.
[Narrator] But what about time to hang out, have fun?
I mean are you-- - Happy?
Of course. - Prove it.
Oh, dear God, it's worse than I suspected.
Okay, step one, play.
Could be sports, going on hikes, playing games, making art, whatever you enjoy doing.
We forget that playing is beneficial for people of all ages.
It brings joy into our lives, relieves stress and is just plain healthy for the brain.
Oh, yeah, I think this is for me.
[Narrator] Excellent!
Play allows us to let go of our obsession with checking things off our endless to-do lists and--Done.
[Narrator] Dammit, Tom!
Look, man, you're never gonna catch me playing.
[Narrator] Well, technically, playing tricks on people is a form of play, so great job with step one.
Naptime, baby.
Wait, what?
Step two, rest. - No.
I don't have time-- - Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, you need this. - No, but--
[Narrator] Shh.
Well, maybe just for a second.
I shouldn't have done it.
I shouldn't have-- - Hey, hey, hey.
Rest is not a luxury, my friend.
It's absolutely crucial to the proper functioning of your body, brain, and-- Okay, what are you doing?
I'm trying to wake myself up.
[Narrator] If you can't even do this, there's no way you'll do the next one.
I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to inception you into it.
Please. - Meditation.
I should try meditating. - That's a wonderful idea.
Step three, have quiet time, and it doesn't have to be meditation.
It could be going on walks, spending time in nature, prayer, or-- - Nothing's happening.
[Narrator] Just focus on your breath.
The idea is to simply quiet the mind, to create a sense of calm and presence that stays with you throughout the day.
It takes practice, so don't expect life-changing results from your first few--
Taking a break from the noise of our busy lives can help us recalibrate, and ground us more firmly in the present, so, how do you feel?
It actually felt pretty nice.
But yes, I've enjoyed doing all of this stuff, but the day is basically over.
There's so much stuff that still isn't done.
This lifestyle simply isn't sustainable.
[Narrator] Exactly, which is why we have step four.
Finding a healthy balance between work and play is not easy, and will look different for everyone.
But doing so is crucial if we wish to make life a little more enjoyable.
So set some boundaries, punch some holes in your schedule, and take it easy.
Hey, guys.
My name's Oscar, writer/director of How to Life.
Thank you for watching this week's episode.
If you wanna see more videos like this, or have any specific How Tos you want us to tackle, let us know in the comments below.
My name's Oscar, and you're watching SoulPancake.
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How to Quiet Your Mind & Do Nothing

388 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on August 15, 2019
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