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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 267. The idiom today is to" take a
beating.' Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. We actually have three
meanings of this or three ways that it's used. If someone takes a beating he or
she has been defeated or beaten you could say. by a significant amount. So it
really just means that you lost but you lost by a lot, especially in competitions/ It
was not a close score. So we often see this in the sports section of the news.
That somebody took a beating or one team took a beating. Okay. Let's look at number two.
If someone takes a beating, it means they were seriously beaten up and injured. So
here we're talking about physically being beaten up. So this is another way
that you could take a beating. Okay. And number three. To be damaged or harmed and
suffer very serious losses. So you could take a beating that way. Like you know, we
could say somebody took a beating in the stock market when there was a stock
market crash. Maybe they lost like 50% of their portfolio. That would be taking
a beating. We hear that one a lot. Okay. Let's continue here. The origin in this
idiom is believed to come from the beatings that dogs may have received
from their owners if they misbehaved. The idiom dates back to the 1800s . So
probably originally that's how it was used. Then it spread out to all these
other ways. Okay. All right. So we just have three examples here.
All right. This is he first one. The Red Sox really took a beating last night . They
lost by a score of 12 to 1. So this is one we use with sports where you know
in competitions you get beat by a significant amount or you lose by a
significant amount. We could say one team or one player took a beating. Okay. Number
two. Bob foolishly got into a fight last
night from someone he encountered in a bar and he really took a beating. He had
to stay in a hospital for several days to recover. So here we're really talking
about a physical beating and he was really beaten up and hurt and injured.
His body was injured. So you could take a beating in that way. Of course. That's
probably the original way relating to poor dogs that were beaten up.
Number three here. His house took a beating from that severe typhoon. The
damage was significant. Okay. . Anyway, I hope it's clear. I hope you got it. Thank
you for your time. Bye-bye.
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English Tutor Nick P Idioms (267) Take a Beating

15 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 14, 2019
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