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(eerie music)
- When the young kids on the street
found out that I was working on Star Wars,
I was like a God to them.
(droid beeping)
Those kids are now parents.
They've seen the movies throughout the years.
It was always in the back of their mind, like,
"Oh, I remember playing with the Falcon,
"I remember playing with the X-wing and the TIE fighter."
(Vader breathing)
(lightsaber whooshing)
To understand that you have a small part
of that kind of bigger world is pretty cool.
(exciting music)
My name is Mark Boudreaux,
and I've been fortunate enough
to work on Star Wars toys since 1977.
(upbeat music)
The amazing thing about Star Wars,
I don't think it's really ever gone away.
It's always been there.
Vehicles has been sort of what I really am
the most passionate about:
TIE fighters, X-wings, Rey's speeder.
I have always built models, built planes, cars,
so they said, "Hey, Mark, why don't you go ahead
and start working on the Millennium Falcon?"
I said like, "Sure, why not?"
(drum and bass music)
The Millennium Falcon is more than just a machine.
It really is a character that helps save the day.
It's more than just a hunk of junk.
You want it to be able to provide an experience
that could extend from the film,
so when you went to go see the movie,
you come right back and you're playing with Luke,
you're playing with Han, you're playing with Chewie,
and you're able to relive everything
that you saw in the film.
(soft music)
Long after I've gone to the Force, wherever that might be,
this product will still be there.
Grandkids from now will hopefully
still be enjoying Star Wars.
And we certainly want to try to do our small part
into making sure that that continues.
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The Toy Designer Behind Every Millennium Falcon

43 Folder Collection
許大善 published on August 13, 2019
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