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  • - [Narrator] It's Thanksgiving;

  • turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes,

  • but the one thing that has always stood out

  • is a bit of a head scratcher:

  • sweet potato casserole, mmm.

  • We're pretty sure sweet potatoes and marshmallows

  • weren't at the original Thanksgiving.

  • So what happened?

  • Sweet potatoes have been around forever.

  • And marshmallows, this sticky, gooey mess

  • actually comes from a plant

  • and has been around since ancient Egypt.

  • A delicacy only pharaohs could eat.

  • Okay, fast forward to the 20th century.

  • Marshmallows were a big deal,

  • expensive, and essentially the Cristal of sweet treats.

  • Not only that, but they were even hand made.

  • Marshmallows became a mainstay for highfalutin housewives.

  • See, back then, housewives would have to make whipped cream

  • or even meringue by hand,

  • but the marshmallows were a modern time saver.

  • The first recipe that paired sweet potatoes

  • and marshmallows appeared in 1918

  • in a trade journal, cleverly named Sweet Potatoes and Yams.

  • As marshmallows grew in popularity

  • and began being mass produced,

  • more and more recipes began implementing them

  • as an everyday ingredient.

  • Nowadays, marshmallows are generally

  • reserved for campfires and hot chocolate,

  • and this nontraditional/ traditional favorite.

  • Whether you like your sweet potatoes

  • a la marshmallow or plain,

  • happy Thanksgiving!

  • (mid-tempo relaxing music)

(mellow relaxing music)

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