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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 60. The quote today is by Lord Acton. He was a British

  • politician who lived about a hundred years ago or so. But this quote, I hear this quote a

  • lot. It comes up a lot. Where people say power corrupts and absolute power

  • corrupts absolutely. So by its nature, power can corrupt you. You know turn you

  • into kind of an evil person to do things that you would normally do. But

  • absolute power meaning the more power you got, it will corrupt you even more. That's why

  • you know we often see this with dictators so that they they become even

  • worse because they have almost way too much power. So anyway, let's go on.

  • Let's take a look at the note. So this quote basically warns of the dangers of

  • power. There has been many a good man corrupted after receiving power. Yes some

  • people may have had good intentions to begin with to get in they really wanted

  • to help the people. But then once they got there because of the situation or

  • maybe other people that maybe helped them get along, special interests or

  • whatever. Once they're there they become corrupted. So let's continue. Many men will become

  • corrupt trying to hold on to power. So not only you know once you get in there

  • but you're trying to hold on to it you may do things that you never would have

  • thought you might have done before. Power and you must be strong enough not to let

  • it overtake you or overwhelm you to consume you. Yes this theme was touched

  • upon in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You know that movie with the ring the

  • ring made them more powerful but the longer they kept it, you know the more

  • the evil kind of took over them. So that that's kind of the idea. All right and we

  • could look at it even George Washington. This is the whole reason why we have

  • just two terms in the US. . George Washington purposely stopped at two

  • terms also because of the same sort of idea. I kind of remember in history like

  • King George at the time didn't think that George Washington would

  • do something like this. That he would ever just give up his power. So anyway,

  • well I hope you got it. I hope you Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 60. The quote today is by Lord Acton. He was a British

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