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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 60. The quote today is by Lord Acton. He was a British
politician who lived about a hundred years ago or so. But this quote, I hear this quote a
lot. It comes up a lot. Where people say power corrupts and absolute power
corrupts absolutely. So by its nature, power can corrupt you. You know turn you
into kind of an evil person to do things that you would normally do. But
absolute power meaning the more power you got, it will corrupt you even more. That's why
you know we often see this with dictators so that they they become even
worse because they have almost way too much power. So anyway, let's go on.
Let's take a look at the note. So this quote basically warns of the dangers of
power. There has been many a good man corrupted after receiving power. Yes some
people may have had good intentions to begin with to get in they really wanted
to help the people. But then once they got there because of the situation or
maybe other people that maybe helped them get along, special interests or
whatever. Once they're there they become corrupted. So let's continue. Many men will become
corrupt trying to hold on to power. So not only you know once you get in there
but you're trying to hold on to it you may do things that you never would have
thought you might have done before. Power and you must be strong enough not to let
it overtake you or overwhelm you to consume you. Yes this theme was touched
upon in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. You know that movie with the ring the
ring made them more powerful but the longer they kept it, you know the more
the evil kind of took over them. So that that's kind of the idea. All right and we
could look at it even George Washington. This is the whole reason why we have
just two terms in the US. . George Washington purposely stopped at two
terms also because of the same sort of idea. I kind of remember in history like
King George at the time didn't think that George Washington would
do something like this. That he would ever just give up his power. So anyway,
well I hope you got it. I hope you enjoyed.it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.
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Tutor Nick P Quotes 60 - Lord Acton - Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

26 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on August 12, 2019
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