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- I'm Stephen Curry,
and today I'm buildin' my dream company
with my dream executives from the NBA.
(upbeat music)
My CFO would definitely be the OG David West.
He's a teammate of mine,
but when it comes to just his savviness,
also his entire portfolio, what I've seen,
the way that he's positioned himself
from a financial perspective
to, you know, create a legacy.
My Chief Talent Officer would be Steve Kerr, for sure.
He's a master at bringing all sort of skills
and talented individuals and bringing it
into the ethos of a common goal.
He's definitely helped me take a next step in my career
in terms of puttin' me in the right positions to succeed,
but also just instilling confidence
in everybody that suits up for him.
My Chief Creative Officer would probably be Jamal Crawford.
Every time you see him on the court
with the ball in his hands,
he's doin' something creative.
That's probably a result of how creative his mind is.
And so I would probably bring him on
as the Chief Creative Officer.
Chief Happiness Officer would definitely be Clay Thompson.
He's always got a smile on his face.
He would bring his dog around to every meeting.
He would definitely be the one that would instill happiness
to the entire room and the entire company,
so, Clay Thompson, he's got that job already.
It's already offered to him.
Chief Trouble Maker?
I'mma rename that to the Chief Technical Officer,
and I'm gonna take that title very literally
and nominate my teammate Draymond Green. (laughs)
I would have a caveat that he would turn
that troublemaker kind of personality
into something very productive.
Chief Inspiration Officer,
I'm gonna go outta left field with this one.
It would be Mark Jackson, my former head coach,
'cause he was an amazing motivator
and somebody that always had a story or analogy
or some sort of saying that could rally
the team before a game.
Chief Ninja Officer, somebody that was
a teammate of mine, Nate Robinson.
He is light on his feet, he's super athletic for his size,
and he's strong but he's always one step ahead
in terms of how he moves through the court
and through life, so,
I'm gonna go with Nate Robinson.
In my first team-building event or opportunity
would definitely take everybody to the golf course
and see what they could do out there on the links.
- [Interviewer] Would you beat them all at golf?
- Oh, 100%, I'd make 'em all feel terrible
about their golf game.
(upbeat music)
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7 NBA Players Steph Curry Wants On His Team | Fast Company

86 Folder Collection
張兆毅 published on August 12, 2019
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