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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 242. Today we have another one by Winston

  • Churchill. I think I've only done a couple by him before. Remember he was the

  • leader of Great Britain during the World War two. Yeah. That was his most prominent

  • time. In which he's very famous for you know, not just everything that he did

  • and many , many of his quotes and helping to get Britain through World War two. And

  • to be brave enough to do it . And he was, he was an inspiration to many people.

  • Anyway let's take a look at his quote today. "No one finds life worth living. One

  • has to make it worth living. " Okay. Let's continue with the note here. What Winston

  • Churchill is trying to say is that life by itself, by its nature is difficult.

  • We have to struggle through life. Through every, every stage of our life. Now I know

  • many of you might think that some people are born rich and they don't have to

  • struggle as much. Well maybe that may be true financially, but usually there's

  • other issues and there are other problems that come with that, and they usually have to

  • struggle through those issues. So they're not all issues and not all problems are

  • financial. Even though they are among the big ones. All right. Let's continue. From the

  • moment we are born we must struggle to continue our life. Yes.

  • First we must learn to depend on others. Yeah. A newborn child can't survive on

  • its own. They have to learn how to survive. They have to depend upon others to do

  • nearly everything for them. Until they learned one little thing at a time and

  • eventually they can learn how to take care of themselves. At some point. All

  • right. So let's continue here. Then we must struggle to survive on our own and

  • you know and be self-sufficient. Well usually everyone goes through this

  • process at least financially. Anyway during this process we will go through

  • some failure. Maybe even a lot of failure that'll make our life more difficult and

  • that's more struggle that we have to go through. Then we must learn to

  • to support others as well. As well as ourselves. We have to take on extra

  • burdens to support like children or elderly parents or or just somebody that

  • needs your help that you're willing to do it for. And let's look at the last

  • part here. In order to make life worth living,

  • we must find qualities of life that are rewarding. Ones that make us feel good and

  • inspirational that inspire us to make us feel like ... Yes. We're doing the right

  • thing. This is worth it. Qualities about life that motivate us to

  • succeed . There are things that could inspire you, encourage you, give you

  • ambition and determination to get things done. Or to do good things. All right. Okay.

  • Motivate us to succeed and give meaning to our struggles and toils. Make you feel

  • like even though we have to go through these struggles and these toils, it's

  • worth it. On what we're trying to accomplish and what we're trying to do,

  • and find qualities of life that make us love and appreciate it. Because there is

  • a lot. There are a lot of good things in life that make us laugh and that make us

  • feel that you know all , all the effort and all the struggles we went through

  • were worth it. Anyway at least that's what I believe Winston Churchill's

  • trying to say here. Anyway, I hope you got it . I hope it's clear. Thank you for your

  • time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Quotes 242. Today we have another one by Winston

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