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Brute, Brute, come out of your hole, and beat the living black as coal.
Carrie, we've been walking for like an hour.
Are you sure this is the way?
She knows where she's going, Ben.
Brute, Brute, go back in your hole, and spare the living one more soul.
Stop it, Matt!
Should we really being doing this?
There's a reason the story tells us to stay away from it, right?
Carrie's dad is in the high order, Ben, I think she would know.
It's probably just a story, Ben, don't pee your pants again.
Who's going to open it?
I knew he wouldn't do it.
Hey, Ben, Carrie said she'd give you a kiss if you do it.
Ew, shut up, Max!
No, I didn't!
At least he tried.
Maybe if you're nice enough it'll just open by itself.
Yeah, Ben, did you try asking it?
Yeah, please, Brute Brute, come out of your hole, and beat the living black as coal.
Are you going to open it?
What the?
Michael, where have you been?
What's on your face?
What was that?
Come on!
Stay here.
Okay, come on!
Do you know what you've done?
I'm sorry, Dad.
Stop, Marcus.
We need to be quiet.
Oh shit.
What are we gonna do?
But the Brute cannot be killed.
Our only chance is to run for the woods!
We won't make it, Marcus.
It gets everyone that runs.
We'll have to.
Oh God.
Don't look, honey.
Dad, what about mom?
- We left her! - Quiet, quiet!
Come on, this way.
Be quiet!
Okay, okay, this is good.
Listen, you stay here, you keep watch.
I'll be right back.
Dad, no!
I told you to keep watch, Carrie.
What are you doing, Dad?
This is not something you understand, Carrie.
But we in the colony have a job to do.
What are you doing, Dad?
We are the only ones that can protect the world from the door.
You betrayed your people, but you could still make this right.
Dad, Dad, no!
I'm sorry, Carrie.
- This has to be done, Carrie. - Dad, no, wait!
- This has to be done. - Stop!
Brute, Brute, get back in your hole.
The spirit...
Brute, Brute, go back in your hole.
And spare the living one more soul.
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The Door in the Woods | "The Door" | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

1309 Folder Collection
Mackenzie published on August 6, 2019    Mackenzie translated    Evangeline reviewed
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