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Hey, I'm Joel.
Just an average American guy visiting Nikko, the heart of Japan.
On a quest to relive history, experience nature, taste the local food, but most importantly just have a good time.
Let's go!
We're here in Kanmangafuchi right now and you can see like all these cool 'jizos' along the way here.
Jizos and rivers, green... the spirits are with me right here man.
How to make Yuba and tofu.
When the soy milk comes to a boil, Yuba, a film, will form on the surface.
Scoop the Yuba and enjoy with the Yuba sauce.
Oh, that's so smooth.
Okay, this thing is pretty sweet because it's carved from a tree with a katana.
I think it's pretty awesome.
This sword's got some bling on it.
Nanbokucho period, 14th century.
Kann pai!
That's good!
So this one won the award and I'm drinking it right here in the very place it was made.
Hand crafted, old-fashioned style, and it's delicious.
So there it was, my day in Nikko.
It's just a couple of hours by train from Tokyo and you can truly experience the more traditional side of Japan.
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1614 Folder Collection
Nina published on August 6, 2019    Nina translated    Evangeline reviewed
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