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Ah, Goo Lagoon.
Where the sun is hot and the sun bathers are oh so cool.
What a beautiful day.
You said it, pal.
Can you believe that sun?
I could look at it all day.
Uh, Patrick?
This show was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
So, how's that tan coming?
I don't know, let me check.
Looking good!
How's yours?
Just a minute.
I could have sworn I was laying on my back.
Larry! Larry! Larry!
Hey, it's Larry the lifeguard.
Nobody really likes those guys.
Being a lifeguard is so dumb.
All they do is blow, blow, blow on their stupid whistles.
Rub, rub, rub that white stuff on their noses.
And show off their gross misshapen bodies!
Dude, put that thing away.
They're like, children here.
I'm going to the snack bar.
I didn't know that you were a lifeguard.
The nose.
White stuff.
You think I'm a lifeguard?
Sure, there's no hiding the lifeguard look, SpongeBob, and you've got it!
You really think so?
Babes and the big chair are great.
But the best part is knowing you're the only thing that stands between these good people...
Go, go, go, go, go!
And a watery grave.
And that's what it's all about.
Their lives are in your hands now.
'Cause I got a date with a tanning booth.
See ya!
But I... can't swim.
Free ice cream!
Now I gotcha!
Now y'all have to wait one hour before you go swimming.
But just so you're not tempted...
Ice cream!
Did somebody say ice cream?
Where is it?
Is it here?
Ice cream, yay!
Ah, ah!
Holy cow, somebody's drowning!
Oh no, that is not possible.
The lagoon is closed.
Dude, get your butt in the water.
If there was anyone in there, we'd hear them.
I can't swim!
Somebody would be screaming that they're drowning.
I'm drowning!
They would have to had crossed the line.
I'm drowning 'cause I crossed the line!
OK, I'll take a look.
But just to prove to you that--
Patrick isn't drowning!
Can't swim!
Butt hurts!
Ice cream!
Hold on, Patrick!
I'm coming!
Patrick can't drown if there isn't any water.
Help, I'm drowning, I got a butt cramp, I want ice cream and now it's dark!
OK Patrick, here I come.
Calm-- Calm down, Pat.
Here I am.
Pat, Pat, no! Pat, Pat!
Pat, stop, stop!
Oh, sorry.
Help! Help! Help! Save me!
Can't swim!
Patrick, don't!
Help us!
We're drowning!
Goodbye ice cream!
Can't swim!
Oh, no!
Yes, Larry?
You're not a lifeguard, are you?
No, Larry.
Let's go, guys!
Very good!
You fellas are learning fast!
Ow, butt cramps!
And I still don't have my ice cream.
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The Patrick Show: World Oceans Month | #SpongeBobSaturdays

2877 Folder Collection
Sophie published on August 5, 2019
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