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  • It's AumSum Time.

  • What if we stopped eating sugar?

  • Then i would start licking honey.

  • Ohh.

  • Listen AumSum.

  • Sugar stimulates the release of feel-good chemicals like dopamine.

  • So, sudden cutting down of sugar can cause sugar withdrawal.

  • Thus leading to anxiety, mood swings, etc.

  • However, the most obvious benefits of avoiding sugar would be weight loss.

  • Improved oral health and reduced risk of diabetes.

  • Secondly, sugar also triggers the process of glycation.

  • In which harmful compounds called AGEs are released.

  • These AGEs attach to collagen and elastin in our skin.

  • Causing wrinkles.

  • So, avoiding sugar may reduce wrinkling.

  • Thirdly, studies have shown that excess sugar causes inflammation.

  • Which gives rise to acne.

  • So, giving up on sugary foods may prevent acne.

  • Fourthly, avoiding sugar can also reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.

  • How?

  • A chemical called BDNF forms new connections and new memories.

  • According to research, excess sugar is linked to drop in the BDNF level.

  • Thus causing Alzheimer's.

  • What if we planted a Trillion trees?

  • I will eat a Billion Burgers.

  • Oh AumSum.

  • There are about 3 Trillion trees on earth right now.

  • So planting a trillion trees would increase that number by 33%.

  • The impact will definitely be positive.

  • For earth as well as all the living things.

  • But this will not immediately solve the climate change problem.

  • Firstly, freeing up so much land for planting trees seems like a mammoth task.

  • Secondly, these trees would take a number of years to grow big enough.

  • To make any meaningful contribution towards reducing carbon dioxide from air.

  • Thirdly, if we do nothing about emissions.

  • And keep on adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere Then by the time trees grow.

  • We would have added more than 1 Trillion tons of carbon dioxide.

  • Thus nullifying the effects of these trees.

  • So, plantation of trees plus cut in emissions are the need of the hour.

  • What if we Only Eat Fruits?

  • No Problemo.

  • You eat all the fruits, I will eat all the Burgers.

  • Oh AumSum.

  • Fruits are a major source of potassium, dietary fiber, Vitamin C and folate.

  • Potassium helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure.

  • Thus reducing chances of a stroke.

  • Dietary fiber helps in relieving constipation.

  • And reducing blood cholesterol levels, thus lowering the risk of heart diseases.

  • Vitamin C is responsible for the growth and repair of body tissues.

  • Folate is vital in the formation of red blood cells.

  • Now, on the flip side, as fruits contain high sugar content.

  • They may prove to be harmful to diabetic patients.

  • Also, eating a lot of them may lead to weight gain and tooth decay.

  • Lastly, relying only on fruits may lead to nutritional deficiencies.

  • Which may further lead to immune system dysfunction.

  • What If we Burn all the Fossil Fuels?

  • Then, I will eat all the burgers in the world.

  • Oh AumSum.

  • Fossil fuel is a natural fuel such as coal, oil or natural gas.

  • Which has formed over millions of years from the anaerobic decomposition of dead organisms.

  • Now, if we were to burn all the fossil fuels in the world.

  • Then more than 5 trillion tons of greenhouse gases.

  • Mostly carbon dioxide would be released in the atmosphere.

  • This would lead to greenhouse gas levels not seen in more than 400 million years.

  • As a result, global temperatures would increase by more than 10 degrees Celsius.

  • All the ice on earth would melt.

  • Increasing sea levels by more than 100 feet.

  • Thus submerging all the coastal cities of the world.

  • Lastly, rainfalls would be highly unpredictable.

  • Some areas would receive extreme rainfall while other would receive very less.

It's AumSum Time.

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