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"Quit the job you hate"
"Travel the world!"
"Follow your passion"
is what every 'motivational' Youtuber is trying to tell me these days.
Then who will take care of my family? You?
When I started my career in 2009,
my only passion was to earn money
because most of us are not born with a silver spoon.
We first have to meet our financial responsibilities
whether we like the job or not.
But the advantage that we have is that
meeting our responsibilities makes us a professional
and that professionalism brings us closer to our dream job
like it did for me and a lot of other friends I know.
And today I am going to tell you exactly how.
So it doesn't matter if you are a student, a home-maker or a person stuck in a job that you don't like,
today by the end of this video
I'll give you a step-by-step procedure of how to find your dream job
while you earn money.
So in today's video we are going to discuss
How to find out who you are?
How to figure out what your dream job is?
Things that will help you achieve your dream job
but most importantly, towards the end in the Bonus Section
I'll give you examples of people like you and me
who had a 9 to 7 job and have still found the work that they love to do.
But before that, if you love the work that I am doing
or if you like me even a little bit
make sure you hit that 'Like' button
because that motivates me to make more videos.
Lets begin.
So figuring out who you are, professionally
or even personally
is a 3-step procedure.
Step 1: Get a job. Any job.
The reason why I am asking you this is because
a job teaches you a lot of things, like
team work, meeting deadlines, professionalism, drafting mails, presentation skills
but most importantly it teaches you something that's not taught in our colleges
and that is how to talk to the opposite gender
without shaking inside.
I started my career as a Software Engineer
and for the initial few years of my career
I loved my job.
I really did.
Because from a 'jhalli' college graduate,
it made me a confident, it made me a better person.
But unfortunately, most of the college graduates I meet these days tell me that
the 'idea' of desk jobs sounds boring to them.
See, if you want to know who you are then
the initial few years of your career should be dedicated to
Personality Development
and a job does that along with getting you a pay-cheque.
Step 2: List down your strengths and weaknesses.
What will happen after you get a job?
You will work.
And what happens to your work?
It gets reviewed by your colleagues, by your bosses
and that is the best way to figure out your strengths and your weaknesses.
For example, suppose you are good at following up and getting work done...
that's your strength.
And may be you are not so good at presenting your ideas...
that's your weakness.
So your strengths give you direction
and your weaknesses tell you what you need to work on.
So take your appraisals seriously, talk to your colleagues because they know more about
your style of work than you do,
look at the work you have done in the past and make a list
of your strengths and your weaknesses
because these realisations help you figure out who you are.
Step 3: Ask yourself the IKIGAI questions.
IKIGAI is a Japanese concept. It means
"A reason for being"
"A reason to wake-up every morning"
(Oooo.....fancy stuff)
But it's as real as it gets because
to find your IKIGAI you need to answer these 4 questions.
What are you good at?
What do you love to do?
What does the world need?
What can you get paid for?
At the intersection of these questions is your IKIGAI.
Now, these look super simple but
these questions are so difficult to answer.
You might be wondering..
"I like to travel, watch movies, spend time with my family, but...
who will pay me for it?"
That's what even I thought initially
but the more you do point #3 of our next section
the easier it gets to answer these questions.
But note down these 4 questions, ok?
Because in your journey of finding your dream job
these questions will help you think in the right direction.
Now, while you are discovering/creating your personality
you can also figure out what your dream job is.
Here's how.
Discovering your dream job is also a 3-step process
and the first step is to make a list of the jobs that you like.
CA, engineer, doctor, lawyer, teacher, civil services.
Most of us know only these jobs.
So here are the things that will help you make a list.
a. Google. Literally type out "different professions"
and make a list of the professions that appeal to you.
b. Ask a question on Quora.
Most probably somebody would've asked it already. All you have to do is
scroll through the answers.
c. Join different clubs. Now what does that mean?
When I was working, I was talking to only 15-20 team mates of mine
who had the same background as me.
So to meet more people I joined a club called 'Toastmasters' which is a
public-speaking club.
I remember a friend of mine had commented,
"Why are you wasting 36$ just to talk to people?"
but being a part of this club developed my public-speaking skills.
I won 5 rounds to represent India at the World Championship of Public Speaking at Florida, USA.
And I met people from different professions..
Software Engineers, Stand-up Comedians, Politicians, RJs, Fashion Designers, Entrepreneurs, Soft-skills Trainers.
So I was exposed to all of these careers that helped me decide what my dream job is.
This is where I also met my husband.
So if you want to find out what your dream job is, you need to go out and interact with...
Join different clubs like TM, Rotary, check meetup.com,
check the events section of your newspaper to find out what's happening that weekend.
Because the more contacts you make, the clearer your career path becomes.
And the fourth and the most important thing to do to make a list of the professions that you like is..
think skills instead of jobs.
For example, suppose you say, "I want to be a writer", then it's just one job
but if you think of "Writing" as a skill then you can be
a columnist, a novelist, technical writer, content strategist, film critic, travel writer, Youtube content creator..
so many exciting careers!
So make a list of the skills that you have
or the one's that you want to learn and then branch out different professions out of it.
Step 2: Learn those skills
Now that you have a list of professions and skills that you are interested in
go out there and learn them.
Attend workshops, get certifications, attend classes.
If you ask me, one of my favourite ways of learning a new skill
is through this website called Skillshare.
This website has helped me develop my creative, design, marketing and business skills.
I'll tell you more about it later.
But the point is, do whatever you can
to learn more.
The third and the final step to figure out your dream job is
to get into a relationship
with multiple jobs.
Don't get too excited.
Now suppose your list says...
I want to be a PR Manager,
I want to be a Photographer,
I want to be a Stand-up comedian.
But you don't have to marry right away.
Just pick one and get into a committed relationship for a couple of months
to see where it goes.
For example, one of the items on my list was..
I want to be an RJ.
I love how RJs get to be on radio and play cool songs.
I thought that is my dream job.
But I was not sure about it.
Luckily, thanks to the clubs I joined, I made friends with an RJ
and I requested her to let me observe her, shadow her.
She agreed and it was
She has to wake up early,
keep searching for news items,
create content everyday,
get that content approved from her bosses because you cannot make mistakes on the radio,
represent her channel at various events,
keep posting on social media,
keep doing 'LIVE' to interact with her audience.
She just can't turn off her cellphone.
It was a tough job and after a while I realized
it's not my cup of tea.
See, all the jobs are tough
but we need to figure out which process will we enjoy?
Now you might be thinking,
"OMG, who will go out and do so much mehnat?"
But see, you can sit at home, watch all the TED talks you want,
make all the excel sheets you can
but all of this will be useless
unless you go out there and try it.
So instead of quitting your job, look for mini learning opportunities,
volunteer work that you can do in your spare time
and if you don't like that job, cross it off your list
until you reach the job that you'd like to marry
atleast for a few years.
I think by now you would've figured out that
finding your dream job is a journey
and here are a few things that will help you in that journey.
1. Financial Knowledge
Yes. You need to know how to save your money, how to invest your money
so that when you finally decide to quit your job
you atleast have 4-5 months of your income as savings
so that you are comfortable incase your dream job
pays slightly less in the beginning.
But don't worry, I have got you covered.
I have made a plethora of videos about how to save your money,
how to grow your money.
I have left the link in the description, do check it out.
2. Exercise
Before you close this video, hear me out.
Our body is capable of doing 'x' amount of work
and if all that energy is going in your existing job
then how will you find your dream job?
By increasing the efficiency of your body
through exercise and eating right.
I am not asking you to build biceps
but by walking, running, cycling or playing any sport
for 30 minutes everyday will give you crazy energy
that you can invest in getting closer to your dream job.
And the third and the final thing that will help you in this journey is
Like we discussed earlier, Skillshare is a website
where you can take more than 25,000 classes
related to the skills that you want to learn.
Like photography, writing, business, technology, lifestyle.
My personal favourite are the marketing classes
and the writing classes
because they help me develop better content.
You can even join different groups where
you can ask a question or initiate a discussion
with like-minded people.
I love this website because the first time I saw it,
I got the 3 idiots.."Knowledge jahan se miley lapetlo" kind feeling
which is why I jumped on the opportunity of a collab with them
and I have got something for you too.
The first 500 of my subscribers to click the link below
will get a free 2-Month Premium Membership trial.
And even if you don't get it, the annual subscription is less than 10$ per month.
So if you are as crazy as me about learning new things
and are desperate to find your dream career
then don't miss this opportunity.
Click the Skillshare link below and get it.
And finally, it's time for the Bonus Section.
But before I tell you that, make sure you Subscribe to my channel
and hit that 'Bell' icon
because I make career and finance videos for you only.
Stories of Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk
following their passion, don't connect with me.
But if my cousin is doing it then I'd be like..
"I can do it too!"
which is why I am going to end today's video by giving you
examples of people like you and me
who had a 9 to 7 job and are on this journey
of finding their dream job.
Vivek Muralidharan.
He is a Software Engineer by day
and a Stand-up Comedian by evening.
He says he loves exploring funny ideas
and his corporate job gives him the financial security
while he is in a relationship with stand-up.
Arvind Ramachander.
He was a Database Designer in US.
He took this photo during a fund-raising event
and that got him excited about photography.
He moved back to India and slowly transitioned
to becoming a full-time wedding photographer.
And trust me, his clicks are 'sooper'.
Jahangir Pasha.
He was a Team Leader at JP Morgan
but fitness always had his heart.
After proper financial planning, he decided to become a Fitness Trainer
and start his own studio.
Bonny Sikdar.
She is a Sr. Manager with a MBA in marketing in an I.T firm by day
and a Zumba trainer by evening because she loves to dance.
But recently she got her dream job at Cult, Hyd.
She says that along with her dance, her corporate background
played a major role in getting her the job.
And finally, we have Naveen Pandit.
He says that he was a small townie with bad english diction
but a Software job at Infosys gave him confidence
and he joined various theatre groups while at Infy
where he discovered his love for acting
until he finally decided to move to Mumbai
and pursue acting full-time.
If you are a TV buff, you might recognise him from various TV serials.
The reason I chose their examples instead of Mark Zuckerberg's is because
I know these folks
and I really admire their hustle.
For them, finding their dream job is a journey
and they are enjoying it every single day.
I truly believe that just like them
you can find your journey too.
On that note, I promise to see you again very soon
until then, if you miss me, you can follow me on Instagram
that is my ID
and don't forget to keep fighting
The Urban Fight to be Fit.
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How to find your DREAM Job when you feel STUCK in your Career

211 Folder Collection
up1217home published on August 1, 2019
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