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Tokyo is home to the most Michelin-starred
restaurants in the world.
But the city is also packed with cheap bites and
hole-in-the-wall eateries
where you can get some of the best snacks in Japan.
We are gonna fit as much epic food
into one day as possible, so let's eat!
A lot of people like to come to Tokyo for the sushi
but another great little snack
to have when you're here is tamagoyaki,
which is basically a super fluffy Japanese omelette
sweetened a little bit by adding sugar to the egg mixture.
Pretty good for a breakfast on the go.
This is Melon Pan, basically a Japanese ice cream sandwich
using vanilla ice cream and sweet bread.
It's called melon pan because apparently
it looks a little bit like a rockmelon.
Doesn't taste like melon
but on a hot day like today, it's pretty damn good.
For something a bit more substantial, you've got
takoyaki, which is my favorite.
It's basically a flour batter with octopus in the middle
covered in a brown sauce kinda like Worcestershire sauce
and then bonito flakes on top.
It's hot and delicious.
When you're in Japan, these are a must-try.
gyoza are Japanese pork dumplings
that are usually served as a side dish,
but they're pretty good on their own too.
The pan fried ones, the best.
"Zaku zaku" means crunchy in Japanese
and this is a Croquant Chou Zaku Zaku.
Which basically means it's crispy pastry filled
with creamy Hokkaido custard.
And if that doesn't get you excited,
I don't know what's going to.
Harajuku has some seriously funky foods,
including this, an epically massive rainbow cotton candy.
Mm, tastes like rainbow.
Deep-fried pork is good.
Deep-fried pork in a sandwich is even better.
This is katsu sando,
which takes a traditional Japanese pork cutlet
and puts it between two perfectly cut pieces of white bread.
It ain't healthy but it's pretty damn delicious.
You can't come to Tokyo without dining at an izakaya.
Half restaurant, half bar,
they specialize in serving smaller portions of food
like sashimi, fried chicken or yakitori.
They go perfectly with a good drink.
In most places, convenience stores aren't the greatest
but in Japan it's a completely different story
where they're filled with delicious snacks.
Two of my go-tos are onigiri, which is a rice ball
wrapped in seaweed filled with seafood,
usually like salmon or tuna.
Really good for a snack on the go.
Another great one is kare pan, which is a savory donut
filled with delicious Japanese curry.
And there's no better way to wash it all down
than with a Suntory BOSS.
For a relaxing time, make it Suntory time.
So there you have it, all of our favorite eats in Tokyo.
If you're planning a trip, definitely take a few days
to eat your way through the city
because there's still loads more to try.
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Eating the Best Snacks in Tokyo! From Takoyaki to Melon Pan!

259 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on July 29, 2019
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