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Oh please.
Look at how you're sighing.
You're sighing away my good mood.
The picture of bitterness.
Okay, what's wrong?
Still sighing?
It's about Pastor Yan.
He came again?
When you read Almighty God's words to me,
I thought they were wonderful.
It lifted my spirits.
But Pastor Yan did nothing but make me feel unsettled.
He also read me Bible verses.
Which verses?
And then he said,
based on those verses, that "Any who preach the Lord's coming
are completely false."
"Any who preach that God comes incarnate
are completely false."
And "those that believe in Almighty God
have been deceived."
I was confused when I heard that.
Sometimes, believing in God isn't an easy thing.
What about it was so confusing?
Alright then,
You believe it?
Of course I believe it.
In the last days, when the Lord returns,
will there not be false Christs who deceive people?
Of course there will.
But how do we discern the true from the false?
Could it be that because false Christs and false prophets deceive people,
you will deny the Lord Jesus' return?
Could it be that because false Christs and false prophets deceive people,
you refuse to receive the returned Lord Jesus' appearance?
That is starving for fear of choking.
If there is a real, there must be a false.
So how do we tell them apart?
The Lord Jesus clearly said,
Also, John 10:27.
We're certain Almighty God's words are the truth, the voice of God,
so we believe in Almighty God.
Or is that wrong?
It's …
It's completely correct!
Those words are very clear.
False Christs show signs and wonders to deceive people.
Almighty God expresses only the truth,
which false Christs cannot express nor imitate.
This proves that Almighty God truly is the returned Lord Jesus.
- So, the— - Wait just a second.
Say that part again.
What part? I said a lot!
The last part.
False Christs show signs and wonders to deceive people.
Almighty God expresses only the truth,
which false Christs cannot express nor imitate.
Need a replay?
The One who can express the truth is Christ,
that must be true.
The ones who can't express the truth must be false Christs who deceive people.
How come I didn't think of that?
Hey, honey—
You startled me! Oh!
Sorry, sorry …
Why'd you do that?
Almighty God comes in the last days,
but He doesn't perform miracles.
Instead, He speaks His words to express the truth,
and anyone with the ability to receive can tell from Almighty God's words
that the Spirit of the truth prophesied by the Lord Jesus has already appeared to work.
No satanic evil spirit could imitate this.
Tell me, does Satan have the truth?
No way!
Can Satan express the truth?
Then if you understand that much,
how can you be deceived?
When you fellowship this way,
I can understand.
The One who can express the truth is Christ,
and those who can only show signs and miracles are definitely false Christs who deceive.
That's right.
After the Lord completed the work of redemption,
for two thousand years,
not a single person could express the truth.
But after Almighty God came, He expressed so much truth.
His words swept like lightning across the sky from the East,
"whoosh," over to the West.
God's words shook the whole entire world.
What is this?
The coming of true light, and the banishing of darkness.
So God has done something so great.
But you couldn't see it?
I really have been ignorant!
You think?
I was nearly deceived by the pastors.
The more we read Almighty God's word,
the more we understand the truth,
the brighter we shine, and the wiser we become.
No matter what the CCP does,
no matter how the pastors deny Christ,
we have no doubt in our hearts.
So now tell me,
why were you deceived?
Because you don't read Almighty God's word,
you don't understand the truth,
so when the pastor disturbs you, you are inevitably confused.
Silly old man!
For all these years I've been listening solely to the pastor
and I've always believed his words, but it's becoming a problem!
Yes it is.
Why aren't I able to figure things out when they happen to me?
It seems that I lack the truth completely.
Yeah, but if you can read and understand The Word Appears in the Flesh,
I promise no pastor will deceive you, no matter what.
Then I need to read more of Almighty God's words.
Yes you do.
What's the matter?
Maybe you should be fellowshiping more with me about it.
You're always out there, spreading the gospel.
They can see Almighty God's work of the last days is real.
I've read Almighty God's words by myself,
and understand little of the truth.
Oh. Sorry, sorry …
Here, come, come, come.
- Alright, first let's read God's word. - 'Kay.
We'll look at what Christ is and how we can get to know Christ.
Almighty God's word completely opens up these mysteries to us.
Then let's read it.
Oh wow!
Almighty God's word explains it so clearly!
It does!
This means Christ really is the incarnate God!
That's right!
I've believed in the Lord half my life,
but I didn't even understand what Christ is.
What pitiful belief!
Now we know we can't understand the truth by listening to the pastors and elders.
Here, I'll read another.
Let's continue.
Now you've got the key point.
Why can Christ express the truth and grant people eternal life?
Simple, it's because Christ is the incarnate God.
Correct answer, 10 points!
Is this a game show now?
Please sit!
Christ is the flesh worn by God's Spirit to become human.
Christ has a divine essence, and He is the embodied truth.
So, Christ can express the truth, provide for people,
and do the work of purifying and saving mankind.
No person possesses these things or can achieve these things.
That's right.
The Lord Jesus once said,
The Lord Jesus expressed so many truths,
gave people the way of repentance,
revealed the mystery of God's kingdom,
and finally was crucified to redeem all of mankind.
The words and work of the Lord Jesus completely prove that He was Christ
and the Savior of mankind.
That's absolutely right!
Now, darling, let me continue.
The first time God came incarnate as the Lord Jesus,
He did the work of redeeming mankind,
forgiving mankind's sins.
God comes incarnate in the last days as Almighty God,
and based on the Lord Jesus' work of redemption,
expresses the truth to do the work of judgment beginning with God's house,
and exposes the root of why mankind sins and resists God,
the truth of man's corruption by Satan,
and reveals how God purifies and saves people,
how people should repent to enter the kingdom of heaven,
how believers can gain everlasting life, and so …
And so have some water.
Almighty God expresses all the truths we don't understand as believers in the Lord
and brings the way of eternal life to mankind.
Oh yeah!
- These truths! - Yeah?
It's the first time I've heard of them!
You rarely read God's word, so of course you haven't.
Hey, why are you leaving?
I have to go!
Where to?
To get a notebook and write it down!
You should've just said that!
These words are important! I don't want to forget!
Bad handwriting beats memorization.
So true.
And also,
how believers in God should obey and love Him,
and what it is to do God's will,
how to escape sin and gain salvation,
what kind of people can enter the kingdom of heaven and who will be punished,
the endings of every type of person,
how Christ's kingdom will appear on earth,
- and so on and so— - And so hold on!
What's wrong?
Sorry, sorry, I got so excited I forgot!
These topics are very important.
These are most important mysteries to mankind.
Yes they are.
I wonder, if God hadn't come incarnate to express these truths,
who else could purify and save people?
Who else could reveal the mystery of God's management plan?
Who else could expose the root of why mankind sins and resists God?
And who else could point out the path for people to escape sin and be saved?
Could anyone else do that?
Only God could do those things.
You are so right!
Only God incarnate as a human being could do this kind of work.
Now let's go read another passage of God's word.
Yeah, okay.
I won't read it.
I'll sing!
You better prepare yourself.
I'll show you just how wonderful our church life is.
Watch out!
I think I'd like to know what it's really like on that stage.
Then come on!
Expresses God's disposition, provides man with life.
Then how's it defined?
That's exactly right!
Wow, that song shines love and light straight into my heart.
Now that I'm done singing, do you have any discernment?
Almighty God's words are so enlightening.
If I lack discernment after hearing that, I really am a silly old man.
"Silly old man" is right.
That's before you understood.
The most important thing in knowing Christ is determining—
that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life.
Look at him! So excited!
Very good.
Whoever can express the truth and do the work of purifying and saving people is Christ.
No matter how many people try to condemn Him,
Christ is always Christ, and no one can deny it.
That's true.
Do you recall…
…how in the Lord Jesus' time,
the Judean religion and Roman government condemned,
resisted, and even crucified the Lord Jesus?
The whole generation rejected the Lord Jesus.
2,000 years later, what's happened?
The gospel of the Lord Jesus' redemption of mankind has spread all over the world.
the entire religious world recognizes the Lord Jesus as Christ,
the Savior of mankind.
You got it! That's right!
It's not complicated.
Almighty God has come to man in the last days,
and He suffers oppression from the Communist Party,
plus resistance from the religious world,
but truth forever stands firm, and no one can deny it!
It's the true way!
Just as Almighty God says,
And now, Almighty God's words are published openly on the internet,
spreading His testimony to the entire world.
More and more people can read Almighty God's words, hear God's voice,
determine that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus, and turn to God.
Thanks to the Lord!
People that are Satan's ilk, denying and resisting God,
in the end, can only come to know of punishment,
and this is the general trend.
God's sheep hear His voice. It was determined by God.
All that originates with God thrives!
The true way forever stands firm!
The absurd fallacies of the antichrist forces
can be repeated countless times, but they are not the truth,
and ultimately, in the end they will destroy themselves.
What is this?
Picking up heavy stones …
… And dropping them on their own foot!
When the great disaster comes,
those in the religious world will wail and gnash their teeth.
Good and evil are rewarded accordingly in the end!
This fulfills the words,
"The true cannot be false,
and the false cannot be true!"
Indeed it does.
So it looks like,
when the religious pastors and elders say,
"Any who preach about the Lord's coming are false,"
"Any who preach the Lord comes incarnate are false,"
they are being ridiculous! Absurd!
They can't even discern a false Christ,
yet they continue to resist and condemn Almighty God!
They keep people from the true way!
Nothing more than the blind leading the blind!
It is being led by the blind!
How does 1 John 4:3 go?
And 2 John 1:7?
Now, listen up!
Any who refuse to admit that God comes incarnate are antichrists,
and any who deny or condemn Christ are antichrists.
The pastors and elders always wildly resist and condemn Almighty God
and make themselves enemies of Christ of the last days. Why?
They're antichrists!
That's correct! 20 bonus points!
All these years, the pastors and elders have done nothing
but tell us to be on guard against false Christs and antichrists.
Who could have imagined
that they are the antichrists and servants of evil who deceive us!
These pastors and elders are just like soft, worm-eaten apples—
rotten to the core!
Very well said.
Almighty God manifests and works in the last days to reveal all people.
Those who hear Almighty God's words, recognize God's voice, and turn to God,
they are the wise virgins who receive the Lord.
The foolish virgins
hear God's voice yet refuse to recognize it, naturally judge and condemn,
and can only come to an ending of punishment.
God's work is truly wise!
It separates the good from the evil servants,
the sheep from goats, and the wise from the foolish virgins.
It really is pitiful to be without the truth.
Yes it is.
I was almost deceived by the pastors,
and nearly lost my chance to be raptured by the Lord!
You did.
Okay. Now, darling, where this is concerned,
- we— - Oh my!
Oh my!
Oh my?
Since you've been spreading the gospel, you've made so much progress!
I have!
Ever since I started reading Almighty God's word, I've been …
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Christian Video "The True Cannot Be False" | How to Discern the True Christ and False Christs (Skit)

225 Folder Collection
Sophie published on July 28, 2019
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