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We have 20 personalities . Ken, he's a guy. He's is a gay guy.
Every painting he does he says it's gonna be a train.
None of his paintings looks like trains, so I don't know where that come from.
Judy is (a) 15-year-old personality.
Ah, she sees herself as being overweight, so she's always on diets.
A spirit of the water; she tends to be out just to have a shower.
Yeah, I mean it's still me, but I just accept being called Kim.
I'm Kim Noble, and I'm an artist.
I also have a Dissociative Identity Disorder, which used to be the old Multiple Personality Disorder.
It's when other personalities would take over the body.
It's caused from trauma and the personality dissociates.
So for me, It's like sleepwalking.
Somebody can say oh, you've been, you know, up painting, and I have no memory of doing it.
The exhibition I'm putting on is for the Mental Health Foundation.
They approached me so I pulled in from my contemporary artists to The Greats.
Great minds are often mistaken, aren't they?
-The difference with Kim is that you have no style. -Yeah.
It's not. You don't say "Oh, that's the Kim noble."
Each picture shows a whole different side to you.
You know people would said to me, "Well, come back when your stove settles."
And it was, you know, never getting settled, because they were individual artists having their own style.
I had to explain my mental health issues to explain the art, because they came actually hand in hand.
For me, it helps me learn about the other personalities and get a feel and understanding of them.
And, you know, and that's the closest (way). I'm gonna get to them.
I'm Patricia still, but I just accept being called Kim.
I'm the main personality now, but before there was Bonny.
He was a (the) main personality, so I would only probably be out two (or) three times perhaps a week.
At first there was only five, four (or) five of us painting.
And as time has gone on, other personalities have decided to paint as well.
I started painting about 12 years ago.
I had a support worker here that was a trainee art therapist.
And she said, "Oh, Why don't you get on and do some painting?
I was sitting here chatting, and I said, "I'm not interested in painting. I don't know how to paint."
Any end I decided to just have a go and we didn't have any paper or anything can use than (the) back of wallpaper.
It've (been) really really useful and helpful and healing.
Oh! This is them. Another room which I store the work in.
I try to keep them in personalities like all Missy's are there.
This is Bonny's work. That's one of Judy's.
There's usually something in. I could see her face within there.
Can you see ? Yeah? And I'm not just imagining that. You see.
This is one of Key's. That's the Cabala one.
Oh she does to see. I think that's Hebrew? I think I don't know.
These a lot here are Ria's.
Ria, her work is very bright, and it's graphic of abuse.
(I) had a lot of trouble with her work because her paintings are not the ones that people want to be put, you know, really on their walls.
Yeah, and that I see is dissociation.
That is a print of that girl there.
So..., and they've all got that on in some sort of way.
DID is coping mechanism, so I don't have any knowledge of any trauma so that I can then just gotten with my life.
I'm actually not affected by it.
Obviously somebody, like Ria, must have some memory of at all. I don't know.
I mean her paintings suggest she does.
I didn't know a personality was taken over because all line had is these memory gaps.
But, you know, he didn't have a name. He didn't have...
I didn't have a diagnosis in them days.
I was being treated for anything, but DID.
One of the other personalities that I think it was 13, tried to take an overdose.
And so they were admitted to psychiatric unit and that was it.
From there, it was in that hospital.
This painting here is by a nun.
She's called a nun because we haven't managed to get her name yet.
She just seems to pour on the paint so the paint's quite fresh.
I see it being very um.... It's very spiritual.
A woman with all these little ones dancing around.
The next one here is a Missy's.
She will only use the three colors and she just splashes on the paint all the time just doing this, and flicking the paint.
And when Aimee was younger, she used to like going up there and getting splattered with paint(s).
Aimee's now 20.
When she was born, Social Services actually said that we would be unfit to bring her up.
Um, so they removed her birth, and was putting her up for adoption.
I wasn't there at the birth so to me I didn't give birth to her.
But obviously I know that the body did, and you know Amy's mine as much as any of the other personalities.
So you know I don't want Aimee to feel that she's not mine because she is mine.
Obviously, you know our first priority has always been Aimee.
And if I thought any of the other personalities would harm Aimee, you know I wouldn't want her to be with us.
But they did not even know me. They gave me like an hour assessment, (and) said, "No removed child, removed child."
You know, my own therapist who recommended I went (go) for a proper assessment in a mother and baby unit.
She was ignored.
We did go through the court system, and she came back to live with us after six months.
That's why a lot of the paintings that you know you'll see... yeah. Oh! Look! There. There are Nun's.
Even the nun who has got nothing to do with anything as far as I'm concerned, but you know even her, there's a mother and child.
This is Susy's.
When she was first painting, all she kept painting was that: mother and baby, mother and baby.
And then one day she done a painting, and when you pull it back, there's no baby.
So all our paintings have been mother and baby, mother and baby, mother and baby.
And then this ones got a curtain over it. The baby's gone.
It's actually really sad, but she never done anymore of those after that.
That's something that obviously is deep-rooted and has a knock-on effect.
And now you know 20 years on she's doing a law degree. You know in her final at uni.
She's a well-adjusted young person.
I think we're all touched by mental illness in some shape or form.
I hope you're going to understand as well that if you have mental illness, it doesn't necessarily have to be a barrier to anything you want to do.
Quite a few of the artists are in the show and have got mental health issues.
It is successfully what they do.
I, definitely, I prefer doodle artwork.
There is no doubt. I love those two pieces. Those are my favorite pieces.
I never wanna sold ever cause I like them a lot.
I can relate to the person in them.
I feel like I can see that, perhaps, they've gone through (a) kind of a struggle.
I'm just so proud that I think. No, it's true, though.
Because I feel like she's just come such a long way from where her art was until now, and to see every personality exhibited in one room.
It's a bit... I don't know, I guess overwhelming.
It's um, well, for you it's really.
It's something nice about you know actually being classified down as an artist rather than just you know somebody weird.
I meant it helps you see that.
I don't want to define me, but I don't think anybody with a mental health issue does.
I Think I have heard that some people do integrate and become one personality.
I've been told that I can't integrate because my brain is as there are different pathways.
And so it would be very difficult, if not impossible, to integrate.
But before even being told that, because that was later on after my diagnosis, I never entered therapy wanting integration.
I just thought that, you know, who are going to be left with?
I just used to too many artists.
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The Artist with Multiple Personalities

2023 Folder Collection
Joyce Chiou published on July 25, 2019    Joyce Chiou translated    Evangeline reviewed
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