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Hong Kong is the home of kung-fu movies and skyscrapers, but it's also home to an awesome food scene.
With its Chinese and British influences, Hong Kong is a melting pot of flavor.
It's a dining mecca with restaurants and eateries that range from budget-friendly noodle carts through to flamboyant Michelin star restaurants.
The majority of restaurants in Hong Kong don't preach polite service or fastidious presentation and instead prefer to focus on flavor and technique.
So here's my Hong Kong food guide—what to eat and where to eat it.
It's not unusual to find a string of people lining up for breakfast in Hong Kong.
It's a regular occurrence at Ocean's Empire Congee, where you can have tasty rice porridge and you tiao (Chinese doughnuts) for breakfast.
If you want to have some of the best bo lo baau in Hong Kong, then head to Kam Fung.
Oh, and you have to remember, you must try their egg tarts.
There is just so much crumbly, flaky, custardy goodness in each and every bite.
One of the best expressions of Chinese and British fusion is probably cha chaan teng,
also known as the Hong Kong style breakfast, which kind of consists of ham and macaroni soup, fluffy scrambled eggs, and instant beef noodles.
For a similar style breakfast and equally fluffy eggs, you could also visit the Australian Dairy Company, Tong Chong Street Market, Ho Hung Lee, Fuk Kee Congee, and Lan Fong Yuen.
I love dim sum, and one of the best places to have dim sum in Hong Kong is at Tim Ho Wan in Sham Shui Po.
It is one of the cheapest Michelin star restaurants in the world.
Sham Shui Po is also known as one of the poorer areas in Hong Kong, but the food is nothing less than amazing.
The char siu buns are also crazy good and a must-try.
Seriously, they are addictive.
I'm always down to Din Tai Fung.
They have the best siu long baos, in my opinion, and an awesome assortment of dumplings to try.
They also have birthday buns that are—you know, shaped a little bit like butts; and we being the immature people we are, couldn't help but poke little holes in them.
Don't forget to try the dessert, too, because it's really ace as well.
Some other places for dim sum also include Fu Sing Restaurant, Sun Hing, One Dim Sum, Man Wah, and Ah Shun Shandong dumplings.
Char Siu Pork is probably one of the most well-known Cantonese dishes around the world.
While there are plenty of restaurants that specialize in char siu pork, we decided to visit Tai Hang for our roast pork, roast duck, and char siu pork fix.
Yum Cha at Central is where you can find cute custard buns with faces and they also offer food perfect for sharing based on some very Szechuan flavours.
Mak's noodles is a popular spot for wontons.
The soup base is solid, the wontons are delicious, and the noodles are fresh and have bite.
These fresh and fuss-free noodles can also be found in similar places, like Wong Lam Kee Chiu Chow, Kau Kee beef brisket noodles, Sister Wah, and Kai Kee noodles.
Put Little Bao on the list of places to eat at right now.
Their pork belly bao, their Szechuan fried chicken bao (which is amazing), and even the truffle fries are super delicious.
Don't forget to make a booking or else be prepared to wait.
The plus side is, is that they do deliver should you get late-night cravings.
If you want to test out some other Asian fusion, then head to Ho Lee Fuk, Atum, Ronin, or Yardbird.
Elephant Grounds has you covered for coffee and ice cream sandwiches.
But if you're feeling like ice cream and waffles and jelly, then Oddies Foodies is the way to go.
They even have guava-flavored ice cream.
If you're feeling like a bit more pastry with your ice cream, then definitely head over to Owl's Choux, where they specialize in a range of cool desserts.
Along with Owl's, Mammy's Pancake is also recognized as a place to visit on the Michelin Street Food Guide.
The hard part is choosing what flavor, as they've got choc chip, original, matcha, and even sweet potato.
Yee Shun is up there for traditional dessert with their double steamed milk pudding that is super soft, silky, and delicious.
I can't mention desserts without mentioning Hui Lau Shan and their mango romance, their mango delightful trio, and just all of their mango desserts and sago.
Other key dessert places of note also include Joyful Dessert House, Modos Hong Kong, Pan de Pain Pancakes, Lucky Dessert House, Via Tokyo, and Icecreameria.
I hope you enjoyed this quick food guide on what to eat and where to eat in Hong Kong.
Don't forget to subscribe and hit the like button if you enjoyed this video—and as always, thanks for watching!
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2665 Folder Collection
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