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Welcome to the Speedmaster Video Manual.
Positioned on the side of the watch is the crown,
which is used for setting the time and winding the watch.
A single full winding per day
is all that's needed for the watch to function properly.
To wind the watch,
turn the crown forward until it stops.
To set the time,
pull the crown out one click to its furthest position.
Turn the crown forward or backward
to move the hour and minute hands to the desired time.
When the settings are completed,
make sure the crown is in position 1.
The chronograph is used for measuring time periods
of up to 12 hours.
To start or stop timing,
press the upper pusher located at 2 o'clock.
To reset the chronograph hands,
press the lower pusher located at 4 o'clock.
For ease of reading in low-light conditions,
the watch's hands and applied indexes
are coated with Super-LumiNova
which emits a green light.
The average speed of a moving object
can be measured with your Speedmaster
by using the central chronograph hand
in conjunction with the watch's tachymetric scale.
For example the speed of a car
can be measured over a set distance of 1 kilometre.
Press the upper pusher located at 2 o'clock
to start the measurement.
When the car has reached a distance of 1 kilometre,
press the pusher again to stop the measurement,
and read the value on the bezel's scale.
In our case the car has covered the distance in 30 seconds.
it's traveling at an average speed of 120 kilometres per hour.
Thank you for watching this video manual.
We hope you enjoy your Speedmaster.
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OMEGA Speedmaster Calibre 1861/1863 - Video Manual

2506 Folder Collection
Dada Lu published on November 3, 2013
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