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I get a lot of question about how to succeed on YouTube.
What is the secret recipe to get popular in youtube?
And when I reply to people that it's just hard work where you constantly create quality
videos, sometimes you get a lot of views, sometimes you work hard but get nothing, however
overall you grow little by little, and over time you build an audience.
and sometimes the algorithm will ruin up your channel that even if you have a ton of subscribers,
you will not get many views.
People do not believe me, they imagine that there is a secret recipe that I am hiding,
that if they just figure it out, they will instantly get popular.
So instead of spending their time trying to create better content, they blame everything
on luck! which is absolutely insane!
So in this video, let me share with you that secret recipe because it doesn't only work
with youtube but with everything else.
Here is why!
how often, when we have the choice between harmful and useful, we choose the harmful?
let's say a soft drink over water or healthy food over fast food.
quite often, because it's not a big deal, a can of soft drink or a burger isn't suddenly
going to make you fat or get you sick by next morning.
and vice versa, a glass of water isn't going to instantly make you healthy.
At least that how we love to think.
We live in an illusion that success can only be achieved by some massive important action.
We imagine that there is a special moment when we can do something great and huge, we
will instantly get rich and famous.
As if there is a special fruit that if you eat, you will instantly get healthy or a certain
amount of wealth you have to achieve, you will get happy but until then, you can keep
wasting money on things that you don't need or keep drinking soda, simply because it doesn't
One one hand, you are actually right, small decisions don't really make any difference,
saving 5 bucks isn't going to make wealthy, but if you give it a closer look, small decisions
are all that matters! because they add up over time.
Just imagine for a moment if you drink water instead of soda every time you are given the
choice, or save those 5 bucks instead of buying another coffee in start bucks or make another
video instead of hanging out with friends till midnight.
Yes, a glass of water isn't going to make you healthier, or 5 bucks aren't going to
make you wealthier or another video on your tune channel isn't going to make you popular.
But in a year from now, you will be significantly healthier than your friends who chose to drink
soda or wealthier than your colleagues who chose to waste 5 bucks on start bucks coffee
every morning.
today, you will have a choice, whether to watch another episode of Netflix or work out.
Yes, an hour in the gym isn't going to make you fit, but on the scale of a year or 2,
you will be drastically fitter than now.
The exact same philosophy applies to everything else from building strong relationships to
creating a successful channel.
Making one quality video isn't going to get a ton of subscribers, but one video a week
on the scale of 2 years is 104 quality videos, which will definitely get you a ton of subscribers.
And that's the secret recipe! the habit of taking small right decisions
every day.
remember, there isn't a single book that will teach you everything, you can not get a perfect
body in a week, there isn't one cure for all diseases.
It's the little decisions that you take every day that make the difference in the long run.
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This One Habit Changed My Life

333 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on July 18, 2019
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