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-Last time, I think, you were here,
you were just kicking off this crazy,
crazy whirlwind of a year. -Yeah.
-You had a great year. -It was a really good year.
I was really happy with it. It was crazy.
And now this year is kind of even more crazy.
-It´s getting even -- Right?
Because now you´re known around the world.
-Yeah. -I mean, it starts --
Obviously, that´s how people get famous,
but, I mean, there you go. [ Laughter ]
You´re on the cover of these magazines.
-By the way, looking so gorgeous in both of these.
-Thank you. -Congratulations.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Do you like doing the photo shoots?
Do you like going to award shows?
You´ve won so many awards, too. -I mean...
-Thank you for coming to the Golden Globes.
-Oh, my God, that was so fun! -It was fun, right?!
-Oh! I loved it! [ Cheers and applause ]
-You were the best! -Yes, thank you.
-I love seeing the whole gang. -It was so fun.
I feel like award shows, for me, are just so interesting.
Because, like, obviously, I love being there,
and I´m so grateful to be there, but, like, I just get so hungry.
So, like -- [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, there´s not really food at those.
-No, there´s no food. And when there is food,
they´re like, "Eat it now, or it´s gone."
And I´m like, "Okay." So I like --
And then I had the hiccups. So it´s, like, awful.
[ Laughter ] Right?
So I just kind of -- You know, I just never eat.
So I put like -- It´s like a decision.
Either, like, with my Nutella sticks
or my phone in my bag, which one would fit.
So I chose my food, you know?
So there I am at the Golden Globes like...
-Wait. Nutella -- I know those sticks.
-Yeah, they´re so good. -Yeah, the ones you dip --
I mean, of course, they´re for kids.
But I love them. [ Laughter ]
I mean, I know them. -Yeah, so good.
-When you did Eleven, and we talked about it,
and you did the bit on the Globes --
You know, we had you in the wig and everything like that.
And now it is like one of the most popular costumes
all around the world.
-It´s so crazy. -Isn´t it cool?
Last year, did you see that, as well,
people dressing up as you guys?
-Yeah, I did, but I can´t really, like,
think about it too much.
´Cause if I think about it, it freaks me out.
Grown men are dressing up as me. [ Laughter ]
-Yeah, yeah. That´s -- Yeah.
That´s the part you don´t want to think about.
-But I think it´s cool.
I mean, I´m definitely grateful for it,
and people are really funny,
and I get to see all those videos and pictures.
But I´m a big fan of Halloween.
Like, I would dress up all the time.
But I feel like, this year, I´m gonna come, like --
I´m just gonna let everybody else dress up.
But I did kind of find a costume that´s kind of perfect for me.
-I know the costume that you found,
because I have a video of you trying it on.
I think this is gonna work for you,
but your entrance was a little shaky.
Here´s Millie with her new costume
that she might wear tonight.
[ Laughter ]
Oh, my God.
-I mean... [ Laughing ]
-I mean, yeah, you´ve got to go with Baymax.
How does that work? [ Cheers and applause ]
That´s the best costume.
-My dad -- We go into a Halloween store,
and my dad´s like, "I dare you to get that."
And "I dare you to go into the lobby of the hotel
and, like, ask for a room key in it."
[ Laughter ]
So I´m like, "Yes, I´ll do it!"
So I put it on, and I went in there.
I was like, "Hi. Can I have a room key
for like da da da," and they were like...
[ Laughter ]
"Yes. Can I see your I.D.?"
-Yeah. Do you change your voice if you´re in that?
-You know, I feel like Baymax has a very monotone voice.
[ Laughter ]
-That your Baymax impressions?
[ Both laugh ]
I love your family, by the way.
I met them last time they were here.
-They´re crazy.
-Oh, they´re so cute. Oh, my God.
Your little sister is -- -She´s so annoying.
[ Laughter ] -No, so cute.
Oh, she´s adorable. Oh, my gosh.
Well, last year, you guys -- You and the cast dressed up.
-[ Laughing ] Yes, I remember this.
-This is just bizarre. -It was so bad.
-Just explain it to me again ´cause I --
-It was just such a weird picture.
-That´s Gaten. Finn is --
-Finn is a whoopie cushion.
-How did he get that costume, and what is he doing?
-So, I honestly don´t really --
I think Sadie and Gaten look the best.
-Yeah. -It just makes me laugh.
And so, then -- And then there´s Noah and I.
And Noah and I had a very interesting story,
because Noah -- I was like -- It was last-minute.
We had five minutes.
I was like, "Noah, grab any costume.
Just like, I don´t even care."
So he goes into, like, Walmart or whatever,
and he´s grabbing the costumes.
He´s like, "Size 15 outfit, but it´s fine."
We get there, to this neighborhood,
and he´s like, "Okay, put it on."
Noah, it´s a size 5. It´s for a 5-year-old, okay?
[ Laughter ] He didn´t see the --
Like, he thought there was a one in front of it.
It was clearly not. -He thought it was 15.
"We´re not 15. We can fit in it, yeah."
-So we, like, got scissors, and we cut it.
So I was a bit of the Flash, he was a bit of Harley Quinn.
So we, like, cut it, and -- It was the worst costume.
But we had -- [ Laughter ]
-I mean, you´re wearing 5-year-old Halloween costumes.
Look, it barely goes up to his shirt.
It´s like... [ Laughter ]
It looks like a bellman -- Looks like a bellman zombie.
-Yeah. -It´s the greatest.
-It´s really great.
-Did anyone recognize it was you guys at all?
-There was like one group that was like,
"Hey, you guys look like the cast of ´Stranger Things.´"
And we were like -- "Ha ha ha ha!"
[ Laughter ] -"Yeah, take care, you guys."
-"Okay." -"Take care, man!"
-"Trick or treat. Let´s go to this house."
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Millie Bobby Brown Is Freaked Out by Grown Men Dressing Up as Eleven

289 Folder Collection
古人 published on July 17, 2019
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