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Guys. Summer is here,
and we've got 10 cool life hacks
to help you have fun in the sun.
[Captions by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator]
If you use loose ice to keep all of your food cool,
you're gonna end up with a puddle of water,
and all of your food floating in it.
Instead of that,
use some frozen water bottles to keep your food cool.
The ice will stay contained in the bottles,
and once it melts,
you can just drink the water
For a fun twist on a summer treat,
you can actually carbonate many types of fruit using dry ice.
Some of my favorites are strawberries, grapes or sliced pineapple.
Put your fruit in a cold safe container
on top of the dry ice,
separated by a piece of cardboard
to prevent excessive freezing.
Cover the box with a sheet of foil.
You don't want to use any sort of lid that will allow the pressure
from the dry ice to build up.
After about half an hour, the fruit will have absorbed
a lot of carbon dioxide out of the dry ice.
It's pretty hard to see on video the difference in the fruit.
But as you eat it, it fizzes just like a soda.
Maybe more.
Using a watermelon,
a couple of plastic plumbing parts
and a few simple tools,
you can make a fun drink dispenser that's sure to delight.
Tiki torches are a great outdoor decoration,
but the standard lamp oil that they use
only burns in one color.
Try using methanol as a fuel.
Add boric acid for a green tint.
Or the lithium from a lithium battery for magenta
Always wear gloves when you're handling the lithium
Don't let it get wet.
And if you're going to be burning the fuel
Make sure you're doing it somewhere outside
where you won't be breathing in the fumes.
Yogurt is a delicious summertime treat
But there can be a couple frustrating things about it.
The first is its tendency to squirt out some yogurt as you peel back the foil
By lifting up the foil with the edge of the spoon
All of the escaping yogurt will be caught right where you need it
Occasionally, you may find after finishing a cup of yogurt
that your spoon is too heavy and you can't get it to stay up.
To avoid getting yogurt on your table,
and keep your cup from tipping,
simply turn your spoon upside down.
The redistribution of weight should make it stay up.
If you're a big fan of Wendy's frosties,
but don't live anywhere near one of the restaurants.
Here's a simple recipe you can follow to make your own.
Start with 2 cups of chocolate milk
3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
and if you want to add just a little bit extra
that's not going to hurt.
Add 1 tablespoon of malted milk powder
Finally, add one cup of Cool Whip.
Mix together until it's all smooth.
If you own an ice cream making machine
you can easily pour the whole concoction into that
and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes.
If not, you can pour all this into a Ziploc bag
surround that bag with ice and salt in a larger bag
and mix it up until it's the consistency you want.
If you're ever on a road trip,
and wondering how long it is til you arrive,
just look for signs that say how many miles it is to the next city.
When you see a sign that says distance to your city,
take the number of miles times 60,
then divide it by your speed in miles per hour
to get the time remaining.
For example, if it's 35 miles to the next city,
multiply that times 60,
and you'll get 2100.
Divide 2100 by 80 miles per hour,
and you get 26.25
which is the number of minutes.
Just over 26 minutes until you arrive at your destination.
Of course, most people these days have GPS
but it's a cool trick to know just in case you don't.
Ice does a great job of keeping drinks cold
But if you're really in a hurry to cool down a can or a bottle,
it works a lot better to use ice, salt and water.
The ice by itself measures a temperature
of about 32... maybe 33 degrees Fahrenheit.
Whereas the ice with the water and the salt on it
is measuring a chilly 21 degrees Fahrenheit.
You can see that after only about two minutes,
the can in the salty ice water is almost 10 degrees colder
than the can in the ice alone.
We don't just have to rely on the thermometer,
let's give it a taste test.
Noticeably cooler,
doesn't really seem like it just came out of the fridge though.
Ice and salt water.
Noticeably colder and it only took about two minutes.
You've used plenty of lighter fluid
but your barbecue charcoal is still taking too long to light
Shorten your prep time
by using the blower function on a shopvac,
a hair dryer
or if you don't have electricity
a simple balloon pump.
These balloon pumps are great because they work as a bellows
that push air out on both the pull and the push.
If you're looking for a way to keep your drinks cold without watering them down.
Try freezing a few different types of soda
Fruit-flavored ice cubes work pretty well in all the fruit flavored sodas.
And I find that cream soda works well in all the other flavors
Hey guys Thanks for watching.
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That's it for now.
Have fun, be safe, and see you tomorrow.
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110 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on July 17, 2019
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