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MORNING GAMERS! It's Minecraft time. (giggles)
Every day is Minecraft day YAY
I was literally gonna put a record another game
And then I was like ''I just wanna play Minecraft", isn't that right Sven?
Oh my god yes Of course! Of course!
Sven! Get off the melons, you crazy.
Look at the glorious IKEA tower, it's a glorious new day
What are we going to do today Sven? Don't go in the boat. I swear to god.
Everyone keeps saying how rare these are
I'm like, "I don't know what you're talking about"
People are saying one of these is Jorgen - that's impossible!
Don't you dare say that
Sven - what - I literally just
Okay, if there's one - Sven please get out of the boat
Alright. If there's one thing I feel like we haven't done, it's the nether
Okay? I feel like we have not found a single freaking thing in the nether.
What's up with that?
Imma make my - you know what? I'll make two pickaxes. That's right, I'm crazy
And now we can enchant them because I have epic bookcases.
Requires level 30...( Subtitle by *I am HeRe *in description at bottom)
How do I get efficiency four? (You never played Tuber simulator?)
Level 17?
Alright, I'm gonna level up to level 17
Be right back
[Sven Whimpers] Sveeen!!??
Are you okay??
Okay, we're level 17
I may be a Minecraft veteran,
But, I don't know all these new hibibajibers
You know what I'm saying?
17-Efficiency 3
My God
It's going to be the most powerful pickax ever picked
Look. Look
I got a- I got an iron shovel efficiency 3
And it blew my mind
Let me show you
I was mining out this sand, right?
Normal... Okay, pretty bad
And then you whip out your level 3
And you're just like,
Whaaaaa??!!!! (Pewd's mind is blown)
It's so fast!
Look at it! It's so fast!
??? (So mindblown, can't even form words)
Can you imagine level four??
Can you imagine level four????
Oh, my gosh
(high pitched) Look at it! Look at it!!
It's freaking-
??? (still mindblown)
-My gawd- It's freaking destroying everything
(normal voice) Can you imagine level four???
(deep breath)
We're gonna explore the nether,
and we're gonna find epic loot.
Isn't that right?
You can't come to my house
No you can't
Okay fine, you can come
(Ghast moans in background)
OK, fine, you - alright
Just don't fall down (ghast moans again)
(pigman snorts)
Just don't fall down. That would be really bad if you fall down
Just don't-
Just don't fall down
(ghast moans)
(Ghast shoots)
(small explosion)
(ghast moans)
You're crazayyy!!
Just don't fall down
Ju-Careful so you don't fall down
Oh- Damnit
(laughs) [We know Pewds is cruel]
Careful so you don't fall down, pig
Oh gawd no
oh gawd
oh gawd
Rest in pork-chops
Good joke Felix
Alright, I know you can find cool stuff
I KNOW you can find cool stuff
I WILL find cool stuff
Oh, Sh-freaky
We haven't tried our pickax level 3
Alright, let's try it gamers
Nothing can stop a man when he's got a pickaxe level 3
EVERYONE knows that
Oh my gawd
Oh my gawd! Don't fall!
(laughs about earlier)
It's time that we dig south
Enderman in Nether!
Kill kill kill time
Hey, Ender!
Nothing personal
But you have to-erghuh
Don't hit me. Swedish
By the power of gawd and IKEA on my side
oh gawd, he's got that skill
Watch this
Crit- attack
Crit- attack
Crit- attack
What are you gonna do?
You're not even gonna fight me?
You're a coward
No Nether
You can stop, you can stop, you can stop
Just stop
(quiets down)
Alright, lets go sic him out
Watch this, gamers
Watch this
(rapidly breaks blocks)
(laughs in delight)
Gaawwd Daaamn Boiii
(serious) Dude, can you imagine level 4??
Alright, we're gonna level up to level four
It's gonna be epic
Alright, let's just dig this way
Oh my- I don't have to do this
It's just so cool
Oh gawd, it's burning out really fast
That sucks
I can repair it!
It's fine
heh, I'm just kidding
But yeah, we're gonna just like,
out here, we're digging
we're having a good time
it's the nether
So, I need to find these Blaze guys
The snoop-doggy-dogs
Because uh...
I need like, fire rod from them or something?
I have not seen a single one
Damn, that's a lot of lava
I have literally not seen a single one
What's happening Mr. Piggy?
These are really good for leveling up
And I'm saving them up because I want to build a special structure later
Foreshadowing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (fades)
What is he going to build, Felix?
I don't know, I'm not going to say
I'm not going to say
I'll whisper it to piggy
[pig] (grunts, wow, great idea Felix)
Gawd, I wish Sven could be here
He could, like, attack the pigs
It could be a good time
We could all, just, like, hang out
That's just what I think
[bored Felix] There's too many of them
I can't be bothered to get all of them
[Determined Felix] But,
They're eveywhere, and I need the XP
Level 30 Felix, think about level...
Think about level 3 Diamond Pickax
Oh my good-
Ahh, ahh, ahhh!!
First rule of Minecraft, Felix
Never forget it
It's just - It's too strong
My pickax is too strong
I can't help it
What is this?
Explain this.
Is this your house?
What is this?
Woah, woah, woah, woah
Woah, it comes to-
What is that??!!
??? [Confused]
Wow, it's like a fortress
Can I..?
Oh, I can mine it
Alright gamers
We finally found something
But, what is this... thing?
It looks like an evil fortress
Oh, new recipe
What is this?
Nether Bricks
That's what I poop out everyday (gross, Felix)
Alright, I need more brightness
I can't freaking see anything in here
It's just so dark in the Nether
Maybe I can turn down my lights a little
Little better
Okay gamers
What's that?
Let's not get lost
Because if we get lost,
Jorgen and Sven is gonna be super sad
Looks like a bridge
Is that it?
A bridge?
(gasps) Oh gawd
It's a bridge
(Small chuckle)
Anything but a bridge
I finally...
Oh-it-it-of course
It's- it goes to nothing
Good bridge
Good joke, guys
Thanks much
Thanks a notch
(Small voice) Felix, "notch" doesn't work in the-
(normal voice) It was his idea
Is there something up there?
There's definitely something up there
It's got all kinds of colors and stuff
what is that?
{Piggy grunts}
I wasn't actually speaking
Alright, is there some-
Woah (X9)
I think we're entering something here
Alright, so...
I got this tip from this guy who made a YouTube Video
And he said it was called
"Tips For PewDiePie"
And he said,
"Place the Torches on one side when you enter
So you know which way is out"
And I'm like,
"Oh my gawd
I can't believe I never thought of that"
Gamers helping gamers
(whispers) Woah
What is this?
It's a lava pool
I can drink from it?
What is this?
Oh my gawd
What is that?
There's the Blaze guys
I need to kill him
Okay, careful, Felix
Careful, careful
Don't get ahead of yourself
Think about...
I need these for potion brewing I think
Give me
Potion brewing
I'm gonna make potions
Oh, they grow on Soulsand
Why did no one tell me?
Ok. Let's kill him
I have my milk
I have my milk. I'm ready
(battle cry)
They fly-OW
Gawd, they shootadoota
Oh my gawd that's a freaking giant-
-I'm out!!
I'm out [coward]
I'm out
I'm Minecraft out
Fight me coward!
Ow Gawd I'm cursed
What does that do? What does that do?
What does that do?
I don't know what that do
I do-...
I'm dying?
I think?
Oh gawd
It scares me
Cuz I don't know what I'm scared of
You know what I mean?
Alright, we're fine
We killed Bone Dude
What did he drop? Coal?
What is he a...
Alright. Blaze Guy
Blaze Guy, I got some "Blazing" to do
Where is he?
I need your rod
That wrong (Yes it did Pewds)
Woah (X3)
Blaze Guy
Come here
Fight me coward
Wait, do I have arrows?
I have arrows
Do I have a bow?
Of course not
Why would I carry a bow?
Alright, fine
Felix, don't forget about
your little trick about the
We'll do this
We'll do this
This goes
Oh, there he is!
He was close!
Hey, schmuck
I'll fight you to the DEATH!
Got him (X3)
Did we get it?
Did he drop it?
Did he not drop it? Seriously?
It's gonna be ok, Felix. Just focus on the goal
What is the goal again?
I don't know
I don't know
Nether Bricks
Lam-oh gawd!
Come here and fight me
Alright, can I get over that?
I can
What the..?
I wish you didn't do that
You're a coward!
And a scoundrel
Nom (X7)
Did he drop it?
Did he drop it??
I need it
So I can make potions
So I can make awesomeness
So I can make awesome-sauce
Isn't that right?
Tobuscus fans?
Oh, what's over there?
There's a spawner there
It's a spawner!
I found a spawner!
Hey, Pig!
Look at the spawner for me
I will remember where it is
Alright, let's get the mushroom
let's get the mushrooms
I don't need a shovel to get them
ok cool
More mushroom
We're gonna make potions
We're gonna slurp them
And we're gonna...
we're just gonna slurp
Slurp Gang
Smash like - (gasps)
ffkknn chest!?
Oh my gawd, what can we find?
Wooow!!! (correct)
What?? (You never played Tuber Simulator?)
More diamonds?
Where's the-
Alright, I'll take them
Alright, let's ditch all this stuff
Oh my gawd, they're gonna get so pissed off
When they realize
I took their stuff XD
Another one??!!!
What is this, birthday time?
This Nether is the best
No one told me
Why did no one literally tell me about the Nether?
Here I am,
Fight them like a man, Felix
(high pitched) AHHHHHHHHH
Go-oh gawd
It's- ???
More than I bargained for
That's more than I bargained for
Jump attack!
Jump attack!
Jump attack!
So what does he do?
it makes my heart black
so I can't really see my health
Alright, come here cowards
Alright, we'll-we'll spawn the skeleton
well, I mean, we're..
whatever it's called
I forgot
Listen, I'm a veteran
I get veteran
Jump attack!
Jump attack!
Jump attack!
Alrighty Blazers
Whaddup Blazers?
???- is here
Whaddup Blazers?
Go back to Russia!!
Yes, it dropped!
We're gonna blaze it
Whaddup Blazers?
What is this?
just a wall?
You just put walls in your house?
Dummy Dum
I got a stomach ache I'm so stressed
Oh gawd, come on
There was the spawner
*sighs* Okay, so...
which way is the way out?
ok so, let's do it like-
ok, I came up with new system
Double door means
The way out
Double door's the way out
Got it gamers
I'm a little low on food
I'm a little scared
But this is epic
Alright, we'll close up
We'll close up the places that we-
uh, has a dead end
Cuz this is a waste of time, notch
Gee, thanks for nothing, notch
Here I was,
was a gamer.
And then this happens.
Wasted my gawddamn time Notch
There's a...
That's beautiful.
Ok...That looks very dangerous
Alright, this is where we came from
Oh, I don't like these guys
You can't hit me, I'm Swedish
No! What did I say?
First rule of Minecraft
You broke it
We're going deep-Oh gawd
oh There are a lot of lot of gamers here...
Go back to Sweden
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I found a Nether Castle in Minecraft!

97 Folder Collection
published on July 14, 2019
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