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Hey Bears
I am the Gaming-Grizzly and welcome back to
Identity 5 and today I want to show you a new part of the story the diary entries for Emily Dyer
The doctor. After we've completed the last deduction tasks for the doctor, we unlock four new story missions. At the moment
They are only available in the Chinese version of the game. There's also a story path for Emma
Woods, the gardener. If we can reach 500 likes on this video. I will also upload the story videos of her. Please
leave me a comment in the comment section below
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Ok, so let's get right into it from now on I will only show you the story since its Chinese
I will not give any commentary on it if you can understand the story
Please leave me a comment in the comment section below so we can understand exactly what is going on
9 July Emily Dyer
What is a doctor's job? The question that i didn't have time to think before, but after that "incident", i lost my right to answer this question. So i was here, attempt to fix it
I... want to save her
Emma may be at the garden, i can wait her here
Doctor: Mr. Pierson. What is he doing here?
Mr. Pierson: Emma~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
She will come, to meet that god da*n scarecrow
I will let her know.... who is better.
not the scarecrow, not the doctor
Only me, it's only me!
Doctor: such a disgusting guy,
Doctor: Better hide to see what he is up to
*moan* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Doctor: She dodged him *they are just having fun*
Doctor: she saw me
If i standing here, she can't go to garden today... *what? still want go?*
Although i don't know what trick she use, but he may come here
Doctor: why is she going to the garden?
Doctor: Let's make myself feel more natural
Doctor: pretending i was just going to the garden too
Do you like the smell of my body? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I prepare this specially for you
I wish i can stay here to see you everyday
I miss you
Why aren't you talking? Don't be shy
Perhaps you are angry?
Gaining patient's trust is step one of the treatment. But in this place Between these people I ain't sure if the treatment could procced successfully
I hope she can stay away from Mr. Peirson
10 July Emily Dyer
Her mental health is worse than before . Fetishism and hypochondriasis happened together. Need more testing to proof she had Dissociative Identity Disorder. If i was braver that time.
Gardener: Doctor!
Mr. Pierson has fallen down from the 2nd floor!
Quick! Follow me!
Doctor: I should take my first aid kit 1st
Gardener : Quick, let's go!
Mr. Pierson is too careless...
Hurry up!
Mr. Pierson!
Gardener: Mr. Pierson. How are you doing?
Thief: I... Am... Fine...
Gardener: You scared us!
I heard sound of someone falling when i was at the restaurant
and following the sound, i found you!
Doctor! Check Mr.s Pierson if he is okay.
A big bruise on left arm
You should be glad you didn't break it
Don't do any big activity on the following days, you should rest at your room
Get alcohol and bandage, and a patch for his shoulder
Mr. Pierson, you should rest
Doctor: how did he fall down from the stairs?
Here he felt down
The handle broke unnaturally, is this really an accident?
I should investigate the broken piece
The front crack is rough, feels like it is naturally
But on the back, i can see a nail was holding the handle togehter
It doesn't seem like someone was repairing it, it looks more like a trap
This wasn't an accident
She is still friends with with Mr. Pierson. Mr. Pierson, has an unstable personality, is self-abased and puffiness. She might bring herself a big trouble. I will warn her tomorrow.
Someone want Mr. Pierson to "disapper". But who? I will be happy to see it happen
12 July Emily Dyer
I keep thinking about the accident that happen in the morning. Purposely prepared handle.... and Emmas weird speech. "The sound of someone falling down". How can she be sure it was "someone" who felt down? Maybe, I am overthinking this.
Gardener: Doctor! Mr. Pierson is moving now!
I was walking in the garden, heard he is talking, he hugged me. He became ------- warm
Doctor: Please take me to Mr. Pierson
Gardener: Where have you been working at before?
A: Private clinic B: Church's hospital
Doctor: I have a clicnic, sometimes I voluntarily treated people at a lunatic asylum
Gardener: Oh, doctor, you are a good person.
so... what did you do at lunatic asylum?
A: Nothing B: Treated patients
Doctor: sometime the asylum will request me to treat some specific patients. Those occurance are rare
Gardener: request?
Doctor: i disagree with some of their treatment operations.
Gardener: I understand.
Gardener: Mr. Pierson can finally become a normal person!
But at the same time, I'm afraid that the temperature isn't healthy for him ...
Gardener: Why are you here?
A: For promise B: For prize/money
Doctor: To achive my promise
Gardener: What is your promise?
Doctor: I promised to a girl, that I would cure her. But i was too young, and a coward.... It is my biggest regret.
Gardener: How.... is she now?
Doctor: She may be good, may be.... bad
Gardener: ...
Doctor: Didn't you bring me to meet Mr. Pierson?
Gardener: Ah... Yes...! Let's hurry up!
Doctor, here!
Gardener: Mr. Pierson?
Doctor: Hypochondriasis's illusion only apply to logical thinking, her memory shouldn't change much
There must be something wrong with the scarecrow.... to feel "warm"
Ripe Belladonna... side effect of food poisoning with hallucination(can see illusion)
Doctor: It looks like Mr. Peirson doesn't want to talk to me
Gardener: I don't know, normally he isn't like that...
I amworried. the scarecrow didn't change. This means her mental health is getting worsen, I have to help her
I didn't see Mr. Pierson anywhere today, maybe he gave up on Emma
13 July Emily Dyer
Before the game starts, Mr. Pierson disappered. Maybe he ran away, maybe...... he got in accident.
I have to win, Emma----- no, Lisa still needs me.
Lawyer: Hello
Doctor: ...
Lawyer: Listen, i came here for some fun
I don't want win whatever competition, or get what prize. I don't need money
But... It doesn't work as intended. It's too dangerous.
Doctor: I don't understand... what do you mean.
Lawyer: I need an ally, i will help you win the game
Doctor: And?
Lawyer: Of course. you need ensure my safty
If i am hurt, you will have to heal me 1st
A: No B: Yes
Lawyer: Follow me.
Lawyer: Search here, maybe we can find something to defend ourself.
This place..... interesting...
I will find you
Doctor: An abandom factory?
What is the asylum's owner thinking?
Lawyer: This is fake. That place already....
Doctor: What?
Lawyer: Nothing
The asylum's owner really did a good job on these
Doctor: Miniya? military factory? sounds familiar.
Lawyer: ...
These sign....
Doctor: I will find you?
Look's like something was burnt here once
Miniya military factory?
That news. The factory owner who felt into lie... Lio.... Beken... *idk name*
Doctor: Mr. Riley?
Lawyer: ...something wrong?
Doctor: What do you think about the point of the asylum's owner game?
Lawyer: Who knows? maybe just for fun?
Wait, what is that?
Lawyer: You go and check out
Go check it out, maybe there's a clue
Doctor: There is nothing here
Mr. Riley?
So that's it I really like this kind of bonus story and I really hope that more characters will get this kind of story
Too we even unlocked a new skin for completing the diary entries
I really hope you enjoyed this video and if you want to see me playing the gardeners diary entries
Leave me a like I will upload it
as soon as we hit 500 likes on this video. also share this video with all of your friends and if you haven't already
subscribe to the gaming grizzly for more videos about identity 5
I hope you have a great day and see you all in the next video. Bye. Bye
Thanks for the subtitles: Rong_Tong
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NEW STORY - The Doctor (English!) - Identity V

276 Folder Collection
Leo Lai published on July 13, 2019
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