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Welcome to the Lone Star state
and the location of this year's stunning HGTV Smart Home 2019.
I am so excited to give you a tour of this amazing house,
so let's get to it--
starting right here in the great room.
This dramatic space features a leather-clad fireplace
for a little Texas touch.
There's plenty of seating here, and the whole room
flows right into the kitchen.
There's an informal eating area with seating
that is easy to move where you might need it.
In the working part of the kitchen,
oversize hexagon on tile backsplash adds drama.
Next door to the kitchen is the light field library.
This intimate spot is perfect for curling up with a book.
And around the corner is the master suite.
I love how sexy and dramatic this room is.
The attached master bathroom continues this theme,
and is totally loaded with tech.
The master closet has custom cabinetry for storing
absolutely everything.
And just past the great room is the media room.
Couches and recliners are staggered on rises
for a real theater setting.
Around the corner is a bright and private study.
In the dining room, I went full drama with black walls
and lots of gold touches.
Now, onto the guest wind.
Starting with the bedroom that has a subtle Texas theme.
There's also a kid's room that connects through a stylish Jack
and Jill bathroom to a fun play room
that works for kids of any age.
And that's the whole house.
It's a contemporary family style home, ready for entertaining.
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HGTV Smart Home 2019: Take the Tour + Enter for Your Chance to Win!

224 Folder Collection
Julia Kuo published on July 10, 2019    Doris translated    Evangeline reviewed
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