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If I end up being an accountant, I am just going
to throw this quiz in the trash.
(ambient music)
I studied acting and German and entrepreneurship
and did a bunch of different stuff, was an actor,
was a writer, worked for an ad agency for a year.
I was a songwriter and a musician and after that
it led me into television, Internet, and film.
I essentially chose whatever would pay the bills.
I really wanna see if my parents were right
and if I really should have been a lawyer.
Maybe show me something that I wouldn't
have considered as an option.
I don't know, I'm kind of nervous because I have
no idea what it's gonna tell me.
(syncopated music)
Oh, which career would you rather have?
This is hard 'cause I feel like I wanna say
celebrity stylist, but my heart is saying librarian.
Math professor, no.
Bus driver, no.
YouTuber, yeah.
Did I win yet?
Nope, there's more questions.
Despite what my apartment looks like right now,
I'm organized.
I feel like I'm pretty good at making decisions.
However, I'm here taking a quiz to help me decide
on my career.
Which best describes you?
I think it depends on the situation probably.
But I'm actually one of those people who like,
if someone's upset at me, I need to confront them.
Like, "You're mad at me, aren't you?
"Can we talk about it?"
You thrive in an environment where you can
immediately see the results of your efforts.
I feel the most confident in a low-pressure job
that feels second nature to you.
In the workplace, you're not afraid to be
straightforward and direct.
The career for you would include working in data.
Directing, communications, I've done that, it was OK.
Or the fine arts, hey!
I think I tried to answer everything correctly,
but I'm surprised by how accurate this seems.
I tutor on the side and I love to teach
and it's something I considered for a long time
and I wonder if it's because there's like this
sort of personality clash.
If you feel lost or confused about what you
should be doing with your life, it takes a lot of
hard work to figure that out.
I think it's a lot more important for us to focus on
the type of person that we're actually becoming
and for us to do things that we enjoy.
Life is pretty long and you don't have to
stick to one thing.
(ambient music)
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Do You Know The Best Career For You?

265 Folder Collection
Lian published on July 9, 2019    Arnold Hsu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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