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  • If I end up being an accountant, I am just going

  • to throw this quiz in the trash.

  • (ambient music)

  • I studied acting and German and entrepreneurship

  • and did a bunch of different stuff, was an actor,

  • was a writer, worked for an ad agency for a year.

  • I was a songwriter and a musician and after that

  • it led me into television, Internet, and film.

  • I essentially chose whatever would pay the bills.

  • I really wanna see if my parents were right

  • and if I really should have been a lawyer.

  • Maybe show me something that I wouldn't

  • have considered as an option.

  • I don't know, I'm kind of nervous because I have

  • no idea what it's gonna tell me.

  • (syncopated music)

  • Oh, which career would you rather have?

  • This is hard 'cause I feel like I wanna say

  • celebrity stylist, but my heart is saying librarian.

  • Math professor, no.

  • Bus driver, no.

  • YouTuber, yeah.

  • Did I win yet?

  • Nope, there's more questions.

  • Despite what my apartment looks like right now,

  • I'm organized.

  • I feel like I'm pretty good at making decisions.

  • However, I'm here taking a quiz to help me decide

  • on my career.

  • Which best describes you?

  • I think it depends on the situation probably.

  • But I'm actually one of those people who like,

  • if someone's upset at me, I need to confront them.

  • Like, "You're mad at me, aren't you?

  • "Can we talk about it?"

  • You thrive in an environment where you can

  • immediately see the results of your efforts.

  • I feel the most confident in a low-pressure job

  • that feels second nature to you.

  • In the workplace, you're not afraid to be

  • straightforward and direct.

  • The career for you would include working in data.

  • Directing, communications, I've done that, it was OK.

  • Or the fine arts, hey!

  • I think I tried to answer everything correctly,

  • but I'm surprised by how accurate this seems.

  • I tutor on the side and I love to teach

  • and it's something I considered for a long time

  • and I wonder if it's because there's like this

  • sort of personality clash.

  • If you feel lost or confused about what you

  • should be doing with your life, it takes a lot of

  • hard work to figure that out.

  • I think it's a lot more important for us to focus on

  • the type of person that we're actually becoming

  • and for us to do things that we enjoy.

  • Life is pretty long and you don't have to

  • stick to one thing.

  • (ambient music)

If I end up being an accountant, I am just going

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