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How do I talk to my kid about gender?
Little kids get ideas about what it means to be a girl or boy from the world around them.
From you and from other people in your family.
From TV, books, and movies.
And from other kids they know.
It starts from the moment they're born.
Think, gender reveal parties: pink nurseries for girls, blue ones for boys; princesses for girls, and superheroes for boys.
There's nothing wrong with blue or pink.
But sometimes the toys, books, and words you choose can send the message that there's a right and wrong way for them to be a boy or girl.
For example, if only little girls play with princess dolls and only little boys play with superheroes;
It sends the message that girls should focus on looking pretty and finding a prince, while boys should focus on fighting and winning.
When you pick a new toy or book, or sign your kid up for a new activity, ask yourself these questions:
Would I feel comfortable with this if my kid wasn't the gender they are?
Why or why not?
Does this expand or limit my kid's expectations of who they could grow up to be?
Does my kid already like things like this, or am I picking it because of their gender?
Making choices that defy gender stereotypes can help your kid grow up feeling like their gender won't limit what they can do with their lives.
And that's a good thing if we want to live in a world where everyone has a shot at achieving their dreams.
The idea is to make sure that whether your daughter dreams of being a firefighter, a scientist, or a parent;
And whether your son dreams of being a teacher, a parent, or a professional athlete;
That they feel loved and supported in following what they're passionate about.
So give them choices, follow their interests, and let their imaginations lead the way.
Want to learn more?
Check out plannedparenthood.org/parents.
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How To Teach Your Kids About Gender | Planned Parenthood Video

5476 Folder Collection
Celeste published on July 11, 2019    Celeste translated    Evangeline reviewed
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