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- [Narrator] Beauty is in
the eye of the beholder.

After my 12-year-old cousin, Amanda,
was murdered by Mira
(eerie music)
everything changed.
Counseling and therapy helped,
but when you witness your cousin
get the life quite
literally sucked out of her,

it's hard not to get scarred.
After countless sessions with a therapist,
I was convinced that Amanda's death,
while very real and traumatic,
happened at the hands of
a home intruder, not Mira.

(eerie music)
She didn't exist, and
I truly believed that.

On my 14th birthday,
my parents got me a wooden dressing table
and a mirror for my room,
so I could get ready for school.
They said it was time
to grow up and move on,

and I wanted that too.
But that night, I saw Mira.
Her pale dead eyes were
fixed above the wide

gashes strewn across her ghastly face.
She was standing in my new mirror,
holding the severed head of
my 12-year-old cousin, Amanda.

She stared at me for a few
moments and then vanished.

In the morning, I just
wrote it off as a dream.

I mean, I had plenty of those.
I felt more comfortable when my dog,
Jess, was sleeping with me.
(dog barks)

I got her about a year after Amanda died,
when I started sleeping
in my own room again.

She was a sweet black retriever
that never left my side.

(dog panting)
It was the week before Christmas.
My Aunt Sherry was babysitting me
while my parents were out of town.
She used to be the town beauty queen.
I mean, she won a ton of
pageants back in her day,

but in her 40s,
Sherry wasn't quite the
looker she was in her 20s.

Like her late daughter, Amanda,
she used to be beautiful on the outside.
Used to be.
But eventually,
her outer beauty mirrored
what was on the inside.

As I tucked myself under the covers,
Jess circled a small patch of blanket
before finally laying down
at the foot of my bed.

I turned out the light and lay there
in the darkness, wide awake.
I couldn't sleep because it was too early
and my Aunt Sherry was
watching soaps at full volume.

After a few minutes, I
turned my lamp back on

and silently read a scary book
I'd checked out of the library that week.
I was about three pages in when
my bedroom door suddenly flew open.
It was Sherry.
She was lit with anger and
covered in Cheeto crumbs.

Her fingertips were bright orange.
She was still licking
them as she screamed.

"I thought I said lights out at eight!
"And what the hell are you reading?"
she continued,
snatching the book from my hands.
"You're reading horror?
"after everything that has
happened in this house?

"To my daughter,
"to my Amanda?
"After all the lies you told?
"How could you even think
about reading this filth,

"devil mark or not?
"It makes me sick to look at you.
"And get that mutt off the bed!"
(Jess whines)
"She belongs outside.

My dog obediently stood up
and did as she was told.
Jess stopped just outside my bedroom door
and looked back at me with
those sad puppy dog eyes.

Sherry was just about to leave the room
when she caught a glimpse of
her reflection in the mirror.

She closed my bedroom
door, locking Jess out,

and made her way over
to my dressing table.

"I thought you were scared
of mirrors," she said.

"My, my, my.
"Haven't I aged gracefully,
"like fine wine?" she finished.
She then settled onto the
bench in front of the mirror.

Her large frame spilled over.
The wooden bench creaked and groaned
as she situated her weight on top of it.
"Is this where the mirror girl lives,
"the one that you said killed my Amanda?"
She sneered sarcastically
while checking her facial
angles in the mirror.

I shook my head no.
Sherry turned around to face
me, snickering, and said

"that's because there
are no mirror monsters.

"Why didn't you scream for help the night
"my beautiful Amanda was kidnapped?
"You devil-marked freak."
It's not a devil's mark.
It's my birthmark, I whimpered.
"What did you just say?" Sherry asked,
turning towards me.
When I looked back up,
Mira was sitting
in the reflection across from Sherry.
She slowly brought her crooked finger up
to her cracked face
and whispered, "shh".
All I could do was inhale loudly.
Before my Aunt Sherry could turn
back around to face the mirror,
two arms reached out of it
and pulled her back towards the mirror
as if trying to pull her in.
(Sherry screams)

Sherry and I both screamed in unison.
Jess began to bark wildly from
the other side of the door.

Mira struggled, trying to squeeze Sherry
through the mirror in my room.
She was just too fat for
the tall, narrow mirror.

Sherry howled in agony as Mira
snapped both her arms in an attempt
to drag her into the mirror world.
My aunt's squeal no
longer sounded familiar,

let alone human.
(Sherry shrieks)

To this day, I have never heard
a person make those sounds.

Breaking Sherry's arms and legs
was not enough to fit her
through the wooden frame.

As Sherry fell out of the mirror,
her weight snapped and splintered
the dresser into pieces.
Sherry was on the floor bloodied
and bruised, crying, and broken.
I looked down at her in horror.
"Help me," she whimpered.
Then Mira quickly crawled out
of the mirror on all fours.

She climbed on top of Sherry
and positioned herself so
that they were face-to-face.

Sherry cried out and
begged as Jess snarled,

pawing at the other side of
the door to get into the room.

I watched as dark red ooze and globs
dripped out of Mira's mouth
and into my Aunt Sherry's.

Mira stuck two fingers
inside her own mouth

and pulled out a razor blade.
She began to slowly score deep gashes
all over Sherry's head.
I couldn't breathe.
There wasn't really much of Aunt Sherry's
face left after 30 seconds,
(tense music)
but she continued to scream.

My Aunt Sherry coughed
up a fountain of blood

before she gasped her final breath.
I was still frozen to my
bed, too terrified to move.

Suddenly Mira sank her
teeth into Sherry's neck

and began to drag her
back towards the mirror

to take her into the other side.
I finally screamed for Jess.
Mira had one foot through the mirror
when Jess bravely charged
in through the bedroom door.

Baring all her teeth,
she latched onto Sherry's shirt collar.
There was a tug of war
between Jess and Mira

as Aunt Sherry's backside
was pulled back and forth

across the splintered dresser.
Jess growled like I'd never heard before
and fought bravely to rescue my aunt.
Mira finally let go of
my Aunt Sherry's neck,

hissed at Jess,
and quickly retreated
back into the mirror,

knocking it down on top of Sherry's head.
The mirror shattered into
a million sharp pieces

and everything was silent.
Sherry was most definitely dead.
I lay there in my bed, holding my dog
until my parents returned a day later.
The cops said I was in shock
(camera shutter clicks)

No matter what I said
or how much I begged,

no one would believe me.
My Aunt Sherry suffered the same
fate as her daughter, Amanda,
yet their deaths were blamed
on two different things,
neither of which were right.

My dog, the hero, was not treated as such.
Jess's mouth was covered
in Sherry's blood,

(Jess whimpers)
so they took her from me and put her down
in the name of safety.
They think Jess attacked Sherry thanks
to the bite mark Mira
left on my aunt's neck.

They speculate that when Jess attacked,
Sherry must have fell a few times
as she struggled with Jess
just before the mirror was
knocked over on her head.

Apparently that inflicted the cut marks
she was found with and
caused her to bleed out.

And from there, life got a lot harder.
But that wasn't the last time I saw Mira.
(eerie music)
(Mira hisses)
(cryptic noise)
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MIRA MIRA feat. MrBlacksAA | "Eye of the Beholder" | Crypt TV Extended Universe | Creepypasta

153 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on July 5, 2019
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