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Hey Guys!
This is Eric from CheapAssReviews
and this week we're going to be reviewing
the 99 cent alarm clock from Ikea.
So yeah, let's do that!
[Annoying music]
The VÄCKIS is really at the height
of Swedish ingenuity.
It's a square on the
front and a rectangle on the side.
The watch face comes in a variety of
colors as long as they're all white.
The twelve is blue for no reason at all
and so is the alarm hand.
Which you will
initially mistake for a broken second hand.
The body of the build is a weird cream color
because, why not!?
No need to charge this bad boy up.
It'll last months on a single AA battery.
Just throw it out and ruin our planet
when you're done.
That brings us to the
backside of the clock.
Look at that backside.
Two knobs and a switch.
One of them changes the time,
one the alarm, and then one turns
it on and off.
No idea which is which
though, the white on white lettering
makes it almost impossible to read
without your glasses.
Now that we've talked about the build,
we should really dive into the durability.
This thing is a beast.
It can take a constant beating.
Say if you throw it across the room
put it under your body, or even
bang it on your head.
It's definitely going to make you wake
up in the morning.
Thinking about buying this bad boy?
It's a clock, it's $1, it wakes you up.
Buy it you cheap pathetic excuse for
a human being.
[Beeping sound]
Well thanks for watching!
That's been my review of the
99 cent alarm clock from Ikea.
If you liked my video, feel free to
click like or subscribe to my channel.
And uh, I put out videos every Thursday.
Uh more info can be found out about
this guy in the link to the Ikea website
in the video description.
See you next time!
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$1 IKEA Alarm Clock Review

368 Folder Collection
jack20010207 published on June 28, 2019
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