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- Checking out a bird mount, or a skull,
or a fish mount is just like checking out a book.
You present your library card, we scan it, it's due
in two weeks, and it's just like checking out a book.
This is the Alaska resources library and information
services, and we're in the room that holds the furs,
mounts and skulls in our collection.
Many of the items are available for the public.
- The focus of the collection is Alaskan animals,
birds, and fish.
I'd says there are hundreds of furs.
Probably 50 bird mounts, and hundreds of skulls.
- This has a walrus skull, which is kind of interesting.
It's got teeth behind the tusks.
I didn't realize that until I got to look at the skull,
it was pretty cool.
(playful music)
- The bear furs are really popular,
well, bear, lynx, and wolf.
When people encounter this collection, they are delighted.
They ooh and ah.
It sparks their imagination, they love having all the choice
of the different types of items that we have.
People who check out these items really vary,
mainly teachers, for their Alaska animal component
of their curriculum.
- I don't know of anywhere else that they can borrow
a mounted sandhill crane and just study it up close.
It's a very unusual program.
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The Library that Checks Out Dead Animals

203 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 25, 2019
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