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Blossom, will you help me?
My biome project is due tomorrow.
Bubbles, I would be honored!
I will make it my top priority after school today.
Thanks for the help today.
Bye, guys!
Oh, Blossom!
Just the little over-achiever I was looking for.
Yes, Ms. Keane?
Martin Beanowitz from the Bean Town Beanery is visiting the class tomorrow to talk about running a small restaurant.
Bean up, bean down, bean all 'round.
And you're the only student I can trust to write a speech that won't be filled with inappropriate bean jokes.
Unless you don't have the time, of course.
Consider me your number-one bean counter.
Now, that's a joke everyone can get behind.
Ooh. Uh, don't mention behinds.
I'm on it!
So, to my fellow bean lovers, I say, "Ich bean ein bean-liner."
Yeah. Yeah!
Now I'm in the zone.
Uh, Blossom? Uh, Blossom, down here!
What is it, Mr. Mayor?
I accidentally gave the key to the city to my rival --the evil Baron Von Mayorsly of Citytropolis!
Somebody's got to change all the locks in town.
Uh, can you do it?
Of course!
Especially if it's to keep the people of Townsville safe!
Mission control, I got your call.
What's the problem?
Blossom, you're just in time.
The astronauts on the International Space Station are hungry.
And we'll need you to get them this pizza before they get hangry.
Hungry and angry.
We're hangry!
Hungry and angry!
And the day is saved...
Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!
Does watching the Powerpuff girls save your day?
Well, you're in luck!
Cuz there's plenty more where that came from!
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The Powerpuff Girls | Blossom Helps Everyone! | Cartoon Network

8669 Folder Collection
Ginger Liu published on July 6, 2019    Ginger Liu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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