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Bangkok has a very special cafe for dog lovers.
True Love is a cafe dedicated to fluffy Huskies.
The popular cafe can be reached in about 30 minutes from the center of Bangkok and is super popular with locals and tourists.
Make sure to get in early and line up for your tickets, because there are only a few one-hour play sessions a day and spots are limited.
Once you've obtained your precious ticket, you can relax in the cafe with a snack and an ice cold drink as the huskies roam around on the hunt for some snacks.
When it's finally time to meet your new best friends, you'll have to wear special protective shoe covers and you'll have to sanitize your hands.
This is to make sure that the dogs are not exposed to any harmful bacteria.
You're also briefed by the staff on what not to do, like letting the dogs lick your face or bringing in snacks for them because this might make them sick.
Once you're all kitted up, it's time for the fun to begin.
You can enter the spacious playground and meet the many different huskies which come in different colors and with their own quirky personalities.
Also, be sure to keep your eyes out for a small Maltese running around.
She acts just as if she's part of the husky pack.
Huskies are generally very friendly dogs and you'll be able to get close to pet them, feed them some cooling ice, and of course take many selfies with them.
While you might find that some huskies just want to chill, you'll also encounter some new friends who are ready to play and make you sweat.
One thing you instantly notice is that the dogs are really well taken care of at the cafe.
The play area is spacious, fully covered, cool and super clean.
The dogs themselves are also on rotation and get lots of time off, so they actually want to be around people.
This makes a visit to True Love a great experience for any animal lover.
And while you might make a new best friend, unfortunately, you're not able to take them home.
However, there is always a next time.
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Awesome Husky Cafe in Bangkok!

4243 Folder Collection
Julia Kuo published on June 17, 2019    Julia Kuo translated    Evangeline reviewed
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