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Red turmeric tea with brown sugar has been popular in Nanhua recently. 最近南化非常流行黑糖紅薑黃
What is red turmeric? 什麼是紅薑黃
Let's go and check it out! 走吧 我們一起去認識它
Ginger and turmeric are different. 薑和薑黃不一樣喔
Turmeric is often used as an ingredient for spices, dyes, or herbal medicine. 薑黃常用來做香料、染色或中藥
It is also the main ingredient of curry. 而它也是咖哩的主要原料
There are two kinds of turmeric: red and yellow. 薑黃又分為紅薑黃和黃薑黃
The two belong to different varieties. 這兩者的品種不同
Red turmeric is rich in iron, and its profile is dark orange. 紅薑黃鐵質含量高 剖面為深橘紅色
This is why it's called red turmeric. 所以叫做「紅薑黃」
Most of the turmeric grown in Nanhua is red turmeric. 南化大多是紅薑黃
Turmeric boosts your metabolism. 薑黃可以幫助新陳代謝
If your metabolism is slow, 如果代謝不好
signs of aging appear quickly. 人就老得快
A faster metabolism helps remove waste from the body, 如果體內的廢物都排除
and you'll be less likely to get sick. 也比較不容易生病
I've been eating turmeric for two decades. 我自己就吃了二十多年
At first, I grew it just for self-use. 原本只是種來給自己保養身體
Deeply impressed by the benefits of red turmeric, 由於深刻感受到紅薑黃的好處
Mr. Huang started to promote this product. 黃班長開始推廣紅薑黃
Red turmeric is harvested once every year. 紅薑黃一年一收
It is sowed in March 每年大約三月種植
and harvested in next February. 隔年的二月開始採收
Mr. Huang studied turmeric harvested in different month 黃班長針對不同採收時間點做過分析報告
and discovered that harvest timing makes a great difference. 發現採收的時間是關鍵
Turmeric that is harvested earlier or later contains different level of nutrients. 早一點或晚一點營養素就會不一樣
Therefore, farmers must harvest at the correct month 一定要掌握最佳採收時間
to get the best turmeric. 做出來的紅薑黃品質才會好
After turmeric is harvested, 採收紅薑黃後
it still needs to be processed. 接下來要加工
First of all, we need to wash off the cover dirt. 首先我們要清洗薑黃上面的泥土
Farmers pour baskets of turmeric into the washing machine. 你會看見農夫將薑黃一籃一籃地倒進清洗機裡
As turmeric rolls in the machine, 薑黃在裡面轉著
cover dirt is washed off 機器利用水柱與旋轉
by spraying water at rolling turmeric. 將薑黃身上的泥土清洗掉
Next, turmeric undergoes high temperature sterilization. 接下來要高溫殺菌
Sterilized red turmeric 經過高溫殺菌的紅薑黃
can be preserved longer. 可以保存比較久
Next, the drying process. 接下來要曬乾
Turmeric has to be dried under the sun for at least one week. 至少要曝曬一星期才算完成
Dried turmeric is then dried again in a drier. 曬乾之後送到烘乾機裡乾燥
Then, it is ready for packaging. 接下來就可以包裝紅薑黃
Red turmeric has to be grinded first. 如果是紅薑黃粉則需要研磨
It has to be grinded two times before the powder is fine enough. 需要研磨兩次 粉末才會細緻
Finally, we have the red turmeric power! 紅薑黃的產品就完成囉!
Let me see what red turmeric powder tastes like. 我來吃吃看紅薑黃粉是什麼味道
It's not spicy actually. 其實吃起來不會辣
I thought red turmeric was spicy, 我原本以為紅薑黃會嗆辣
but it only has a slight ginger-like taste. 事實上只有一點點薑的辣感
And the taste of spices dominates my mouth. 整個嘴巴裡都是一種香料的味道
It's like one of the tastes of curry 很像咖哩的某一種調味
being enlarged independently. 被獨立放大出來的感覺
It's very special. 非常特別
Red turmeric tea with brown sugar is a local cuisine of Nanhua. 紅薑黃搭配黑糖是南化在地的美味
Let's see how red turmeric tea with brown sugar tastes. 我來喝喝看黑糖紅薑黃會是什麼味道
Mmm. It tastes better with brown sugar. 嗯~加了黑糖之後更好喝了
It's different from ginger tea with brown sugar. 和黑糖薑茶不一樣的口感
Ginger tea is a little spicy, 黑糖薑茶喝起來辣辣的
but turmeric tea has a refreshing taste. 口感比較清爽
Turmeric tea with brown sugar tastes thicker, 黑糖紅薑黃可能是粉末調製而成
probably because it's made of powder. 口感比較濃郁
It has a thicker texture like curry 有一點像咖哩那樣濃稠
diluted with water. 但是有加水稀釋過
And its taste of spices is stronger than curry. 而且香料的味道更明顯
I like this flavor. It's good. 這個口味我可以 我喜歡
It must be great to drink the tea in winter, 黑糖紅薑黃冬天喝一定很舒服
but we can also have some during summer. 但是夏天也應該多喝一點
In summer, people drink lots of iced drinks. 夏天大家都喜歡喝冰冰涼涼的飲料
And red turmeric tea with brown sugar can help 喝一點黑糖紅薑黃
offset the coldness of those drinks. 可以去去寒
It's good for your health! 對身體很不錯喔!
When you visit Nanhua, 有機會來南化
don't miss out the brown sugar and red turmeric tea here! 不要錯過這裡的特產黑糖和紅薑黃喔!
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Hot Tainan EP6.Red Turmeric

52 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on June 15, 2019
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