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(smooth jazz music)
- Girl!
- Try Wives Wine Time!
- Try Wives Wine Time!

(playfully mumbles)
- Cheers!

Excuse me, we are making
content for the internet.

Excuse me!
(rock music)
- [Ariel] We know all the boys' secrets.
- You want the tea?
You want the tea Rachel?
- I don't know what that is.
- The tea, sippin' on the tea.
- You call it tea?

- Yeah.
Spillin' tea.
- That's just so funny, I've
never heard that before.

- [Becky] What?

- Okay, wait is it because I am a mom
or is it because I'm in my 30s?
Do you guys wanna know a secret?
Becky's way younger than I am.
So she knows all the things.
It could be anything.
It could be like, spill the.
- No.
- Spill the cocoa.

- No, no.
- I don't understand why it has to be tea.
- [Becky] No, Mom.

- Try Wives Wine Time.
(upbeat happy music)

- [Interviewer] Who's your
favorite Try Guy and why?

- Keith.
- Eugene.

No, Zach.
- It's just not Ned.

- It's like.

- You said.
(man off camera laughs)
It was Eugene or Za-a-a-ck
(Ariel laughs)
It just clearly was not Ned.
- Sorry Ned.
- Keith is really good with Wes.
Like really, really good.
He's very thoughtful.
Obviously you know this.
- My head says, Eugene because
I like talking to Eugene.

Eugene's like fun.
We have a good time.
But my heart's like, it's Zack.
We go on vacations together.
- I know.

- I got trapped in a car
for 16 hours with Zack.

Before Maggie, Zack was like the eternal
Keith Becky third wheel.
I think it's Zack.
But don't tell him.
'Cause I don't like Zack
knowing that I like him.

- Keith's secret is that Keith
looked like a completely
different person before me.

All of the hits that you
know and love Keith for.

This one right here.
We spent about four hours
in a, I don't have glasses.

What do you call the store
where you buy the glasses?

Glasses Store?
- Op-tim-etrical store?
- Optometrist?

- Yeah, and I convinced him to put on
the horn-rimmed glasses like Clark Kent.
- [Ariel] Ooh.
- Oh he would comb his
hair all to the front.

I did, like the Aaron Samuels.
I was like, your hair
looks sexy pushed back.

- [Ariel] Oh yeah, make it their idea.
- Oh yeah, he's the youngest of three
so I think he was used to
hand-me-downs all the time.

- All the hand-me-downs.
- But he only wore cargo
pants, oversized T-shirts

and so I was like, maybe
we wear a shirt that fits,

and pants that fit.
- Hey, how 'bout.
- Why not?

I worked at a restaurant where our uniform
was gingham shirts which
are the checkered shirts.

And I was like, oh, so funny.
You have to buy this
gingham shirt and you'll be.

It was a place called
Crosby's Kitchen.
- Yeah.

- And I was like, oh, you'll
look like a Crosby server,

and he put it on and it was like
a light lifted from his eyes.
He was like, I love this.
He was like, I love these.
- This is me!

- [Becky] It's blue, it has
patterns, it's fun, I love it.

I only bought him that
for the next two years.

- [Ariel] Wow.
- 'Cause that's another secret,
I buy almost all of
all of Keith's clothes.

- Ned's best kept secret.
Uh, half of his clothes are mine.
- Wow.
- [Becky] Is that a secret?
- I'm on my way out.
- [Ariel You're not supposed to be here.
- I have to go to the dentist.
- Bye.
- Bye.

- He has no cavities.
(Becky gasps)

He's never had a cavity.
- [Becky] I always have a cavities.
- [Ariel] I always have cavities too.
- I'm not husband material.
- You know, apparently it's hereditary.
- I think mine's from all the candy.
(upbeat jazz music)
- Men wearing diapers.
Kinda like weirds me out.
Like at VidCon when Keith was
the diaper baby at one point.

(Ariel laughs)
I was like,

this is a nightmare.
- [Ariel] Or at my baby shower?
- [Becky] Oh god, yeah, the ring baby.
I posted that picture on Instagram
and people thought we were
announcing that we were pregnant.

- [Ariel] Because he
was dressed as a child?

- They thought that a grown
ass woman and a grown ass man

would announce their birth of their child,
or the conception of their child,
while the man is wearing an adult diaper.
- It would be an interesting concept.
- I had friends texting me.
You're not pregnant are you?
And I was like, no.
I think I looked really
skinny in that picture.

What are you talking about?
- You were like bitch why?
- I was just like, that's kind
of fucked up thing to say.

- Why would you ask me that?
- It's five o'clock somewhere bae-bee.
- I asked Ned what he wanted me to say--
(Becky laughs)
Because that's how you
keep a marriage together.

He did not know what to tell
because he's told a lot
of his secrets online.

- They put a lot of stuff on the internet.
- Most of his secrets are out there.
The thing that Ned doesn't
talk about very much

is that he had a fully fledged career
before we moved to Los Angeles.
He majored in chemistry in college.
That's not a secret, but
he was a research chemist.

That was his job.
He did it for two years
and if we did not decide

to move to Los Angeles he probably just
would've been a research chemist.
- [Becky] No booties on the internet.
- No booties on the internet.
Life just comes at ya like that.
- Yeah, Ned was also the manager--
- (gasps) Yeah.
- At BuzzFeed.
Keith and Eugene were interns.
- Yep.
- Zach was a fellow.
- Mm-hm.

- Because he went to film school.
- [Ariel] Ooh.
But Ned was.
- Well, Ned got hired as an
intern with the other guys

but when they got bumped
up to junior producer

he went into a managerial role.
Okay, so this is a best
kept secret on the internet.

He actually hired a lot
of the people at BuzzFeed

that are BuzzFeed stars now.
Basically anybody that came
after the, like, Ashley, Andrew,

Keith, Eugene, that sort of thing.
He probably hired them.
- Whew.
- [Becky] Should we say
it at the same time?

- Sure.
- Okay.

- [Ariel] Okay. Who would you fuck?
- One, two, three.
- Eugene.
- Eugene.

- Obviously.
- He's easy.

- Okay.
- Who would you marry?
- Ready?

- Keith.
- Ned.

- If it kills.
(hysterically laughs)
- It's only.
It's only because I'm not that caring.
I can't care for him
the way he needs to be.

- Right?
- But I feel like Ned is an example
of a good husband already.
- Yeah.
- Keith's a good husband.
- [Ariel] Yeah.
- Eugene's super-fuckable.
- Zach-ar-r-r-y
- [Interviewer] What's his secret?
You've sort of name dropped
his secret a couple of times.

- Maggie!
- Maggie!

- Margaret.
She is literally the nicest, sweetest,
most beautiful human you will ever meet.
I remember when Zach was still single
and my mom came to town.
We went out to eat and
Zach was telling her

about how he does me days, which are--
- Wait, what?

- His Sundays, so Zack does.
I don't think he does it anymore,
but for along time he was doing me days,
and he would get his bagel
with loxs and watch football

because he's a really big football fan.
He did not want to be interrupted.
He was like, this is my thing.
Don't ask me to hang out, it's a me day.
- Wow.
- I was telling my mom this.
We meet Maggie and I'm like mom,
I think this girl is super cool
and I think she's gonna stick around.
And my mom's like, me day
has turned into we day.

- [Ariel] Your mom is so cute.
- And I was like, It definitely has.
My mom also slides into DM's.
She's like, I'm just
gonna write Huey and say,

You're doing a good job.
I'm like, mom, that's sliding into a DM.
- Wait, is that a bad thing?
- Oh my god.
- What if you just wanted

to tell somebody that
they're doing a good job?

- It's another boning thing.
- There's no sliding happening.
- [Becky] Yeah, you slide in.
- [Ariel] No, I.
- Maybe cause it's a little airplane?
Slide in?
- I thought it was like uh--
- No.
- A little paper boat.

- Miles disagrees.
- Isn't it a little paper boat?
- Airplane?
- Airplane.

On the messages for
Instagram it's an airplane.

- [Miles] A paper airplane.
- Paper plane, right?
- Paper boat.
- That's floatin' into the DMs.
- You can't DM somebody because then
it means you're having sex with them?
- No, it just means that you
might wanna have sex with them.

The other day I got my first,
I wanna fuck you, yes or no?
And I was like,
so I blocked him and reported him.
- Good for you.
Yeah, because I've definitely texted,
or you know, talked to
people that I didn't know.

- What do you say?
- I don't know.
Your product is cool.
- Okay, a company is fine.
You're not like tryin' to fuck a company.
- I'm not trying to fuck anybody.
- I love that they're best friends.
- But they're like legit best friends.
- They text each other
first thing in the morning.

It's sometimes just about
like, I took a huge shit today.

Pretty sure I've seen
that on their text thread.

One of those scrollable text
threads about their poops.

Those are good friends.
Get out of here.
- Get out of here fly.

I like they make like goofy videos
but they also make some
really good videos.

- [Ariel] Yeah, with quality content.
- That are nice and about things
that people should learn about.
I love the immigration video.
It is a thing that like--
- Relevant.

- [Becky] Mass America needs to see.
Yeah, hopefully it did
change someone's mind.

- [Ariel] Yeah.
- They are very thoughtful
in what they put out.

They realize that they're role models.
- Yeah.
- Like older men on the internet.
- (laughs) Older men on the internet.
- I said, older men on the internet.
(laughs maliciously)
- [Becky] Yeah.

- What is Eugene's
- Eugene.

- Best kept secret?
That he's a sugar booger.
- I know, he plays this like
hard person and he's not hard.

- Yeah, that he's like
this raven crow man.

- But he is the cutest
and cuddliest of them all.

- Another secret about Eugene.
When you get in a car with him
or you're alone with him for

like two seconds, he'll be like,
so what's your biggest fear?
- He asks the most--
- Or like he'll ask you
these really deep questions.

- Yeah, I think I was
sitting down to have lunch

with him one day and he was like,
When did you lose your virginity?
And I was like, excuse me?
- He just.

- Food in my mouth.
- I was like. (gagging)
- [Becky] Goes for it.
- I was like, oh.
I told him, obviously.
- Yeah, obviously.
I don't think I've ever not answered him.
- We had too much wine.
I'm wearing a fleece onesie.
- I feel like we spilled the tea.
- I still can't say that.
- We gave a light amount of tea.
Should we cheers?
- Sure.
- This has been the second episode of,
- Try Wives Wine Time!
- Try Wives Wine Time!

(rock music)
- Catch us next time when we tell Ariel
more things about the internet.
- It could or I don't know.
- We discuss Netflix and chill.
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Guys Secrets

217 Folder Collection
蔡建全 published on June 11, 2019
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