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How well do you know your fellow cast members?
Tell me, what body part and who is this?
That's below the nose and above the lips.
Ah, that's, that's, Cyclops!
- That's him. - That's me.
That's you Michael.
Yeah, you can see the curvature of his upper lip.
Oh wow.
Look at that.
- You did that really-- - Look at the definition on that lip.
- How did you know that so quickly? - 'Cause I love him.
- What is that, who is that? - That is, is that's, that's your neck James?
This is the chin.
Of, I'm gonna say James McAvoy.
No it's not me, it's, oh wait a minute, don't say.
Oh it's Sophie!
That's Sophie's chin.
It is a chin.
- That's not Sophie's chin. - That's Jen's chin?
It is a gentleman, that chin is in this room.
That's my chin.
Okay, Nick, we'll just go through the cast members here.
That looks like Tye's chin, go on Cyclops.
It is Tye's chin.
That's-- - Is it my chin?
- Your chin. - That's your chin!
- Wow. - You can't even see my mole.
- Oh! - Oh, but of course!
You should know that delicious chin, come on.
We've sucked on that chin, all of us.
- Storm. - Yeah, that's Storm.
That's easy, come on guys.
Alex Shipp.
- Oh Storm. - That's my hair.
Yeah it's Storm's hair.
That's my hair, come on man, make it hard.
Two tone.
That's easy, that's Chastain's hair.
Oh no.
What is that?
What am I looking at?
That's a nostril.
Me, that's gotta be me.
- Mac Attack. - No.
- No, it's not me. - That's not your nostril.
Those are Michael's.
That is, that is definitely not Sophie, that is a gentleman.
I mean is it Sophie's nose?
Oh no, man.
I'm not getting any of it right.
I thought that was a flaring red nostril.
It is a flaring nostril.
Oh it's his, I feel like that's Tye as well.
No idea.
It's a very fast pair of nostrils.
- Oh! - Yeah that is my son!
That's Quicksilver.
- My son, my son! - Evan, Evan!
I have no idea.
I think they're Michael's.
You have absolutely no idea.
Are those my nostrils?
- That's, that's gotta be-- - That is a parasite.
I don't know I mean, is that the, the...
That is when you've had damp wall and your drywall starts to crack.
That is Sophie's face, Phoenix face.
- That's you. - That's me.
That is, what's her face, Jean Grey.
Yeah, of course it is.
That is What's Her Face Jean Gray.
That's the whole problem isn't it?
Charles Xavier really didn't care about her as much as we all thought.
"Hey you, what's her face!"
- "Send her into space." - Not a skin parasite.
- Ear. - That's a ear.
It is an ear.
Nick's ear, James' ear.
James McAvoy.
That's me.
That's an ear.
That is an ear and it is not you.
Who hasn't been chosen?
You, you, I bet it's your ear, it's your ear.
Wow you spend a lot of time looking at my ear.
I love your ears.
Jessica Chastain's ear.
He's a lobe-ist, he's really into ear lobes.
Now, usually that'd be easy but half the cast is blue.
Is that Nightcrawler or is that Mystique?
- That's, that's, that's Jen, that's Jen's lips. - That's Mystique's blue lips.
That's Jen 10.
Jennifer's mouth.
There you go.
Yeah, so far I've only gotten Jennifer's mouth right.
Those are Jen's lips.
- Yes they are. - Yeah they're blue too.
Last one.
That is James' furrowed brow.
How do you know that so easily?
How was that such a gimme?
Because he's always doing it.
- It is you. - That is a forehead!
Yeah, that's Mr. McAvoy.
- That's the furrowed brow of Professor X-- - Mac Attack.
That is Mac Attack.
What's he thinking about?
He's like, he's thinking,"Oh this turtle neck is so ugly."
His what?
Turtle neck.
Oh you call it a polo neck, don't you?
"I don't have a neck anymore."
"I've been working out so much on 'Split.'"
"So much for 'Split.'"
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'Dark Phoenix' Cast Play Name the X-Men | MTV News

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Liang Chen published on June 18, 2019    Liang Chen translated    Evangeline reviewed
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