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- [Harry Caray] Guess who's here today.
Not only is he here, Michael Jordan, he'll be starting the game.
He's batting 6th in the White Sox lineup.
♪ [music] ♪
And that's what these fans are here to see, Jordan...
Got his base hit that drove in a run.
There's another hit!
A drive down the third base line!
The tying run may score.
He's around third, Gracie's on the plate, the throw...
he hasn't touched the plate, yet, and he does.
Michael Jordan has tied up the ball game with a ground double to left.
And everybody's on their feet, yelling.
I'm amazed he wasn't the first man on the moon.
♪ [music] ♪
- [Pat Hughes] A swing and a drive, left field.
This ball's got a chance...
grand slam!
A grand slam for Travis Wood. Cubs lead 6-1.
- [Jim Deshaies] Travis Wood, hitting a grand slam off Jake Peavy.
A hanging backdoor slider.
♪ [music] ♪
- [Pat Hughes] 0 and 2 on Dioner Navarro.
- Deep fly ball, left-center field back toward the wall.
This ball is going to be...
Home run Dioner Navarro, Cubs lead 2-1.
- [Len Kasper] High fly to deep left, Viciedo back.
This ball is gone!
A two-homer day for Navarro. Cubs lead 4-1.
- [Jim Deshaies] Wow, we're going to get "Marry me, Dioner Navarro" tweets here, pretty soon.
- [Pat Hughes] Two on, one away.
Cubs lead by four.
Omogrosso ready [inaudible].
Here's a drive to right.
Deep, it's got a chance in the corner.
This ball is gone!
All the way to Sheffield Avenue, a hat trick for Dioner Navarro and
the Cubs have broken it wide open.
It is 9-2.
- [Announcer] Brown has been to the plate twice.
A lot of conversation about this young man, right here, being in the Cub lineup
every day against everybody-- Is that ball hit deep to right field?
Ordonez is back, looks up...
You can put it on the board.
Solo shot by Brant Brown.
And in 12 innings, the Cubs take the first of this three-game set.
They win it 6-5.
- [Pat Hughes] Runners lead at every station and the White Sox's right-hander fires.
Contreras drives one in the air, deep left-center field,
back goes Garcia. It's got a chance...
grand slam!
Grand slam Willson Contreras, Cubs lead 5-0.
- [Len Kasper] Two strikes to Contreras. Here's the pitch...
Fly ball right field, this could be trouble.
Palka and Sanchez in the air, and it's a fair ball and it bounced
out of play.
Crushed and gone!
He's hit two of them today.
- [Pat Hughes] He hits a ground ball, that's fair down the right field line.
It'll drive in at least two more.
The ball bounces off the side wall, two runs are in on a double by Contreras.
How about a 7-RBI ballgame for Willson Contreras?
- [Pat Hughes] Cubs have three hits so far against the big right-hander.
The 0-1-- Edmonds hits a fly ball deep left field.
Back is Quentin, it's got a chance...
gone! - Atta baby!
- Jim Edmonds, opposite-field home run, it's 4-2.
Here's the pitch, Edmonds drives one in the air, deep left field.
It's gone! - [Ron Santo] Oh, man!
Oh my gosh!
Two home runs in one inning.
How about that?
- Cubs lead 10-4.
- [Announcer] We've had a lot of excitement already with the Blackhawks here,
parading the Stanley Cup.
- A 2.49 ERA over his last six starts, this stylish lefty, do not be deceived
by that leg kick and that hip turn.
- The other team has a hit.
Eighth pitch of the at-bat.
Strike three called.
Back-doored him with a slider.
- This is one of the most difficult pitches for a right-handed hitter
to handle, and that's the ball that starts off the plate outside and you give
up on it.
- Another change-up.
- Let's see, Ramirez is gone just like that.
♪ [music] ♪
- [Len Kasper] Lee's hitting streak, at 14, on the line.
That's deep to right, Dye going back, at the wall, into the basket.
They're only down 1 as Lee just hit a three-run homer.
- So Soto, the tying run, at the plate.
He sends a fly ball deep to left-center.
And we're tied!
Back-to-back for the Cubs.
It's 5-5.
Just like that, they've come all the way back with 4 big ones on two big swings.
Kick and the 2-2, little floater.
It's going to drop down and the Cubs are going to win.
Reed Johnson scores, Cubs come all the way back and win it 6-5.
- [Pat Hughes] The report that was circulating before the game is that as soon as Kerry Wood
makes one appearance in this series, he will announce his retirement
after the game.
Here comes the 1-2 pitch.
- He swung and missed, that's strike three.
Wood strikes out Viciedo, a good curve ball.
...and Wood I think is going to walk off to a thunderous ovation-- fans standing,
a lot of emotion circulating around Wrigley Field right now.
One of his children runs out, gives him a hug.
That's a beautiful scene.
Kerry Wood has just walked off for the final time in his Big League career.
- [Len Kasper] Left-hander Matt Thornton up in the bullpen.
That's high and very deep for Ramirez...
We are tied!
A long, majestic home run. 3-3.
♪ [music] ♪
Back-to-back home runs.
- The White Sox trying to get this one into the tent...
deep to center field, Anderson's back, warning track...
Ball game over!
Cubs win!
Ramirez into center, they win it 4-3.
His second home run of the day.
♪ [music] ♪
♪ [music] ♪
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Top 10 Crosstown Moments at Wrigley Field

79 Folder Collection
Li Rose published on June 7, 2019
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