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>> FEMALE SPEAKER: Don't stay up too late.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Come on.
>> MALE SPEAKER: All right.
This is good.
(Music playing)
>> TIM COOK: Wow.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Good morning.
And welcome to WWDC 2019.
It is so great to be here with you today in San Jose.
We are so inspired by the millions of incredible
Apple Developers around the world.
Your dreams and your passion and dedication to
fulfill those dreams comes across so clearly in the
apps that you create, apps that enrich the lives of
millions of people around the world.
You make the world a better place and that is
why we are here this morning.
So, welcome to WWDC.
WWDC is more vibrant than ever with attendees from
more countries and more first-time attendees than ever.
In fact, for most of you in the audience this
morning, this is your first WWDC, so, welcome.
Apple makes - Apple makes the best products in the
world, products that integrate world class
hardware with world class software and a growing
collection of world class services to deliver
experiences unlike anyone else out there.
In March, we held an event to talk about our services
and introduce you to some brand-new Apple services.
We launched Apple News+ which offers a beautifully
designed experience for more than 300 popular
magazines, digital publications and newspapers.
There is no service out there quite like this.
I love it.
And if you haven't tried it, I encourage you to do so.
We also announced Apple Arcade, the world's first
game subscription service for mobile desktop and
living room featuring over 100 new games from some of
the most innovative game developers in the world.
Apple Arcade will be available later this year.
And we introduced Apple Card which will completely
reinvent the credit card experience.
Apple Card will be available this summer.
And we announced Apple TV+ which is a new home for
the world's most creative storytellers.
Now, while the service doesn't launch until fall,
we thought it would be really fun this morning to
share with you a sneak peek of just one of our
upcoming show from Ron Moore, the executive
producer behind Battle Star Galactica and Star Trek.
With his new series, Ron wanted to take us on a
journey in which the space race was a little
different than you might remember it.
And it has never ended.
So, let's take a first look at For All Mankind.
(Music playing)
>> MALE SPEAKER: I believe that this nation should
commit itself to landing a man on the moon and
returning him safely to the earth.
>> MALE SPEAKER: After thousands of years gazing
up in the heavens and dreaming of this day, a
man is about to set foot on the moon.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Across the world, people wait
with bated breath.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Ladies and gentlemen,
this is a live signal.
There he is.
The shock across the nation at this event
is just indescribable.
The Soviet cosmonaut has become the first to set
foot on the moon.
>> MALE SPEAKER: I thought it was about being first.
It turns out the stakes are much bigger than that.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Get back to work.
>> MALE SPEAKER: We are still in this thing.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Change of plans, gentlemen.
There is water on the moon.
This race will be ours to fight for and to win.
And we are not stopping there.
Moon Lab.
>> MALE SPEAKER: We need to accelerate the base.
>> MALE SPEAKER: You are going to be
an astronaut candidate?
>> FEMALE SPEAKER: No, I'm going to be an astronaut.
>> MALE SPEAKER: We will go to Mars, Saturn, the
stars, the galaxy.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Drifting right.
Watch it.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Eagle, this is Houston.
Do you copy?
>> MALE SPEAKER: This is not the end of the race.
We must keep our eyes to the future.
>> Three, two -
>> TIM COOK: Wasn't that great?
I've gotten an early look at the entire season and I
loved it, and I think you are going to too.
We can't wait to show you this series and our other
original shows coming up this fall.
Now, Apple TV+ will be available on the Apple TV
app which is across all of your screens including
your Smart TVs.
And, of course, the best way to enjoy this content
is with AppleTV 4K which offers an immersive
cinematic experience delivering the highest
picture quality of any streaming device out there.
Apple TV is powered by tvOS, and tvOS is just one of the
software platforms that we are here to talk about today.
So, let's get going.
I'm excited to share with you this morning how we
are going to make tvOS even more entertaining
and more personal.
We completely redesigned the Home screen, making
Apple TV come to life from the moment that you turn
it on with full screen previews of the best TV
shows and newly released movies.
Apple TV is designed to be used for the whole family,
but we wanted to make it even more personal.
Today, the Up Next list has a mix of shows for
everyone in the home, but when you sit down to watch
TV, you want to see the shows that you love.
So, we are introducing multiuser support for tvOS.
Now, everyone in the home gets their own Up Next
list plus personalized recommendations for new
shows and movies to enjoy.
Now, and it's easy to switch between family
members using the all new Control Center.
It works just like you would expect it to.
TvOS also delivers Apple Music with over 50 million
songs and curated music video play lists.
And now, with multiuser support, everyone in the
home gets their own personalized music experience.
You are going to be able to see lyrics to your
favorite songs in sync with the music.
This is really cool.
This is the best music experience on television.
Now, Apple Arcade is also going to look amazing on
the AppleTV 4K this fall.
Playing great games like Ocean Horn 2, of course,
is even better with great game controllers so we are
extending support to two of the best and most
popular game controllers available.
Xbox 1S.
And PlayStation DualShock 4.
I think there is a few PlayStation fans out there.
Finally, let's talk about our beautiful screensavers.
We have already captured some of the most stunning
locations around the globe and even some from outer
space through our collaboration with the
International Space Station.
This year, we are going under the sea.
Oh, it's awesome.
We've partnered with BBC Natural History unit to
shoot beautiful 4K HDR footage, taking you to
places that few people have ever experienced before.
So, that's the new tvOS.
More personal and more entertaining than ever.
Now, let's talk about Apple Watch.
Apple Watch is the number one watch in the world.
It keeps you connected to the people and information
you care about just by raising your wrist.
It tracks your workouts and motivates you to stay
active throughout the day.
And with new breakthrough features like fall
detection, heart notifications and ACG, the
Apple Watch has truly become an intelligent
guardian for your health.
For so many of us, the Apple Watch has become an
essential part of our daily life.
Today, we are going to take another leap forward
with the watchOS to bring new experiences to Apple
Watch while enhancing the ones that you already love.
To tell you all about it, I would like to invite
Kevin Lynch to the stage.
>> KEVIN LYNCH: Thank you, Tim.
Good morning.
So excited to be here.
We're thrilled at how Watch is making such a
difference in so many people's lives.
This is driving us to make Watch even more powerful
and more personal for you.
Let's start with Watch faces.
Now, these are something you interact with most
every day and we have more Watch faces this year
since the very first Apple Watch.
From simply beautiful to richly detailed, let's
take a look at a few of these.
First, we have the gradient face which is
smoothly animating with the time.
Then we have this large Numerals face showing the
current hour in multiple languages and the very
modern digital face showing you a great look
in multiple colors and then the California dial,
classic design for a Watch face.
Now, many of these faces you can add more
information to, such as adding rich complications
here right on the California dial.
Then we have the solar face.
This visualizes the sun's 24-hour path around the
dial and you can see it changing during the day or
as you rotate the Digital Crown.
These are just beautiful.
Now, across all of the Watch faces, we are
introducing taptic chimes.
And when enabled, on the hour, you will feel a
silent taptic on your wrist and if sound is on,
you will hear an audible chime like this.
Yes, that's a bird song.
It's actually a robin captured at Apple Park.
I mean, it was recorded in Apple Park.
The robins are okay.
Now, let's talk about apps.
Now, these are designed for quick interactions on Watch.
First, we are bringing more Apple apps to Watch.
The new Audiobooks app to let you listen to Apple Books and
Voice Memos so you can easily record your thoughts.
And calculator.
And check this out; it also includes the ability
to do tip calculations, including the ability to
split the bill with friends.
Now, we are also giving developers great new tools
and APIs to build great apps for Apple Watch.
And we are now making it possible to create apps
that run independently on the Watch, no longer
requiring a companion iPhone app.
And now you can get extended time to access
sensor data and complete sessions like physical
therapy with Kya or brushing your teeth with
Colgate or meditating with Calm.
And watchOS 6 now enables the streaming audio API so
you can go with just your Watch and you can
stream great content like Podcasts, music,
live sports games.
So, with new developer tools and a new native UI
framework coming this year, we are enabling a
whole new generation of apps for Watch.
Now, to make it easier for you to discover these apps,
we are excited to bring the App Store to Apple Watch.
You can browse apps curated by our editorial
team or find favorite apps like Head Space or Carrot
Weather or Streaks, the Nike Run Club.
You can search the full App Store using dictation
or scribble or just asking Siri.
And you can view product pages to see information
like the app description, reviews, screenshots.
And finally, you can purchase and install an
app directly on your Watch.
So, discovering and using apps at Apple Watch is
going to be better than ever with the App Store
and these really great developer tools.
Now, we are also adding new health and fitness
capabilities and to tell you about some of these, I
would like to invite to the stage Dr. Sumbul Desai,
our VP of Health, to the stage.
>> SUMBUL DESAI: Thanks, Kevin.
Apple Watch is an amazing health and fitness
partner, and in watchOS 6 we are adding even more
features to empower you to better manage your health
starting with activity.
Being physically active is one of the most important
things you can do for your health.
If it were a prescription, it would actually be one
of the most prescribed medicines in the world.
The Activity app on Apple Watch already motivates
you to stay active.
It also lets you know how active you are every
single day, but knowing how active you are over
the long-term is just as important.
It gives you a sense of your overall fitness.
So, in watchOS 6 we are introducing Activity Trends.
For nine key metrics it will compare your progress
over the last 90 days with the last 365.
If the trends show that you are maintaining or
improving, you will see an arrow pointing up, and
that's great; keep doing what you are doing.
But if you are trending downward, we will give you
simple coaching to get you back on track.
You will see trends for familiar metrics like
move, exercise, and stand, but you will also see
trends for some new metrics like your workout
walking pace, flights of stairs climbed or even
your cardio fitness level.
Activity Trends will provide you with a more
complete picture of what you can do to stay active
and even more importantly, give you the motivation
you need for long-term success.
Now, let's talk about your hearing health.
Your hearing is a precious asset.
Think about the sounds that surround you every
day, hearing a friend's laughter, listening to
your favorite song.
Protecting your hearing is critical to living your
everyday life and maintaining your
independence as you age.
Since hearing loss is often so gradual, it's
important to know when the sounds around you are loud
enough to impact your hearing.
Like when you are in the middle of a construction
zone, at a sporting event or playing your music
really loud to drown out your singing voice.
I do that all of the time.
The new Noise app uses the microphone to detect
decibel levels and can notify you if it's reached
a level that could impact your hearing over time.
Because the Watch is always on your wrist, it's in a
great position to monitor your environmental noise.
If you tap the Noise app, you will get more detail
and you can use the complication to check with
just the raise of a wrist.
It's an easy way to protect your hearing health.
And, of course, this feature was designed with
privacy in mind.
It only periodically samples and does not
record or save any audio.
We think the Noise app is really going to make
a big impact.
Now, there is one more new feature in health and
fitness and all of the women out there, pay close
attention because this one is for you.
Cycle Tracking.
Knowing more about your menstrual cycle gives you
a window into your health, from simply ensuring that
you are prepared, to understanding your
personal patterns and regularities.
As a physician, I know that understanding what's
normal for you is critical in making informed
clinical decisions and can really enrich
conversations with your doctor.
So, in watchOS 6, the Cycle Tracking app gives
you a simple, discreet ways to visualize your
cycle right on your wrist and it's really easy to use.
You can log key aspects of your period and fertility,
including symptoms, and you can be notified when
it's about to begin.
You can also choose to receive a fertile window
prediction so you are better informed.
This feature is available on Apple Watch and because
we wanted to make this available to hundreds of
millions of women around the world, Cycle Tracking
is also available without a Watch in the Health app and iOS.
Yes, for everybody to use.
You can use it on your iPhone to do all of those
same functions that can be done on Watch.
We are so excited to bring more focus to this
incredibly important aspect of women's health.
Now, back to Kevin.
>> KEVIN LYNCH: Thank you, Sumbul.
So, the Health app is the best way to see all of
your health data in one place, and we have
redesigned it to be even more personal and
meaningful to you.
In the new summary view, you can see health
related notifications.
You'll see your favorites, the information you care
about most, as well as automatically generated
highlights so you can see your health data over time.
For example, if you are more active than you
usually are, how consistently you may have
been mindful this week, or how your heart rate
recovered after a recent workout.
Health is using machine learning on your iPhone to
determine which highlights might be most
interesting to you.
So, the new Health app is going to bring you even
more powerful perspective on your health.
Now, all of this health data is securely stored in
your iPhone or encrypted in iCloud, and since there
is nothing more private than your health
information, you control your data.
You can decide if you want to share particular health
data with selected apps, if you would like to share
anything at all.
Those are some of the great new features coming
to watchOS 6.
To give you a look at some of this running live,
please welcome to the stage, watchOS program
lead, Haley Allen.
>> HALEY ALLEN: Thanks so much, Kevin.
I have been loving watchOS 6 and I'm super excited to
have the opportunity to show it to you today.
Let's start with a few of my favorite faces.
This is the new modular compact face and now I can
have a large info graph complication alongside
a beautiful dial.
And there is even room in the corner for a couple of
my favorite rich complications like these
two new ones, wind and rain.
Let's tap customize and check out some of the options.
This is the new Noise complication which tells
me how loud it is in here.
It's pretty quiet.
Let's make some noise and see how this works.
Thank you.
That's great.
The next face I want to show you is one of our
most popular faces and this year we have made it
even cooler because you can customize it to our
all new monochrome style.
I love the simplicity of this two-tone look.
In the middle here is the Audiobooks complication and
I can just tap on it and resume right where I left off.
And the Now Playing controls on watchOS 6 are great,
showing me exactly what I need to see for that app.
In Audiobooks, I can tap here at the bottom and
find that chapter I want to listen to again.
It's never been easier to listen to great books on the go.
The last face I want to show you is the gradient face.
Kevin showed you how beautiful it looks full
screen and I can also customize it to add all of
my favorite rich complications.
I'm constantly multitasking.
With a busy job and a son at home sometimes I only
have a moment to capture a quick thought.
Let me tap on the Voice Memos complication in the
bottom right corner and do that now.
Remind Marcus that just because you are almost seven
does not mean you get to, quote, "Veto your bedtime."
Now, I'm super excited to give you the first look at
the all new App Store.
With curated collections and apps, it's super easy
to discover and download great apps for the Watch.
Let's check out Chineasy.
I can just tap here to see ratings and screenshots.
And I can download it directly from my Watch.
It's super convenient.
Let me show you an app I have already downloaded,
the MLB app.
With the new audio streaming APIs in watchOS 6,
I can listen in to any live game no matter where I am.
Now, they aren't actually playing right now, but let
me just tap here and give you a preview of how this works.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Two, one, pitch coming.
A swing and high drive to right field.
Going back to the track, it's got a shot.
Right at the wall.
It is gone.
>> HALEY ALLEN: Yes, isn't that cool?
Come on.
All right.
Thanks so much.
Those are just a few highlights in watchOS 6.
I think you are going to love it.
Back to you, Kevin.
>> KEVIN LYNCH: Thank you, Haley.
That was really cool.
Now, there is so much more to watchOS 6, like
recognizing songs with Shazam built right in and
automatic software updates right on your Watch.
Now, lastly, we know how personalized you like to
make Watch from the Watch faces to the physical
bands, and we are introducing today some new
summer colors and an all-new Pride edition Watch band.
It matches perfectly with the new pride Watch face
on your Watch.
So, watchOS 6 is another large step forward for
Watch and it is really an honor for the team to be
crafting something so personal to all of you.
Thank you and back to Tim.
>> TIM COOK: Thank you, Kevin.
All of these great new features will make the Apple
Watch an even more indispensable part of your daily life.
Now, let's talk about iOS, the world's most powerful
mobile Operating System.
Last year, we delivered iOS 12 which is full of
amazing features from dynamic new AR experiences
and Memoji to screen time and faster performance,
and once again, iOS has the highest customer
satisfaction in the industry with an
incredible 97%.
This is unbelievable.
And as always, our adoption rate is industry
leading as well.
85% of iOS customers are on the latest release.
And in fact, iOS 12 has been installed on more
systems than any version of iOS ever.
Now, that's in stark contrast to the latest
offering from those other guys which was released
before iOS 12; they only have 10% adoption.
Now, this high adoption rate is a huge benefit for
both users and developers.
Now, to tell you about the next major release of iOS,
I'd like to hand it over to Craig.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'd like to talk - all right, we've got a lot
to talk about this morning.
I'd like to talk about our next big release of iOS.
Now, when it came to naming this release, our
crack marketing team really surprised us this
year by demonstrating their ability to count
well into the double digits.
Yes, it's iOS 13.
Now, iOS 13 is a huge release packed with lots
of capabilities, but we know that nothing is more
important to our iPhone users than performance.
So, this year, we worked top to bottom in the
system, making everything faster that you do the most.
Things like unlocking with Face ID, now 30% faster.
Now, this one is cool.
We have changed the way that we are packaging apps
on the App Store, and when this rolls out in the fall
with iOS 13, you will see that your downloads are
now 50% smaller.
And updates, 60% smaller.
But what's - yes.
But what's really incredible is the effect
it has on app launch speed.
It's up to twice as fast in iOS 13.
Now, we were able to do this in a release packed
with new features and there is one that I think
is going to really resonate with some of you
here and I would like to introduce it to you now.
Let's take a look.
(Music playing)
That's right.
We are bringing Dark Mode to iOS.
I'd love to show it to you live now.
All right.
Let's take our first live look at iOS.
Now, here it is in its traditional light
appearance with this gorgeous new wallpaper,
but now let's begin our descent into darkness.
Look at that.
The gorgeous dark wallpaper and
notifications look great.
Let's take a look at our Widgets.
They look just awesome.
Let's take a look at some apps.
We will start with News.
Check it out with a gorgeous dark appearance,
so nice.
And your calendar, your daily events have never
looked so awesome with this really beautiful palette.
And Notes.
Look at this refined texture, it's really fantastic.
Let's take a trip into Messages.
You see how your images, your emoji, they all look
just fantastic.
And, of course, the keyboard, with an extra
refined new dark appearance and some new
tricks because now when you type, you can swipe.
Just like that.
It's really great.
Let's take a look at Photos.
Of course, it looks fantastic in Dark Mode.
Now, this is our Dark Mode Project Team at the
project kickoff.
You see it was happy times.
They did slowly begin their descent into darkness.
We take the details very seriously.
Let's take a look at our new share sheet.
It looks awesome in Dark Mode, but you notice in
the middle sharing suggestions intelligently
based on who you share with and who appears
in the photos.
You can share with just a tap.
It's so fast and easy.
And finally, music.
Your music looks great in Dark Mode.
It can go through some of my recent play back.
Of course, start playing some music here.
And now for the first time ever, time synced lyrics.
And that is a quick look at what's new with Dark
Mode in iOS 13.
So, great performance, intelligent sharing, the
new quick path keyboard and Dark Mode.
But, of course, there is much more to iOS 13,
starting with apps.
Let's start with Safari, Mail, and Notes.
Now, Safari has new options to quickly change
text sizing and has per website preferences.
Mail gets desktop class text formatting controls,
including support for rich fonts.
And Notes gets this beautiful new gallery
view, support for shared folders, and much more.
But where we really went deep is with Reminders.
We have completely reinvented the app,
rewriting it from the ground up to make it more
intelligent, intuitive and powerful and easier than
ever to create Reminders.
So, for instance, just type what you want and
Reminders will understand when and where to notify you.
Or you can use the new quick type bar; just tap
and enter things like location or even
attachments like photos.
With tasks, you can now associate to-dos with a
top-level reminder.
Now, smart lists, they help you keep track of
your most important items and, if you tag a person
in a reminder, well, next time you are in a Messages
conversation, you will automatically get a
notification letting them know that now is time to talk.
It's really handy.
Next, Maps.
Maps is with you everywhere you are from
work, home, or even on the go with CarPlay.
And our team continues its obsession with building
the best possible map.
Now, we have outfitted literally hundreds of
planes and cars with custom sensors and lidar
and driven over four million miles to rebuild
our map from the ground up, and the results
are really impressive.
Here is our old map and here is the new map.
It's just great.
Now, we expect to roll out this map across the entire
US by the end of this year and select other
countries next year.
But we didn't stop there.
There is much more to Maps, and to give you a
quick look at what's new, I would like to invite
Meg Frost, our Director of Product Design to the
stage for a quick demo.
>> MEG FROST: All right.
All right.
Thank you.
I'm so happy to show you what's new in Apple Maps.
All right.
First, let's take a look at that new map.
As Craig said, we have been driving and flying
all across the United States, collecting land and aerial
data to add significant new detail to the map.
So, now roads and beaches, parks and buildings look great.
We have also added a couple of very useful new
features to our recently designed launch screen
like favorites, where I can add the places I go
every day for quick and easy access.
Now, I can just tap and go.
And with collections, this is where I can organize
all of my favorites or I can make lists of
favorites to share with friends, or I can finally
organize that next big trip.
Let's check out my SF spots collection.
Now, I have been checking out Chinatown.
You will notice in the upper right-hand corner,
there is a new binoculars button.
When I tap that, I get a brand-new look around window.
Yes, this is the right place to drop in, so I'm
going to go full screen.
With look around, I get a gorgeous, high
definition 3D view.
It's an awesome way to explore.
But this is my favorite part.
Turn your phone and hold on tight.
Smoothly move down the street.
Yep, I bet you haven't seen it look like that before.
I can tap on labels to learn more about new places.
Yes, I think I will check this one out later.
And those are just a few of the new features that
we will be bringing to Apple Maps.
Thanks, and back to you, Craig.
>> CRAIG FEDERIGHI: Thank you, Meg.
Now, we think Maps users are really going to love
favorites, collections and look around, but there is
much more to Maps, like junction view for China,
or the ability when you are en route to share an
up to date ETA with friends and family with
just a tap.
But what's most important is that Maps has been
designed to be private and secure.
We always protect your identity and activity, and
there is no need to flip a switch to ask Maps to
start respecting your privacy because at Apple,
we believe privacy is a fundamental human right
and we engineer it into everything we do.
This year, we are doing even more.
I want to focus on three big areas starting with location.
Sharing your location with a third-party app can
really enable some useful experiences, but we don't
expect to have that privilege used to track us,
and so this year we are building in even more protections.
Now, for the first time, you can share your
location to an app just once, and then require it
to ask you again next time it wants it.
And if you do choose to grant an app the ability
to continually monitor your location in the
background, we will give you reports so you will
know what they are up to.
Now, some apps try to work around these protections
by scanning for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals to infer
your location.
Well, we are shutting the door on that abuse as well.
Next, I want to turn to log in.
We have all seen buttons like this, asking us to
use a social account log in to get a more
personalized experience with an app.
Now, this can be convenient, but it also
can come at the cost of your privacy.
Your personal information sometimes gets shared
behind the scenes and these log ins can be used
to track you.
We wanted to solve this and many developers do too.
So, now we have the solution.
It's called sign in with Apple.
Sign in with Apple is the fast, easy way to sign in
without all of the tracking.
Its simple API allows the developer to put a sign in
with Apple button in their app.
You just tap it and you are authenticated with
Face ID on your device, logged in with a new
account without revealing any new personal information.
Now, some apps may want your name, and maybe even
an email to send you information when you are
outside the app.
Now, we do allow them to request this information,
but check this out; you can choose to share your
actual email address or you can choose to hide it,
and when you do, we will create a unique random
address that forwards to your real address.
A lot of love for random addresses here.
And that's good news because we give each app a
unique random address.
This means you can disable any one of them at any
time when you are tired of hearing from that app.
It's really great.
So, of course, this entire experience is meant to
help you have control over your data.
Now, this is available across all of our
platforms, and also on the Web.
Now, next I want to turn to HomeKit.
You know, our homes are such personal places,
places where we deserve to feel safe and secure.
So, HomeKit has been designed from the outset
to protect the privacy and security in your use of
home accessories.
And no accessory is more personal than security
cameras that film in and around your home.
Now, unfortunately, most home cameras today send
people's video up to the Cloud, so it can be
analyzed to tell the difference between maybe a
leaf blowing in the wind and someone at your door,
but unfortunately, this risks your privacy.
We have a new way; it's called HomeKit Secure Video.
Now, yes.
HomeKit Secure Video, in that case the video is
analyzed in your home on your resident iPad,
HomePod or Apple TV and then it is encrypted and
securely sent to iCloud where no one, not even
Apple, can see it.
Now, of course, you will be alerted if there is any
activity, and you will be able to review the recordings.
Now, storage for ten days of clips will be included
in your existing iCloud accounts and it won't
count against your storage.
Netatmo, Logitech and Eufy will be among the first to
provide these cameras with more to come.
Now, in addition to cameras, HomeKit supports
a wide variety of other accessories.
But many accessories don't just connect via HomeKit; they also
connect via the Internet and through your router.
Unfortunately, this can leave them open to attack
and we want to make sure that this can't happen.
And so, we are bringing HomeKit to routers.
Now, with HomeKit at the router, we will
automatically firewall off each of your accessories
so even if one were to be compromised, it wouldn't
be able to access your other devices or
compromise your personal information.
The first HomeKit enabled routers will be coming
from Linksys, Eero and Internet service providers
like Charter Spectrum.
Next up, Messages.
Now, we have all received messages like this, like
who is this guy?
Well, wouldn't it be better if you could see
something like this, or maybe even this?
Well, now you can because with iOS 13, you and the
people you message with will be able to share your
name and your photo, and even use Memoji or Animoji
to create a photo of yourself.
Now, this information is only shared when you
message with someone, so you are completely in
control of who sees your name and picture.
Now, since we are all going to be creating a lot
more Memoji, we wanted to make them even better at
reflecting our own personal style, so we've
added a huge amount of new options for makeup,
accessories and so much more.
I would like to have some experts give you a quick look.
>> DESI PERKINS: Hi guys.
I'm Desi Perkins.
>> PATRICK STARR: And I'm Patrick Starr.
>> DESI PERKINS: We're beauty influencers.
>> PATRICK STARR: From the internet.
Today, we're going to show you how to make a cute,
flirty Memoji look.
>> DESI PERKINS: Using all the new makeup and
accessories in iOS 13.
>> PATRICK STARR: Starting with eye shadow.
>> DESI PERKINS: This is my favorite eye shadow right now.
It's called Apple Fuchsia Number Six and it comes in
this really cute little toolbar.
>> PATRICK STARR: Close your eyes.
Let me see.
>> DESI PERKINS: Lipstick.
>> DESI PERKINS: Violet.
>> DESI PERKINS: Oh, ash?
>> PATRICK STARR: Desi, you have to go Dark Mode.
Darker, darker.
>> DESI PERKINS: Piercings.
>> PATRICK STARR: Nose ring, brow ring, earring,
lip ring, tongue ring.
>> DESI PERKINS: You can customize your teeth and hair?
Oh, braces, gap tooth, missing tooth.
>> PATRICK STARR: A mini grill.
>> DESI PERKINS: Earrings, do you think this will be cool?
I'm allergic to fake jewelry.
>> PATRICK STARR: Okay, moving on, hair.
How about this?
>> DESI PERKINS: We have to screenshot these.
What else?
>> DESI PERKINS: And glasses.
>> PATRICK STARR: Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute, cute.
What do we have here?
>> DESI PERKINS: Last but not least -
>> PATRICK STARR: Everyone, these are our
finished looks.
>> DESI PERKINS: Thanks, Pat, for joining me.
>> PATRICK STARR: Oh, of course.
Thanks for joining me.
Don't forget to like and subscribe. Thanks.
>> DESI PERKINS: And Craig, I have a few tips for you.
Let's connect after the show.