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>> TIM COOK: Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you.
Thank you. Wow!
Thank you. Thank you.
Good morning!
And welcome to the Steve Jobs Theater.
As you can tell, today is going to be a very different
kind of event.
We have got some really exciting things to share with
you, and we are going to have some fun along the way,
so let's get going.
For decades, Apple has been creating world-class hardware
and world-class software.
We have also been creating a growing collection of
world-class services, and that is what today is all about.
(Cheers and Applause)
So what is a service?
Well, if you look it up in the dictionary,
you will see that a service is defined as the action of helping
or doing work for someone.
At Apple, our services are actively working to help our
customers get the most out of their products and to enrich
their lives.
Using the iPhone as an example, let's take a look at
our services in action.
The iPhone you carry with you with its powerful hardware and
powerful software allows you to capture the very best moments of
your life, and our iCloud service helps you easily share
those photos with loved ones and automatically makes your entire
photo library available across all of your devices, anytime,
anywhere, safe, and protected.
This is just one example of the benefits that come from the
seamless integration of hardware, software,
and services.
And this is something that Apple does better than anyone else.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now, we have a whole range of services, like iCloud,
our service which keeps your contacts, calendar, notes, and,
as I just showed you, your photos,
and even your documents up-to-date across all of
your devices.
Siri is the most popular personal assistant in the world
that helps you get things done just by asking.
And Apple Maps, the most used navigation system on iOS by far.
Apple Pay is our service that lets you make secure purchases
in stores and apps and on the Web.
And we offer communication services like Messages and
FaceTime so you can stay connected with people
that you love.
We provide services that help you locate your devices with
Find My iPhone or simply know that your kids made it to school
on time with Find My Friends.
And then there is Apple Music and Podcasts and Books and the
App Store and Apple News, services that deliver incredible
content and experiences directly to you whenever and
wherever you are.
Now, most of these services are free,
while some of them are paid, offering very valuable content
from talented creators, storytellers, and artists.
We take this same approach at Apple with our services as we do
our products.
They have to be easy to use.
They have an uncompromising attention to detail and design
and engineering.
They are designed to keep your personal information
private and secure.
And with our services, we do even more.
They are curated by our expert editors.
They are personalized just for you.
And they are designed to be shared with your entire family.
Now, today we are excited to extend our services even further
making them even more entertaining, more useful,
and more informative.
So let's get started with Apple News.
(Cheers and Applause)
When we created Apple News over three years ago,
we wanted to provide the best way to read the news on your
iPhone and iPad, and we felt we could make a difference in the
way that news is experienced and understood,
a place where the news would come from trusted sources and be
curated by experts.
Now, this is a very different approach than others have taken.
As Slate pointed out by hand-picking its publishers and
stories, Apple News prioritizes a news source's reputation and
the value of its content over the propensity of its headlines
to garner clicks and likes.
With news being so important to us,
it's critical that it be trusted.
With over 5 billion articles read each month,
Apple News is now the number one news app! Unbelievable!
In fact, Apple News has become an essential daily destination
for millions of people.
Our editors pick the Top Stories every day so you can stay on top
of important news.
You get a personalized news feed delivering stories on
topics that are most interesting to you,
whether they come from publishers that you regularly
read or from ones that you are completely new to you.
Now, when it comes to major events,
our team of editors curate collections of the best stories
from news, and sports, entertainment, and so much more.
Now, probably like many of you, I love the feeling of being at
the newsstand with all of those beautiful and thought-provoking
magazines covering so many topics.
We want them all, but we might only be able to get
one or maybe two.
But what if we could have them all?
Well, today we are going to do just that.
We are bringing magazines to Apple News.
With amazing design and striking photography,
in-depth journalism, magazines are iconic and a
part of our culture.
They follow and create the latest trends in fashion and
style, they entertain, they educate us about the world we
live in, they provide insights into science and technology,
they go behind the scenes with exclusive interviews of our
favorite artists, they feature the work of some of the world's
best journalists, they cover the world of sports,
they bring today's business innovation and technology into
focus, and they tell stories that
give us perspective.
All of these magazines come to life in an all new service that
we call Apple News+.
This is going to take Apple News to a whole new level.
We've made a video about the power of journalism and its
cultural impact and I would love to play it for you now.
(Music playing)
>> REBECCA TRAISTER: My passion as a journalist has been to help
readers better understand the moment that we are living in.
>> AARON HUEY: I definitely go further to get a shot than my
wife would like me to go.
>> SAMIRA NASR: I think fashion magazines play such a huge role.
Magazines allowed me to kind of see people that looked
more like me.
>> DANA SCRUGGS: You have to have more voices.
Representation in front of the camera is important,
but representation behind the camera is even more important.
>> REBECCA TRAISTER: One of the functions of journalism in this
moment is to offer a fuller picture of power.
Who has it?
Who doesn't have it?
And what the costs of that have been.
>> AARON HUEY: Photography can take us anywhere in that
infinite world of stories and gives you an empathy that you
could have never imagined.
>> REBECCA TRAISER: Great writing ideally helps people
make sense of the world.
>> WALTER IOOSS JR: Sports photography is my life and
that's what I have been inspired by, freezing time.
>> REBECCA TRAISER: Part of my job is to shed light on stories
that have been kept in the dark.
>> AARON HUEY: The container for these stories is changing.
If we have a place to go to that we can trust to hold all of
those stories, that is going to help.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now, to tell you more about Apple News+,
I'd like to invite up Roger Rosner,
Vice President of Applications. Roger.
>> ROGER ROSNER: I'm thrilled to tell you about the new service
we are bringing to Apple News.
Our goal for Apple News+ was simple,
we wanted to create the best magazine reading experience ever
for a mobile device.
Apple News+ will bring you over 3,000 magazines across all,
I'm sorry, 300 magazines across all sorts of topics,
like entertainment, fashion, news, and politics.
We've got great health magazines,
and great lifestyle magazines.
We've got magazines for travelers,
magazines for foodies, magazines for gear heads.
We've got magazines for just about every passion
under the sun.
And Apple News+ is the only place where you will find all of
these magazines in a single package.
To show it to you, I'd like to invite up Wyatt Mitchell,
Apple's Director of Design for Applications.
>> WYATT MITCHELL: Thank you, Roger.
Let's take a look at the new Apple News+.
It all starts with the same great Apple News free
experience, and that means it's got Top Stories,
it's got Trending Stories, and here are my personalized
recommendations in for you.
With an Apple News+ subscription,
the experience gets even better.
It means I get the latest magazines.
With this design, we wanted to add the best of the magazine
experience into the app, and that starts with the covers.
We wanted to make them even more inviting,
an entrance into another world, so we created the live cover.
Check this one out from National Geographic.
It's an amazing aerial view.
It's an amazing aerial view of Sydney, Australia,
and what looks like an incredible issue.
So let's take a look.
When I tap on the cover, I am taken to the table of contents
where I can see all the articles in the issue.
I can jump to whichever one I'm interested in like this.
And here I land in a National Geographic article,
beautifully designed, and full of amazing infographics.
Apple News+ makes the experience of diving into an issue even
more fun and exciting.
It's really like having National Geographic designed
for my phone.
And to get more, I can just tap on the table of contents or I can
browse the issue by simply swiping from article to article
like this.
I can read full magazine issues no matter where or when right on
my phone.
All right, let me get back to the Today tab.
There are more recommendations of articles and issues here,
but the place to explore all magazines is the News+ tab.
Here we wanted to design a home dedicated to everything about
enjoying magazines.
I can easily find my favorite titles right
here in My Magazines.
There is the National Geographic I was just looking at.
Here's one of my all-time favorites, the New Yorker.
I'll also see suggestions like Popular Science here based
on my interests.
And recent issues are automatically downloaded so I
will already have them before I board a flight.
Scrolling down, here is one of our first looks.
It's the new cover of Rolling Stone featuring some of the
stars of Game of Thrones.
Now, everything here is curated by the Apple News editors and
personalized, which makes it really easy to discover a great
article or explore a topic like this group of travel stories
recommended for me.
I have been reading a lot about Costa Rica recently,
and while I'm not a regular reader of Marie Claire,
I can see that News+ is recommending their article on
traveling there, which is really smart and really great.
I will also see featured articles like this one from
Wired Magazine, and new issues like this one from Essence with
Issa Rae on the cover.
Now along with the cover, I can see a few articles from the
issue, which makes it really easy to browse.
Now I'm going to tap on this cover story because I'm a big
fan of her show Insecure.
And here we enter another beautifully designed article.
Design plays such a big part of magazines,
we really wanted to give the titles their ability to express
their own unique look and feel through their design,
typography, and photography.
This is really a great example of it.
This is Essence designed for the phone.
So it looks great here on the phone.
Let's take a look at it on an iPad.
I'm going to open up the same article on the iPad.
And as you can see, the article looks fantastic here
too, and nicely adapted to the larger size.
And just like on the phone, I can always tap on the table of
contents to navigate to another article.
I'm going to try this beauty story.
And here we have a beautiful photo essay.
The iPad really shows off great photography like this.
Now, if I'm looking for something specific or just
wanting to browse, I can navigate to the full breadth of
the catalog by just tapping here at the top,
and here I have hundreds and hundreds of magazines.
I can find my sports, my music, my travel.
I can find the entire Newsstand that Tim referred to right here
on my iPad.
And that's the new Apple News+, the best mobile magazine
experience ever.
Back to you, Roger.
>> ROGER ROSNER: Thank you, Wyatt.
I think Apple News+ is awesome.
No one has ever made digital magazines as gorgeous and
readable as this.
Whether you like to read whole issues cover to cover or
individual articles, Apple News+ is the best way to read
magazines on your device.
But Apple News+ is about more than magazines.
Apple News+ also includes some of the most popular premium
digital subscriptions like The Skimm.
But we didn't stop there.
Apple News+ also includes the country's largest metropolitan
newspaper and a rising star, the L.A. Times.
And I'm super proud to announce that Apple News+ also includes
one of the world's top newspapers,
The Wall Street Journal.
And, of course, Apple News+ is built on a foundation of expert
human curation and industry‑leading
personalization, so finding what you are looking for in that
incredible collection of content is as easy as
launching Apple News.
When we announced Apple News, we told you we designed it to be
private from the ground up, and that's still true,
and it's even more important today.
So sometimes people ask us, how do we recommend the best
articles for you without compromising your privacy?
The answer is we download groups of articles from our servers,
and then we use on device intelligence
to make recommendations.
And that means we don't know what you read,
and in addition to that, we don't allow advertisers
to track you.
So what you read about in Apple News will not follow you
across the Web.
So Apple News+, over 300 great magazines,
The Wall Street Journal, the L.A.
Times, those great premium digital subscriptions.
There has literally never been an offer like this before.
If you were to subscribe to all of these individually,
it would cost you over $8,000 per year.
But with Apple News+, you pay $9.99 per month.
And that's not just for you.
We thought this was so important we decided to make this
available to your entire family with Family Sharing
at no extra charge.
Each person in your family gets full access to that incredible
catalog on their own devices with their own favorites and
their own personal recommendations.
It's an amazing value.
Apple News+ is available today, just download today's updates of
iOS and macOS and launch Apple News and the first
month is free.
And in addition to launching in the U.S., I'm happy to say we
are also bringing Apple News and Apple News+ to Canada in both
English and in French.
And we are adding over 30 great Canadian magazines to Apple
News+ along with the top newspaper in Canada, The Star.
And later this year, we will be bringing Apple News+ to
Australia and we will be coming to Europe starting with the U.K.
So that's Apple News+, a premium subscription built right into
Apple News that brings you the world's best publications all in
one place, built on the principles that guide all
of our services.
We are super excited about this.
We hope you like it.
Thanks so much!
>> TIM COOK: This is really important to us.
We believe in the power of journalism and the impact it can
have on our lives.
We want to make a valuable contribution to the industry and
to society as a whole.
We think Apple News+ is going to be great for customers and great
for publishers.
Now let's talk about Apple Pay.
We launched Apple Pay with a vision to replace the wallet,
and people are absolutely loving it.
Apple Pay is the simplest, most secure, and private way to pay,
and its growth has been literally off the charts.
In fact, we are on target to surpass 10 billion transactions
this year.
This is huge!
We are looking forward to a future where all payments are
made this way.
Now, retail acceptance of Apple Pay has already past 70% in the
United States and it's even higher in many other countries
like Canada and the United Kingdom and so many more which
broadly accept Apple Play.
In Australia, we have achieved an amazing 99% acceptance.
And we have been adding more and more countries.
And by the end of this year, we expect that Apple Pay will be
available in more than 40 countries.
Apple Pay has also made riding transit easier and more
convenient than ever before.
Every day, millions of customers in these cities use their iPhone
or their Apple Watch to go quickly through the turnstiles
and get on their way.
And I'm excited to tell you that we are bringing Apple Pay to
transit in major cities in the U.S.
starting right here on the west coast with Portland and rolling
out in Chicago and New York City later this year.
So retail, transit apps, on the Web, Apple Pay cash,
there are so many ways to use Apple Pay with its convenience,
security, and privacy.
And it's become the preferred way to pay for almost anything.
But we want to take the Apple Pay experience even further.
And we saw an opportunity to transform another fundamental
method of payment, and that's the credit card.
Now, with the success and momentum of Apple Pay,
we have learned a lot about credit cards.
While we all need them, there are some things about the credit
card experience that could be so much better,
like simplifying applications, eliminating fees,
lowering interest rates, offering clear and compelling
rewards, and, of course, providing the security and the
privacy that people have come to expect for Apple Pay.
By bringing together our hardware, software,
and services, we are going to do all of this and so much more
changing the entire credit card experience.
Today we are introducing a brand-new service and we call it
Apple Card.
Apple Card was created by Apple and built on principles that we
stand for like simplicity and transparency and privacy.
To tell you all about Apple Card,
I'm very pleased to invite up Jennifer Bailey,
Vice President of Apple Pay. Jennifer.
>> JENNIFER BAILEY: Thank you.
With Apple Card, we have completely rethought
the credit card.
A new kind of card that takes advantage of everything iPhone
offers is designed for a healthier financial life and
sets a new level for privacy and security.
Apple Card is designed to take advantage of the
power of the iPhone.
This means it can do all sorts of things that no other credit
card can do.
For starters, you don't have to wait days to get your card.
Just sign up on your iPhone, and in just minutes you get your
Apple Card and you can start using it right away.
You can use it worldwide anywhere with Apple Pay,
in apps, in stores, on the Web, and your Apple Card will be
available across all of your Apple devices.
Apple Card is also always with you because it's in your iPhone
in the Wallet app, and the Wallet app has completely new
capabilities, so you can see everything you need to know
about your Apple Card, like what you have spent,
how much you've spent, and when your payment is due.
We've also made it really easy to get help.
With Apple Card, if you have a question,
just text us right from Messages.
Everything from getting details on a transaction to letting us
know your new address, it's as easy as messaging a friend.
Next, we've taken on an important challenge with Apple
Card to help everyone live a healthier financial life.
It starts with having a better understanding of your spending
so you can make smarter choices with your money.
Many of you looking at your credit card statements today
might recognize seeing transactions that look like
this, cryptic merchant names that are pretty
hard to decipher.
With Apple Card, we use Machine Learning and Apple Maps to
transform this mess into names and locations that
you will recognize.
Apple Card also automatically organizes and
totals your purchases, so you can see how much you've spent
and exactly where you've spent it with Apple Maps,
and you can keep track of your spending by categories like food
and drink, shopping, entertainment, and more.
Where each category is represented by its own color,
like orange for food and drink, and Apple Card also shows you
how your spending is trending week over week or month or
month, so you can decide in real time if you need to or want to
change your spending.
Next up, let's talk about rewards.
Most rewards programs use points.
With points, you are never quite sure how much they are worth or
where or when you can use them.
With Apple Card, we want you to get the most for your money.
So every time you spend with Apple Card, you get cash back,
and you get it every day.
It's my favorite feature, and we call it Daily Cash.
So when you are buying your morning coffee,
shopping for groceries, and any time you pay using Apple Card,
you get Daily Cash, not a month from now, but every day.
So every day you spend, cash is added to your Apple Cash Card,
which is also in the Wallet app.
And it's cash, like real cash, so you can do anything with it.
Use it to pay down your balance, spend it wherever you use Apple
Pay, or send it to friends using Messages.
In fact, every time you pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch,
you will get 2% of the purchase amount in Daily Cash.
And for purchases made directly from Apple,
like from our Apple Retail stores, from our App Store,
or when you purchase services like Apple Music or News+,
you get 3% Daily Cash.
And the amount of Daily Cash that you can receive every day
is unlimited.
So that's Daily Cash.
Every day, cash, for you.
How great is that?
Another area where we can make a really big impact in improving
your financial health is helping you understand how much you owe,
and if you want to pay it back over time,
how much it will cost you.
This is how most cards show your payment options,
with an emphasis on minimum payments,
which costs you a fortune in interest,
and seem to be designed to keep you in debt.
With Apple Card, our goal is to help you save on interest,
so we start by making it easy to see a range of payment options.
And because Apple Card calculates interest in real
time, as you select different payment amounts,
you can make a more informed payment decision understanding
the true cost.
Another way to save on interest is to pay more often,
say, biweekly or weekly, so we have added the flexibility to
schedule more frequent payments.
And when we thought about a financially healthy credit card,
all of the fees and high interest rates that most banks
charge are just not okay.
So Apple Card does not have any fees, no late fees,
no annual fees, no international fees, and no over limit fees.
No fees.
And our goal with Apple Card is to provide each customer with an
interest rate that is among the lowest in the industry.
Even if you miss a payment, we won't charge you a penalty rate
like most banks do.
Our goal is to make it easier for you to pay down your
balance, not harder.
To create a credit card, you need a bank,
and to create a credit card as innovative as Apple Card,
we needed a bank that was willing to do things that had
never been done in the industry before,
so we partnered with Goldman Sachs as the issuing bank of
Apple Card.
As a newcomer to consumer financial services,
Goldman was up for the challenge of doing something
more bold and innovative.
We are also excited to be working with MasterCard who has
been a fantastic partner on Apple Pay from the start.
With MasterCard's Global Payment Network,
Apple Card will be accepted all over the world.
We also designed Apple Card to set a new level for
privacy and security.
Security is totally integrated throughout the
hardware and software.
When you get your Apple Card, a unique per device card number is
created and stored safely in the Secure Element,
a special security chip used by Apple Pay.
Each payment includes a one‑time dynamic security code which
protects your card number from being used without your
authorization, and every purchase is authenticated with
Touch ID or Face ID.
With all of these security features,
Apple Card is the more secure way to pay.
And Apple Card is designed with your privacy in mind.
We created a unique architecture for Apple Card
where Apple doesn't know what you bought, where you bought
it, or how much you paid for it.
So features like spend tracking and categorization all happen
using on device intelligence, not on
Apple servers.
And for Apple Card, Goldman Sachs will never share or sell
your data to third parties for marketing or advertising.
So that's Apple Card, designed for iPhone and a healthier
financial life and sets a new level for privacy and security.
But that's not all.
For those rare times when you happen to be somewhere where
Apple Pay is not yet accepted, we designed something
for that, too.
And, you know, when we design something,
we design it to be the best, and we would like to show it
to you now.
(Music playing)
>> JENNIFER BAILEY: The card is titanium and your name is laser
etched on it.
It's the most beautifully designed card ever.
And your Apple Card is more secure than others.
It has no card number, no CVV, no expiration, and no signature.
Of course, if you ever need that information,
it's in the Wallet app.
As I noted earlier, you will receive 3% Daily Cash for
purchases made directly from Apple,
2% Daily Cash for Apple Pay, and when you make a purchase with
this beautiful titanium Apple Card, you get 1% Daily Cash.
So that's Apple Card.
There's never been a credit card like it before.
Apple Card will be coming to the Wallet app in the U.S.
this summer and we think you are going to love it.
Thank you.
Back to you.
>> TIM COOK: Thanks, Jennifer. Great!
With our hardware, software, and services,
we think that Apple is uniquely positioned to make the most
significant change in the credit card experience in 50 years,
and we can't wait to get started.
Now, let's turn our attention to the App Store.
Apps have reshaped the way that we work, connect, learn,
and play.
From day one, the App Store has been a safe and trusted place
for users to discover and download apps.
We review every single app before it goes live.
We also have a team of expert editors creating rich editorial
content and curated collections of the best apps.
The App Store has become the essential destination to
discover new apps, to learn more about the apps you already have,
or just to meet the developers behind them.
It's no wonder that the App Store is now visited by over a
half a billion people each week.
Now, the most popular category on the App Store is games.
In fact, iOS has become the largest gaming platform
in the world.
Now, we want to make gaming even better.
To tell you more about what we have planned,
I'm pleased to bring up Ann Thai,
Senior Product Marketing Manager of the App Store. Ann.
>> ANN THAI: Thanks, Tim.
Many games on the App Store are not just hits but also
cultural phenomena.
You know about them regardless of whether you have played them.
They become part of pop culture like the many Fortnite emotes we
have seen on the playing field.
And all of this is no surprise when there have been over one
billion people who have downloaded games from
the App Store.
The App Store supports a vibrant gaming community of players of
all ages and backgrounds from around the world with a catalog
of nearly 300,000 games.
The App Store has both free and paid games.
Free games are either supported by advertising or have in‑app
purchases, like Clash Royale.
These are incredibly popular and hundreds of millions of people
love playing them.
With paid games, customers pay up front for the full
experience, like Monument Valley 2.
These games often have incredible stories and capture
your imagination with their original art and music.
They are some of the most critically acclaimed
games ever made.
But competing with free is hard, so these games haven't been as
successful for developers and they haven't been as easy to
find for players.
We think we have come up with a great new way to bring more of
these amazing games to more people than ever before.
We are working with some of the most creative game developers in
the world on a new kind of service designed specifically
for games like these, a service that is giving them the freedom
to do the best work of their lives.
We call it Apple Arcade.
Apple Arcade is the world's first game subscription service
for mobile, desktop, and living room.
With Apple Arcade, we have carried a collection of
brand-new games that redefine games,
and we are not just curating them,
we are backing their development and our team is working closely
with developers to bring these games to life.
We are really excited about this,
and so are the creators we are working with.
Let's hear from some of them now.
(Music playing)
>> CHARLES CECIL: It's an extraordinary time to be
writing games.
Beyond a Steel Sky is super ambitious in that it's taking a
full, high quality console game directly to mobile.
We are working with the legendary comic book artist Dave
Gibbons who cocreated and drew Watchmen.
The story, character modeling, graphics, the audio,
all of those come together to create a game play experience
that's completely immersive.
>> SAM ROSENTHAL: Where Cards Fall tells a very personal
coming‑of‑age story that other publishers wouldn't take a
chance on.
We are not shying away from uncomfortable,
formative experiences.
We see the characters at school, we see them at the homecoming
dance, we see them have a fight with their mom.
It's really important for us to be authentic.
>> CEDRIC ADAMS: There's no guns, there's no killing.
We're just telling a story.
We are almost the complete opposite of the current market,
and most people typically wouldn't see it unless Apple
Arcade existed.
>> DENIS MIKAN: We wanted Lifelike to have a calming
effect on players.
I'm not aware of another game that uses swarm behavior as its
main game mechanic.
This fascinating beauty was inspired by natural phenomenon.
We just simply don't want to be responsible for adding another
layer of chaos into the world.
>> BEKAH SALTSMAN: Overland is a post-apocalyptic road trip
strategy game.
The cool thing about it is every time you play, it's different.
You never know what people you're going to meet or what
places you're going to go.
We're really excited that Apple was doing this platform because
people have iPads, people have iPhones,
and that means bringing a whole new audience to games.
That's awesome.
>> MALE SPEAKER: Apple Arcade is like the perfect avenue for
expanding creativity.
>> BEKAH SALTSMAN: For us, it was like, ah, finally,
finally someone who gets it.
>> DENIS MIKAN: Apple Arcade is all about giving developers the
freedom to come up with really interesting ideas that could
never have been done by the mainstream.
Everything is changing.
>> ANN THAI: These developers are some of the
greatest storytellers and artists in the world.
From immersive AR to ground-breaking multiplayer,
they are creating games that have never been possible before.
These games are insanely fun and will appeal to the kid in
all of us.
And with Apple Arcade, you will get to play all of these games.
With a single subscription, you will get access to over 100 new
and exclusive games that will raise the bar for what's
possible in gaming.
You won't find these games on any other mobile platform or in
any other subscription service.
So how will you get to Apple Arcade?
Apple Arcade will be a new area right on the App Store with its
own dedicated tab.
Rather than pay up front for each game,
your subscription will allow you to download and play any Apple
Arcade game from the App Store.
And we will be adding new games all of the time.
With full access to this amazing collection of new games,
you will have the freedom to try whatever you want
whenever you want.
You will be able to play Apple Arcade games across iPhone,
iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, and pick up where you left off in a
game even if you switch devices.
And unlike streaming services, every game will be playable
offline, so you can play anywhere regardless of your
Internet connection.
All Apple Arcade games will be all you can play,
so all game features, content, and future updates
will be included.
There will be no adds and no additional purchases needed,
and parents can manage kids' access with our
screen time features.
Like all of our products and services,
we've designed Apple Arcade to be a great experience.
The App Store already works hard to protect your privacy.
With Apple Arcade, we are taking it even further.
Apple Arcade games cannot collect any data about you nor
track any information about how you play their games without
your consent.
Also, Apple Arcade will be curated by our team of expert
editors, offer personalized recommendations,
and your family will be able to enjoy it for
no additional charge.
We really think you are going to love Apple Arcade,
a game subscription service unlike any other.
You will enjoy over 100 amazing new and exclusive games and more
games will be added all of the time.
So, who is ready to see more of these incredible games?
Here is a sneak peek of some of the games coming
to Apple Arcade.
(Music playing)
Apple Arcade will be available this fall in over 150 countries
and regions around the world.
Pricing and more details to come.
And that's a sneak peek of Apple Arcade.
>> TIM COOK: Thank you, Ann.
I can't wait until all of us can play.
Now, let's talk about TV.
For over a decade, we have been bringing you innovative TV
experiences from the first TV shows that you could download
right to your iPod to the best-in-class cinematic picture
and sound quality of today's Apple TV 4K.
We have done it because we love TV.
TV is more than just entertainment.
It's cultural.
TV, at its best, enriches our lives and we can share it with
people that we love.
Today there is so much to watch in more ways than ever before.
And with so many choices, sometimes it's hard to know
where to start.
That's why we created the Apple TV app.
It's one place to easily discover shows you will love
from over 150 streaming apps across your iPhone, iPad,
and Apple TV 4K.
In fact, our vision for Apple TV app is to bring together your
favorite shows, movies, sports, and news,
and make them available on all of your devices,
so you can spend less time looking for something to watch
and more time enjoying it.
Today we are excited to show you an all new Apple TV app.
And to tell you all about it, I'd like to invite up
Peter Stern, Vice President of Services. Peter.
>> PETER STERN: Thanks Tim.
Let's start with what you watch.
Beginning with movies, all of the new releases and the massive
iTunes movie catalog, over 100, 000
titles plus your personal library,
are now all built into the Apple TV app.
If you love movies, the new Apple TV app is now the place
for you.
Next, if you subscribe to cable or satellite TV, like Spectrum,
DirectTV, or Optimum, or one of the new Internet Live TV
providers, you can now access all of your sports, news,
and network TV right inside the Apple TV app.
For so many people, these cable bundles are convenient because
you can get access to hundreds of channels for just one price.
If you want it all, there is no better way.
But for some of us, the big bundle is more than we need,
so we designed a new TV experience where you could pay
for only the channels you want, all in one app,
with the password you already have.
Watch everything on demand and ad‑free.
Download your shows to take with you anywhere.
Enjoy the highest quality picture and sound available.
And share this great experience with your entire family.
This is how TV should work.
Now it does with Apple TV channels.
Only the channels you want on-demand, ad‑free,
for the entire family, and all of it is inside the
new Apple TV app.
We are launching Apple TV channels like HBO, Showtime,
Starz, Epix, CBS All Access, and everything else you see here,
and we will be adding even more around the world.
So, to recap, whether you get your TV from a live
streaming service like Prime Video, Hulu, or ESPN Plus,
movies from iTunes, sports, news,
and network TV from cable or satellite, or shows from HBO,
Showtime, and Starz with the new Apple TV channels,
it's all together in one place, the Apple TV app.
And because there is so much to watch all in this one place,
we have redesigned the Apple TV app to make it even simpler to
find what you love.
Let's dig in.
Your home in the Apple TV app is watch now.
Most of the time we watch TV, we want to watch our show or
tonight's game or maybe finish the movie we started last night.
That's where the up next row comes in.
All of these things you watch, no matter where they come from,
are here in up next.
It makes it so easy to pick up right where you left off.
But what do you do when you are all caught up on your shows?
If you know what you want to watch next, it's easy.
Just use Siri.
But if you don't know what to watch, well,
that's where the new Apple TV app really shines.
Our expert editors are like that friend you have that always
knows the best shows on TV.
Every day they do the work for you so you can just watch the
good stuff.
But when it comes to TV, each of us is unique.
That's why the new Apple TV app is personalized for you.
We use advanced Machine Learning to understand what you like to
watch from the subscriptions you already have so we can help you
find your next favorite show.
And, of course, the new Apple TV channels are available too,
so when you subscribe to a channel, like Showtime,
everything from that channel is in one place.
It's so easy to browse, and you can play all of it right inside
the Apple TV app, no more bouncing from app to app.
Moving beyond Watch Now, we have also created a new home for
movies, so you can buy or rent iTunes movies like Bumblebee or
you can watch Oceans 8 from your new Apple channel subscription
to HBO, all of your favorite movies are here.
The Apple TV app is also great for sports fans.
You can see current games with live scores,
check out tonight's match ups, and even get notifications when
your favorite team is having a close game.
To show you some of the cool new stuff the Apple TV app can do,
I would like to bring out Cindy Lin,
Director of Program Management. Cindy.
>> CINDY LIN: Thanks, Peter.
Hi, everyone.
I am so excited to show you the new Apple TV app.
The app is right here on my Home screen.
Let's dive in.
Everything I'm watching is here in Up Next.
I can pick up where I left off in the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,
watch the next episode of Project Runway,
or finish watching Bumblebee.
I get my cable from Spectrum, and I also have Hulu
and Prime Video.
It's all right here in the Apple TV app.
There is so much to watch.
When I want to find something new,
this is where the app really helps me out.
It's always getting smarter about what I like.