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Healthcare colors are going more towards citrus tones.
The blue story is still very relevant and it will always be relevant because of those
natural colors.
These pops of these citrus tones like greens, yellows, oranges, they just look so refreshing
and they pair well with the wood tones, which is always prevalent in the healthcare industry.
The pastels are going to be a little softer, and they can get a little grayed a little
bit, maybe being like a tinted neutral.
Getting out of that institutional look, you know, that's so out, and people want color.
People want things that remind them of nature.
So, Color Connect is these great kind of visual cues without having all these graphics and
signage that can kind of get muddled in with the design.
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Healthcare Facility Color Trends - Sherwin-Williams

437 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 5, 2019    Jade Weng translated    Evangeline reviewed
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