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Renting a place of your own could be insanely expensive
I've looked up all the okay one-bedroom apartments and studios in the area
and found absolutely nothing under 2,000 per month
I'm not picky kind of person
so by "okay", I actually meant something normal, not hunted,
and with no roaches or ghosts floating and wandering around
during the daytime and nighttime
or just any time
Since there is nothing affordable
I ended up sharing the house with several roommates
Roommates could be a little bit crazy sometimes
but, hey, look at the bright side
I've learned a lot during the time living with roommates
Especially about how to choose the right ones
which is not a very useful survival skill at all
the very first thing they've learned about choosing the right roommate
is to avoid old people, umm...
I meant to avoid having a senior roommate
Not that I'm against old people
I truly respect the seniors since we'll all grow old someday
It's just that if you're at a certain age and you still can manage to have your own place to live in
there is probably something off
Well, at least in my experience
they all ended up not being able to pay the rent
So the rest of us had to cover for them
So there's this guy Michael
my sixth sense told me not to him as one of the roommates
But the owner of the house picked him,
so I didn't really have a say
The day after he moved in
I came back from a long day of work
I grabbed my towel, clothes, shampoo, and a bunch of other toiletries
and I was ready for a nice hot shower
I opened the bathroom door
and there he was
Sleeping in the bathtub with a slice of half-eaten pepperoni pizza
lying on his stomach
and he was snoring like thunder
I stared at him for a few seconds.
Hey, wake up!
Wake up
Hello, anybody home?
Well, I tried to wake him up in multiple different ways.
None of them worked
So he occupied the whole bathroom for the entire evening
Slept all the way through the night until the very next morning
and no one was able to wake him up
He literally slept like he's dead
except for the snoring part
Yeah, like a super loud snoring corpse
He slept in the bathtub several more times after that
with different types of delicious cuisine lying on his stomach
Until the day we found out about the needles.
the needles
it's actually the cleaning lady who first saw the needles
It was in the trash can wrapped in a bunch of toilet paper
He was arrested before we even really figured out what the needles are for
but we all kind of guessed it
and I never saw him again
and there is this college kid who played really loud music after midnight
He also smokes weed inside of the room and pretended he didn't
it's not like we can't smell, you know
We've all got that one thing that Voldemort doesn't have
and... here are the two more things to avoid
liars and disrespectful DJ wannabes
He moved away eventually
and one of his friends from the rowing team took over the room
He's tall and muscular with tanned skin
He worked out in the backyard every day
He tons of fried chicken with white rice,
which I have no idea why I'm telling you these
He's alright, except for the one thing that drove us nuts
You know how the floor could be a little bit wet after you showered
which is totally normal
but it's not normal when the water spot has some sort of color
mixed with the smell of Ammonia
and the color is not just any color.
It's like a subtle yellow
Yeah, you're right
I found out that every single time
after he uses the shower
He pees right there in the bathtub
and didn't even bother to rings it up
or hide the fact that he did it
He just left it there every single time.
It was gross
but I kind of feel it's going to be super awkward
if I just went up to him and be like
"Hey, dude"
Did you just pee in the bathtub?
just by thinking of it
I could kind of feel the awkwardness of silence already.
I've always felt like I need solid evidence
before accusing anyone of doing anything
But there is no way I can prove that it's him
unless I collect a sample of the urine
and send It to the laboratory for a DNA test.
I kind of wanted to do it
but who in the world does that right?
And he moved out after graduating from school as well.
So avoid people who pee or poop in public areas
this is not China, you know
and there's Kevin
the young man works for the United States Post Office
aka the USPS
He's cool
And I liked him and he knows a lot about post office
like how to mail your stuff or how to buy stamps
and I dunno
Just some regular post office knowledge
He eats lots of canned lentils
which in my opinion is not really something edible
Blah, who eats those
but it doesn't really bother me
He's still my roommate right now
And I hope he doesn't move away before I do
because I'm pretty sure I can't find someone
as chill and cool as he is
Despite the fact that he eats lentils
I've always had roommates since all the way back in college,
but at that time I lived in the dorm
Which's a very different situation
we had to share the same room, take the same classes
and enjoy or you could say endure each other 24/7
I'm just going to let my story end here
because I don't really want to expose how reckless I was
during my college years
I was young dumb and broke
just like all the other college kids
besides the ones come from those crazy rich families
So I'll just keep that as my little secret for now
I'm nice, gentle, positive, and lovely
but I have my dark secrets too
And I'm not going to reveal myself
until I trust you enough
Maybe we'll be friends or even roommates someday
Who knows what's going to happen in the future?
I'm fly I'm free
like a bird in the sky
You can't stop me
once I'm flying so high
I'm fly, I'm free like a bird in the sky
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My CRAZY Roommates. (Roommate Stories Animated)

510 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on June 4, 2019
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