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Hi this is tutor Nick P and this is quotes 5 this quote actually comes from
the Spider-man movie some people remember it so uh Spider-man with great
power comes great responsibility okay Let's look at it. The quote used in the movie comes from the
comic book that introduced the origin of spider-man so that's where the quote
really originally came from the quote was said by Uncle Ben to Peter Parker
remember Peter Parker is Spider-man the young young teenage boy and Uncle Ben
was his uncle and you only see him in the very very only in this very first
appearance because of course he ends up getting killed the original quote in the
comic book was slightly different it read with great power there must also
come great responsibility okay so let's look at the meaning here this quote
means that if one ever gets great power they should be even more responsible of
their actions because they will directly affect large masses of people it is a
warning not to abuse power or become corrupted which could easily happen
sometimes someone may get on a power trip
yeah they enjoy having the power too much it excites them and they misuse the
power and enjoy wielding power over others other times people may get
corrupted from greed this is there is also the notion that if you have been
lucky enough to get this power it is your responsibility
it is your responsibility to do actions for the good of mankind
and if you don't bad things may happen yeah just like in the comic book
remember if you remember the movie or you remember the original story yeah he
was fighting that wrestler guy and he was promised a lot of money if he beat
him and he did end up beating him and then
the guy who put on the event actually kind of cheated Peter Parker I think only
gave him like $100 where he promised him a lot more money and of course he got
angry and as he was leaving some other guy robbed this guy and he could have
stopped that guy who robbed him and he just let him get away because he was a
little annoyed he let his pride get the better of him he let him get away
and of course this led to something bad when that guy got away he he tried to
escape by stealing Uncle Ben's car and Uncle Ben ended up getting killed so
Peter Parker kind of learned his lesson so and even in life I mean sometimes
even if you don't have great power maybe you just have a small amount of power
you have to be careful how you use it you could hurt people or you know
basically you know it could lead to bad things if you abused it or misuse it you
know it would be wonderful if our politicians or people with great power
really live by this sort of principle maybe the world would be a better place
okay I hope that uh hope that clears it up thank you very much thank
you for your time
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Tutor Nick P Quotes (5) Spider-man - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

31 Folder Collection
anitawu12 published on June 2, 2019
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