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I'm sure, you might've wondered
What if Jason Newsted never left the f*cking band?
Hi friends! It's Andriy Vasylenko.
It's been 17 years since his departure, but some fans still can't accept it.
Even though a half of them were born after that...
Anyway, we're not going to discuss everything what had, could've or should've happened
Were the actions of Jason and the band right or wrong
We will focus on music, the songs unwritten, the album unrecorded
The lost link between Reload and St. Anger
Actually, I don't think that St. Anger would exist with Jason, even if he stayed for just a few more years
So, here's what happens in our parallel timeline.
1999. Metallica decide to start working on a new album right after S&M, being inspired by the new experience.
The two new songs, “No Leaf Clover” and “Minus Human”, turned out to be really great, fans loved them.
Plus another one in progress, which is going to be a soundtrack for "Mission Impossible 2" movie.
Since the band is desires to release the album as soon as better, they don't want to get distracted.
Thus the Napster thing either doesn't happen at all or it does, creating a huge buzz for the LP.
Jason wants to make music
Jason: "When Metallica came to the point where they're taking months and months of time off from playing music, I have to still play music."
...and he finally gets it.
He sticks to his traditional role in the band: creating bass lines and, occasionally, a really good riff.
However, I doubt that anything from Echobrain could've ended up in Metallica stuff.
How the album, let's call it...
"Not My Stain"
could sound like?
There're 3 songs by which we could estimate its general direction.
Stylistically, they match the trend Metallica's been following since The Black Album:
writing relatively simple yet heavy songs.
"I Disappear" shows another edge the album could have: alternative mixed with blues.
How about nu metal and other deviations we met on St. Anger?
That could took place too, to some extent.
The material Metallica wrote in Presidio, before James' rehab and the main portion of St. Anger was written,
hints on what was happening in their creative mindset around that time.
Do you remember that "Echo Chamber" thing?
Initially, it was approved by the band's manager
and Santa Claus Cliff Bernstein.
And later disapproved by Lars' father
and metal Gendalf Torben Ulrich.
I suppose, it could become the album's intro.
Some of St. Anger's material would definitely appear on
"Not My Stain"
I believe that Jason heard some of those riffs, just like Cliff witnessed the beginnings of "And Justice for All".
For instance, “All Within My Hands” originates from Load/Reload era
and later they performed the original idea in an acoustic version of the song.
Well, how about the production?
Would our hypothetical album sound like St. Anger?
I don't think so. Maybe partially.
You see, St. Anger is what it is also because of Jason's departure and everything that it's triggered.
In our imaginary universe it doesn't happen, so the band could more-less stick to the regular sound'
we hear on "I Disappear" (note: regular, yet already slightly St. Anger-ish)
How about speed, solos, and all the good stuff from 80s?
Well, even Metallica's post-Justice albums had fast songs, such as “The Struggle Within” and “Fuel”
Speed is present on St. Anger. So, why not?
There's a distinct solo in “No Leaf Clover”
a half-solo/half-riff in “I Disappear”
and a few lead guitar squeaks in “Minus Human”
I tend to believe there'd be a little solo job for Kirk on the album, yet more than on St. Anger.
Nevertheless, he wouldn't remain unchallenged.
One of things that made Load/Reload beautiful was differentiated rhythm guitar parts:
Hetfield plays one variation in the left channel, and Hammett does something different in the right channel.
They most likely keep the approach in
"Not My Stain"
Judging from all said above, Metallica's 8th album, with Jason Newsted, released in 2000-2001
could be something special and modern sounding, yet keeping the recognizable touch of Metallica.
Well, this description matches all their albums...
Anyway, what are your thoughts? What songs could Metallica write for this record?
Remember, that's all just fun speculation, you should take it easy.
Thanks for watching. It's Andriy Vasylenko.
#BeInMetal \m/

Marty: "Wow, this is heavy!"
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What if Jason Newsted DIDN'T leave Metallica? A LOST ALBUM before/instead of St. Anger

147 Folder Collection
邱治平 published on May 28, 2019
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